Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 A Year in Review & POST 700

Can you believe its almost 2012? I can't! It seems as though this year has flown by!!!! We wanted to do a "Year in Review" post to remember some of the best moments of 2011. Oh and guess what?!!?!?! This is post number 700! How cool milkbones!

2011 started with momma having to make a big decision about a tiny girl named Olivia. She was our first official adopted dog of 2011.

We participated in Mango-Minster.

And when I visited the Mango estate, strange things occurred!!!!

We had tons of snow....

...Which led to lots of snow play!

Our next rescue was Humphrey, another Maltese. He was quite the character!!

The spring time temps were wonderful and we had lots of ball time.

Uncle Puppy finally quit growing and has topped out at 32.5 pounds. Whew!

The next rescue turned into a three dog rescue. Starting with Joey, an ex-breeding dog.

We got a tip the breeder had another poodle that was up for the taking so we got her too but...

...There was just one more....Oh my dog.

In the midst of the "triplets" we still made time to grill...

...Go to pawties...

...Puppysit a Shiba Inu...

...and make several trips to PETCO!!!

In May momma got the chance to rescue Olivia's puppy and she feel in love again. But again she decided to let her be adopted.

And now mother and daughter are reunited. They live together in Memphis. From what we hear they are having the time of their life!!!

We ended up at the vet more times that we can count.

I was always dressed to impress!

And one more than one occasion momma took more dogs than she should have. One time we ended up with 6 dogs and two people.

We had vaccinations, paw-ti-cures and check-ups. But once we had to have our heads shrunk!!!!

We had major rains...

...which led to major flooding.

We had to live at the hotel for two weeks!

Uncle Puppy killed the wrong toy and ended up on a Wanted poster.

And we had to do snake surgery.

There was many shaving sessions...

...and one turned ugly when grandma shaved off my floofy ears!

Thankfully they have grown out some now and are short and cute!

We visited Karla's Tropical Sno quite frequently! I still don't know why momma likes yellow sno!

Dogster chose me as Dog of the Day!!!

This year I turned 11 this year and Bobo turned 9.

We had a super scary boat ride which led to a 5 hour rescue mission.

We got to see the Oscar Mayer Mobile...

...We met Shorty Rossi AKA PIT BOSS!

Then I got stuffed in a truck!

We had many fun purchases this year...
...Bobo got his Camo Stroller...

...And I got a Scooter basket!!!

And best of all our IPHONE!!!

Then Christmas came and we had a flurry of photoshoots!

All was quite around our house....

Then Tinkerbell joined the pack.

BOL We almost made it through the howl-i-days without a foster!!!

My favorite memory of 2011 was my day at WPSD Local 6 and sitting with Anchor Jennifer Horbelt!

It was a pups dream come true!

Wow 2011 was pawsome and we had fun and can't wait to see what 2012 brings us!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Pee Ess: We can't close until we say a puppy prayer for those we lost this year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Happy Ending for Tinkerbell

During her stay Tinkerbell fit right in with us.

In fact she fit in a little too well she wore my sweaters...

...played with my toys and took my recliner. Notice my bewildered look!

Then she my most favorite warm green blanket!

When our neighbors saw her picture on Facebook they fell in love with her and asked if they could take her home for a play date. Momma agreed and when they brought her back they had nothing but rave reviews! The whole family including Buster (their current yorkie) loved her!

After many discussions with the neighbors, we felt this was the perfect place for Tinkerbell. So...

...Once she had her spay and had recovered (while in my chair, I might add)... was time for her adoption to be finalized. She was officially adopted on December 19th, 2011. Just in time for Christmas. YEA!

Here is a pic her new family took last night with her dad and brother Buster.

We just love happy endings!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo