Sunday, May 8, 2011

Storm Stories

Wow! What a ride the past few weeks have been. I will warn you now that this is a picture heavy and extremely long post but a grrrrreat read!

It all began with some very nasty storms on April 19th. They rolled in late afternoon and momma, Bobo and me all had to be rushed to the church basement. We don't like to take any chances in that trailer if a torn-ma-do were to pop up.

We are good babies and sit so nice in our stroller. The one problem is that momma has no way of checking the radar at the church basement as they have no internets. So we never know when its safe to go home......That conversation led to many calulations, budget concerns, and a...

...Trip to the Verizon store the following Friday evening. Which is pup friendly I might add! Momma and grandma though it would be a good idea to have a fancy phone with internets or 3G's, as the Verizon people called it, so we can watch the radar from anywhere and seek safety if the weather turns sour!

So mommy played with all the phones, spent 8795421 hours looking at cases, and got all the accessories she could ever need. She got the iPhone, as I am sure our facebook furiends know as it allows us to also pupdate our FB status anytime anywhere!

Thats a mighty big bag! Seems heavy for just an iPhone, car charger, and one purple case. Hmmm...Whats this...another tiny flippy phone? Well they talked momma into getting another line for grandma, or as momma calls her Chatty Patty. See if you add another line you get free mobile to mobile. So its a win-win. Grandma can call momma to check in on us anytime for FREE! Fun times!

Now the weather persons said that from Friday April 22nd - Tuesday April 26th there will be many lines of very severe and damaging storms coming through the area. So we opted to stay in the hotel. Every time we started to go to Paducah to Motel 6 a bad storm would pop up out of nowhere and hit Paducah, KY. So we went to Calvert City. We stayed at the Days inn. We knew we would be staying a while so we got comfy and broke out the cookies and milk bones!

The first night Charlie and Betty were still with us! Can you believe 4 poodles and 2 humans in one hotel room. Aye Chihuahua! We are happy to report that Charlie was adopted Saturday April 23rd by his foster momma Kay! They are living happily ever after! Also Betty was adopted April 23rd by a great mom in Metropolis IL. She has a new fursis Dixie the Shih tzu! Miss Angela (Betty's new mom) reports that all is well! We are so happy fur them!

We didn't get many storm pictures as the lightning was so bad during the storms momma didn't feel safe taking pictures. But here is one pic of the downpours.

We got to see alot of the LIVE ULTIMATE DOPPLER RADAR. See there is a purple (which means really bad weather) right on top of Calvert City and it just hit Symsonia, KY (where we live) minutes before.

I slept like a lil baby but....

...Momma couldn't get on the internets and had school work due so this was unacceptable.

We got a refund, packed up and...

...headed for the super 8 next door.

Brother look at the accomodations here. Fast internets, fridge, microwave, cold air, and a very nice tee vee!

They also had a big grassy area behind the hotel I could do zoomies in!

Although I think the stairs were the funnest! Going down!

Don't be a scared! You can do it Bobo!

Good ol' 206 was our room.

Love the key color. Bright red, very fashionable!

And they even had these pawsome leash hooks right by the door.

Which was most handy as when storms popped up we were leashed in case we needed to take cover.

Thankfully we didn't get any storms during dinner times.

I carried my purple octopus everywhere with me.

Except outside when grandma would take it from me.

Pee Break!

*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

If you look close I have my octopus back in my mouth and we headed up stairs. BOL Don't ya just love how big Bobo's butt looks in this shot. BOL BOL BOL

We made it! You coming or gonna stay there and take pictures?

Back to the room!

We spent most of the time in bed....

Watching the Pre-Royal Wedding shows as that was ALL that was on.

Before we knew it Wednesday morning rolled around and all the storms were outta here! Time to head for home.

Packed my octopus in my back pack and headed for the stairs.

BOL...watching Bobo go down the stairs is too funny. He bobs and weaves to get around grandma like a crazy boy!

Down I go!

One last shot on the fun stairs fur momma.


Now we have 5 ways to get home. 3 of those 5 were under water. So we had to take the very windy back roads and we got to see lotsa wild life. Like this strange bird.


more deer

and still more deer. 10 in all on our trip home.

Then we came to this pasture about 7 miles from home and saw the most precious lil thing. Her owner was out checking on the newest addition and said she was born sometime Monday during the storms. We nicknamed her Stormy and will come by every week to check on her and see her grow.

We decided to check out some of the flooding. We were met with tons of these signs.

Back yards were now swimming pools.

This is our main road HWY 131. Its flooded from this point at the county line for 2.5 miles up to the ball field.

On a recent trip we went the long way around to see the flooded ball field.

This is one of our scootering paths off of Granny lane.

Fields are now lakes.

And the creek just down the road which is usually dry or has a very small stream is now very full.

On the one week check lil miss Stormy was no where to be found but at the two week check she was waiting while her momma had some lunch. She is just adorable and quite a bit more sure hoofed!

Glad to be back. We will only do a quick review of the google reader then a mass "mark all as read".

For the next few days we will have some posts about some of the adventures we have had such as the big Easter Egg Hunt and the AQS Quilt show. We has a ton of new fabric for quilts and dresses to show you!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. You all had quite the adventures. We are glad you are safe from the storms and that your Mom and Grandma know what to do when the weather is threatening.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. What an adventure you two had. We love your backpack. Lilys raincoat makes her bob and bobble. BOL. You even got to stay in a hotel! Hope all that scary weather goes away quick
    Benny & Lily

  3. This was a SCARY butt GRRRRREAT post. I LOVED the pics of BOTH of you on the steps..

    super news about the two adoptions... butt now Metropolis is flodded.. I hope that pup is high and dry!!

    Grrrrreat new phoneS.. hehehe

  4. Well, quite an adventure. I have so much respect for those of you who have to live with these terribly destructive storms. I am pleased to see how welcome your pups are everywhere and how perfectly behaved they I. Hope those bad storms stay away from you for the rest of the year.

  5. We're so glad you guys are safe! Love all the pictures. Hu-mom loves her Verizon smart phone, too! SHe said she can't live without one now.

    Glad the adoptions went thru before the storms.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. What a whirlwind tour y'all had! But so glad alls well that ends well and you didn't get swept away like Toto or anything terrible like that.

    PS Love your momma's D&B handbag! : )

    Happy Mother's Day to your momma...

  7. Sure you had very interesting days!
    Glad you all are doing well!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Loved Bobo's butt on the stairs:) Glad you were able to get home. Looks like you guys had a nice cozy time in the hotel, and got to see the wedding preparations too. Stay safe.

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  9. Wow...dat was quite da "vacation" you guys had. Hope everyting was Ok back at your house when you gots back home.

    Stormy is so cute. You can watch hims grow up.


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