Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We started out our grand ol' weekend by cooking out.

Don't those foodables look most nummy?!?!?

We went on many long walkies. We shall explain bouts that white fuzzy thing in MY scooter basket in tomorrows post.

What ya find Bobo?

Hmm..Someones gonna have some unsweetened tea this weekend!

And the Rosin horses are back up front. They were happy to see us!

We also went deer hunting over the weekend.
Hey Look!

Momma got this pawsome shot of a teenager deer boy. Ain't he handsome?

2 more teenagers but these were girls.

Then it was tennis ball time!!! The best part of our weekend!!!

Me thinks Uncle Puppy is getting tired!

Oh My I think the heat is getting to him!

I want you to throw it but I am...

...going to take a break and hold the ball...

...Jaw tired....must put ball down!

And in other news Betty drove her new family bonkers by barking so she is back with us! Every one keeps saying she belongs with us...We beg to differ!

At least Uncle Puppy is happy to have his tiny furiend back!

Hope you had a pawtastic long weekend!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Friday, May 27, 2011

Let's Pawty for Chalie! The Announcement of the Blogville Summer Picnic

Bloggers, we have a furry special post this afternoon.

Here's Charlies story:

Charlie wasn’t the dog we, Mollie’s Foundation Small Breed Rescue, originally went to pull from a breeder that cold March day but after meeting him he ended up coming with us and we are sure glad he did. At the ripe old age of 2 Charlie was no longer wanted by his breeder. At his first vet visit it was revealed that he was suffering from a UTI, double ear infections, and stage two periodontal disease. We don’t know how long he had been living with these illnesses as he had never seen a vet in his first two years with the breeder. At first he walked hunched over in pain from the UTI and craved human attention. Once we nursed him though his illnesses we sought out a foster home so he could get some “extra love”. Well a very special person contacted us and told us her mom was interested in fostering. Later that week we met with Kay and she became his foster mom. After a few weeks she decided it was time for him to come back to Mollie’s Foundation so he could find his forever home. Then a week later we received a phone call from Kay asking if he had been adopted when I said no she was thrilled. She and her husband

decided that Charlie had to be part of their family. After being adopted Charlie’s rear leg started causing him problems. He became sick and was taken to their vet where he was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which is an abnormal deformity of the ball of the hip joint. They opted to have surgery and he made it through without any complications. He is recovering as we blog. The total bill for surgery is $467. Now every dog that enters Mollie’s Foundation is treated just like they are one of my own personal dogs and check on them regularly after adoption, even years later. They are a part of my family as are their new parents. So being part of ourfamily we want to help Kay with this big vet bill because she helped

Charlie by fostering him, giving him the extra attention he needed, and giving him a safe loving home. She gave him the chance when his breeder did not. So let’s help Charlie and Kay! Even if you can only donate $1 that will be a big help in paying off this large vet bill. Thank you

Now we are raffleing 2 quilts:

Quilt 1 - A grand Black and White 36 by 36 Designer doggie quilt. Perfect for snuggling in winter or to put on the porch and sun bath.

Quilt 2 - A whimsical circus doggie quilt that is 36 by 36 and the perfect size for pups of all sizes!

Cecilla and Madi's mom donated this BEAUTIFUL scarf!

Jazzi donated this lovely rug.

Mr. Pip is donating a MYSTERY BOX containing treats and a toy. OH BOY!

PLUS! The very Generous Frankie Furter has donated a $35 Claras Collars gift card!!!

Also everyone who pawticipates (donates or helps) in some way will get a free ticket put in the GRAND PRIZE drawing. Guess what its a BIG ol' country sized gift card to PETSMART!!!!

To help Charlie the great blogville doggie bloggers have set up a Blogville Picnic. So much fun planned for June 17 & 18. We hope you will attend. Pawsbang and High Rollers Jazz band will be there and its sure to be a poodley doo good time!

Some of the fun events at the Blogville Picnic in the Park will be a science demo that is sure to make pups of all ages be AMAZED!

There is going to be a BUG house!

And I, Mollie Jo, Fashion Director of Blogville will be hosting a fashion show. There will be a special co-host butt we are keep her under the covers fur now. So send in your best fashion pictures to dogeared(at)bellsouth(dot)net.

There is also going to be a sack race and dunk tank. What you need to do is submit a picture of you wearing or playing or holding a sack to Puddles and we will bet on the winners. For the Dunk Tank you need to be eerily close to a body of water...I know scary but its fur Charlie. So what do you think? I know how cool is that?!?!? Dunks are $1.00 per chance.
To enter send your pictures to the grand Miss Puddles @ allison(dot)b(dot)schubert(at) gmail(dot)com. And will be featured on the paws of peace blog.

Be sure to keep checking this post. A link is just under our header. Also keep a check at Frankie Furters blog, Ronnii's blog, and Pips blog.

Soon he will be back to his happy self and running through the grass!

Raffle tickets are $5.00 each and if you purchase multiple tickets please put a note in your envelope letting us know which item your wanting.

So bloggers decide what you want and send your money to:
Katie Wing
c/o Mollie Jo & Bobo
P.O. Box 335
Symsonia, KY

Lilac and I will check the Pee Pee Box daily!
(BOL I love the idea of going to the pee pee box everyday!)

Deadline to send your money is June 13th and winners will be chosen June 18th. June 13th is also the deadline to get your sackrace and dunk tank pictures to JD and Max

The generousity shown to us and our foster pups is amazing and we truely and whole heartedly THANK every one of you!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo, Lilac, and Katie (the momma)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Woof Stock 2011

Due too double booking of doggie events we almost missed it but when the flood hit our Rockin' Rescue event was rescheduled and we were able to attend WOOFSTOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at all the events!

It was a nice warm sunny day. The perfect mix for a fun day!

We first hit the petco booth for a free goodie bag.
Here is a full front view of Woofstock.

There was even a puppy kissing booth!

We checked the events board to see when the trick contest was. Whew we got here just in time the contest is at 1:30.

Hey look at that is Red Ruff!

Your not doing it right!!!!

Thats better.

That red ruff had a crush on me and licked my ear. *Blushing* Sorry Bob you still have my lil poodle heart!

Then we headed to the contest area. Bobo wanted to be up high to see all the action.

This lil cutie wasn't in the contest but he sure was cute!

Lovely girl did sit and paw.

This one was more interested in the "Kitty Poo Contest"

This happy girl did spin, sit and down.

While waiting my turn I also checked out the "Kitty Poo Contest"

Then this boy named Buddy had his turn. I was shaking in my tye dye dress. He could spin...plus...

Wave with BOTH paws.

Finally my turn!

I twirled...

I sat and did high paw!

Treat please

The judges deliberated for the longest time and I won 1st place. Buddy was a close close second and I my paws up to him cause he put up a good pawformance!

Then I was told I won another goodie bag for winning! *Blushing* Petco you are too kind!

In my bag I got a red Frisbee, some coupons, and some healthy bones. We shall do a product review on them furry soon.

Now time to dig into those healthy bones.


We also got a tooth brush (now me and Bobo don't have to share) and a travel dish that folds up real tiny.

On the way home we stopped by the Verizon store and momma got a new outfit for her iPhone.

What a pawsome day!

The next morning we found this in our yard. At least this visitor was alive. So far we have found a live turkey, a snake, an armadillo, and now a turtle.

For the record our turtle may have been smaller, but was smarter than Tanks turtle. BOL

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Pee Ess: We keep hearing something about "ellies in May" not sure what ellies are but momma says today she will be going to the vet to get one. Hopefully its not medicine or a shot or anything else yucky!

Pee Ess Ess: Miss Betty is a bit unsettled in her new home. She is nervous and we ask that you put your paws together and pray that she gets settled cause we think she has the best home ever!