Our Gotcha Stories

Bobo's Gotcha Story

My momma had always loved dogs and when she turned 12 years old grandma said that they could think about getting a dog.  Well 7 months later they were looking in the local newspaper and saw an ad for Toy Poodle puppies.  Momma called and they only had 2 boys left well momma really wanted a little girl so she hung up the phone.  Grandma said call her back so we can just "go look" well when momma and grandma arrived at the breeders house I was in a grooming vest hanging from the celing being groomed.  They instantly fell in love with me and decided right and there I was the one. 

I must admit I was one handsome puppy!

Momma's old doll bucket has the most comfy things in it and I loved to nap in there.

Momma, at first, didn't realize how often poodles needed to be groomed so I often looked like a hippy poodle with furry long locks.

Then one day when she picked me up from grooming and I was all faded with chocolate ears and a few remaining chocolate spots.  I had officially turned into a teenager doggie. 

Here I am a little more grown out from the previous photo.  This one was probably taken about 6 months later.

My breeder told my momma that my birth parent were toy poodles of 7-9 pounds.  Well the fact that I am 15 inches at the shoulder and 16.6 pounds says that I am not a toy poodle.  Oh well my momma and grandma love me no matter what size I am.

Over the years I continued to fade into the lovely shade I am today.

Mollie Jo's Gotcha Story

One day Momma got that "want a puppy" feeling and so she decided to call the Bobo's breeder to see if she had any litters.  At that time she did not have any litters but mentioned that she had an older female that was spayed and needed a home.  Momma wasn't sure of this and told her she would think about it.  Well grandma said that they should "go look".  You know how things go once they say that don't you?   The very next night momma and grandma cam just to "look". While ther the breeder told them that I had trouble with my last litter and had to be spayed so I was "useless" (her term not mine). She also mentioned that I had already gone to another home and was brought back because their daughter had allergies to me. After hearing all of that momma knew she couldn't leave me there. So even though momma wasn't sure that this would work out (can you believe that) she took me home anyway. Here is the first ever picture of me.  

At my first visit to the vet I weighed 7 pounds by the second visit (one week later) I weighed 8.8 pounds and have steadied my weight at 11 pounds and all of that weight gain was from 2 solid meals a day and a few treats.  At my first vet visit I tested negative for heartworms and started taking heartworm prevenative.  My nails were so long they were curling under so momma had the vet trim those down.  My ears were badly infected and very red.  The vet had to use 4 cotton swabs to get all the brown yuck out of each ear.  I had to be on vet prescribed ear spray for 6 months to control the infection.  Now my ears are clean and pretty!

Coming to live here was scary at first.  I mostly stayed in the dog bed in the corner and just watched.  At night I would sneak into the bedroom after everyone else was asleep and get on momma's pillow to sleep.  When I came to live here I had to learn alot of new behaviors such as go potty outside, walk on a leash, being around humans and trusting them.  

At first I didn't know what toys were (hard to believe right?!?!) but I like to carry around pony tails that I found on the ground.  I soon learned that they were super fun things and now am a self admitted toy addict and proud of it!

After I got comfy here me and Bobo began taking naps together on the bed.

Once momma started learning how to teach me things such as sit, down, stay and shake we began to really bond and I was more than a dog but was her little girl!  I am so glad my momma gave me a new leash on life and a chance to start over and be the dog I was ment to be....A fashion forward, attention loving, doggie blogger poodle!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo