Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This morning Mollie & Bobo showed up to my house very early and took me off before I could eat breakfast.

Once I got in the back seat with them Bobo said to me "Uncle Puppy we have to have a talk. There comes a time in most every dogs life when they have to be spayed or neutered. That means you will be removing your "manhood" and you will not be able to have any puppies. Which is a good thing as there are so many homeless puppies out there already. After today you will be an official member of the Spay/Neuter Club!"

Mollie is what he said true?

Then Mollie gave me a kiss for good luck and a speedy recovery!

OH Mollie you are too kind!

Checking the Pee-Mail.

Heading inside

I had to get on the scale and it said I am 12.2 pounds.

While I was waiting to be called back...

...we met this little dude. We forgot to ask him his name but he is an 11 year old
dachshund/chihuahua mix.

Then I heard my name...The tech had to make sure I had enough "manhood" and I had a little accident....oops!

Then the tech had to tell us all the boring stuff......To the left you can see Daycare momma cleaning up my accident.

Then I was wisked away and put in the kennel. Although I am not sure how we will all fit in here.

Daycare momma did give me a surprise....A quilt to keep with me while I am having surgery. See it has my initials on it in brown blocks. Plus my full name and birthdate embroidered on it...It furry cute!

Look at whats in the kennel next to kitties....awww...can I have one to take home with me since I am loosing my "manhood"? I will take it for walks and give it water.

Now here is the part I don't understand...Mollie, Bobo and Daycare momma left me...I don't understand I thought we would all be staying with me.

Puppy Bites,
Uncle Puppy

Pee Ess: As this post was being pawed Melissa at Flanary Vet clinic called and said that Uncle Puppy was finished with surgery, awake and doing fine.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Day at the Spa

Hello furiends it me Uncle Puppy. Well this was me this morning before I went to the spa.

Heading up the walk way.

I got to see my human furiend Annette at Bubbles and Beds.

Why are Mollie and Bobo not here? Why are you leaving? Why must I stay?

TA DA! Annette you are not walking fast enough...Lets get going here!

Ok daycare momma...enough with the photos...lets get going!!!

Heading to the car....OH Yea I look good...You know I do!


Hello Mollie and Bobo...Did ya miss me?

Posing with my Mollie girl.

Bobo couldn't stop sniffing me...BOL

Come on Mollie sniff me...I smell good!

Alright Bobo are you ready for me...I am slick and can zoomie faster.

Just cause I am all handsome and you had to get a home hair cut don't be all mad.

Now for some bitey butt!


I call UNCLE!

Oh Mollie you kill me with your jokes!

Just us boys taking a break from zoomies.

Nap Time!

Puppy bites,
Uncle Puppy

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Sharing

Today while momma was at the grocery store something at the Quick Tags machine caught her eye.

With the recently release of Toy Story 3 the tag company released a new tag.


Of course she purchased one for her collection.

Aren't I just the most handsome poodle man with my new Toy Story tag?

OK momma...I posed can I have the treat?

Wags and Licks,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shopping Saturday

Hello Furiends today I would like to share with you my shopping Saturday adventure!

Momma and I went to Petsmart shopping for our Paw it Forward gifts.

So many choices of toys, treats, and accessories!

I think we have what we need...Ready to go mom?

What is that?

OH MY! It's a cart full of Dachshunds!

Once we got to the car I pulled out my new bag of treats and they were sure nummy!

I am getting furry sleepy now...


Close up of my snoozing.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo