Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Remembered

Hello furiends...Well its New Years Eve. In just a few hours we will leave 2010 behind and enter 2011. We can't imagine what 2011 will bring for us but hope for health, wealth, and much happiness. As we did last New Years eve we want to look back and remember all the fun stuff that we did. Lets begin!

New Years day 2010 momma and grandma loaded up the car and headed out to MO to spring some stinky not so pleasant smelling chihuahuas from a nasty puppy mill. Momma and grandma drove home at midnight in the dark and snow to bring these babies to KY and the land of freedom.

Lilac was a new addition in FEB of 2010. She first came with us on our trip to Nashville. She has accompanied on most every adventure this year.

We began this year as a pack of two....

...but in April 2010 we became a pack of three when the Doggy Nanny added a Cockapoo to the family. She never decided on a name so his "short term" nickname of Uncle Puppy stuck.

Once he arrived life as we knew it was over. Life with the crazy but lovable Uncle Puppy had only just begun.

When he came he was a wee tiny fluffy one....

...then he grew....

.....and grew....

....Lost his puppy toofers....

....and grew some more!

....We think that at 9 months old and 27 pounds we HOPE that he is fully grown but who knows!

We did a lot of shopping for Paw it forward gifts and Christmas gifts. I liked that part a lot!

We played a trick on you all on April Fools...BOL BOL BOL

We did many transports....

Fostered some small dogs....

....and one REAL TINY dog.

We visited Dogtor Flanary more times than we would have liked.

Uncle Puppy found out he doesn't like going to the V-E-T

Momma found her new passion in life....Sewing. We love all the collars she makes!

She discovered her new passion just in time for the annual Quilt Show in Paducah, KY.

My ears made for a lot of fun posts as well. They were all flappin' in the wind here....

...and all floofy by years end!

This summer I found the land of tennis balls, and I took one and had to go under cover for a while as Jollie Mo!

The hottest item to hit blogville was the Sock Monkey bed. We had to travel out of state to get mine.

The scooter, a wonderful invention. It allows us to have grand adventures!

This year we made furiends with Brownie and Midnight.

And we made furiends with the donkeys.

We met some canine furiends like Lucky the Sheltie....

....and the ever famous Huskawawa!

We hosted flat Brutus. He was quite the fun guest and accompanied Bobo to his annual shots.

We met a local celebrity, the WKYQ Rabbit.

We got our CGC titles.

We traveled to far away cities like Nashville, TN.

Bobo worked on perfecting his funny faces!


October 2010 was my month to shine as I twirled my way into the hearts of all who attended the pet costume pawties.

I won 3rd for my Flapper costume at Marion Pumpkin Festival and won 1st place for my trick of twirling.

Every competition I entered I won 1st place for twirling! I won 5 weeks in a row!

Uncle Puppy learned that Howl-o-ween although filled his belly with treats also meant having to dress up in silly costumes. He disliked that furry much!

Our biggest adventure of 2010 was our trip to St. Louis, MO to attend the Pet Expo.

Again I won 1st for Trick and then went on to win 1st for Costume.

I visited the post office many times this year to mail packages.

December brought a flood of Christmas cards. We enjoyed every one!

On Christmas day we played cards together. It was a fun day to say the least!

In 2010 a very special little girl entered our lives. She stole the heart of our momma. She is still called "foster sister" Olivia...but I have a feeling that the "foster sister" will be dropped soon.

Wow we sure had fun in 2010. We hope to have as many or even more in 2011!

Happy New Years Eve!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo & Olivia Grace

Thursday, December 30, 2010

She's Baaaaack!

Momma went this morning to spring Olivia from Dogtor Flanary's Clinic. She is currently sleeping so I shall share of her time at the clinic.

She was looking pinker than ever when momma picked her up.

.002 seconds after they pulled out of the parking lot Olivia was out!

She got a new 2 new tags for her collar. Her name tag arrived in today's mail and Dogtor Flanary gave her a microchip tag.

She got a "Yipee" sticker on her blood work.

This is her before and after picture of her toofers. She had a lot of tartar and had to have one toofer pulled.

Her discharge papers stated that she should not get a bath for 10 days. Lucky dog! It also said that she would have her activity for 3 days. That should be easy as all she does is sit in my mommas lap.

Now after all of those procedures she is a STAR patient.

They also sent her home with some chewies...Hmmm....I think she will be sharing these!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo