Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogville Picnic: Mollie's Fashion Show!

Howdy furiends! Glad you could join us! Todays the day for the fashion show! Let me slip into something a bit more fashionable...

...Ahh thats much better!

Shall I tell you all who my co-host is?
Why its none other than Ellie Mae. Fashion Director in training.

See in her younger days she was quite the fashionista with tutus...

...Christmas wear...

and the ever fashionable bows!

So as her new shirt says "Let's Roll"!

We see Asta and the girls are having a great time and ready fur the show.

Jazzi is our first fashionista. She is sporting a scotty dog dress. Its a lovely teal and purple that really compliments her fur!

Sarge is all dressed in camo. A grrrreat choice for the picnic!

ELLIE cover your eyes! We have a wardrobe malfunction!

Asta first arrived at the picnic in a beautiful polkadot dress.

Then debued her official blogville picnic dress. Whew the boys are going wild!

Ellie I will let you take this one.

Thank you Mollie. Remington went all out in a multicolored bowtie and matching shoes. A wild choice but a good one!

Sam is Pawtastic wearing doggles!

Corbin was soooo handsome in his button down shirt and tie. Conservative yet fun!

Alright I am turning it back to Mollie Jo

Weenie was super stylish in matching vest and hat!

His sister Mona was radiant in red!

Sally Ann showed off her princess side and....

....Her wet and wild side. Whew thats one great bikini!
Sammie and...

Avalon both sported their best beach wear and are ready for a dip in the pool!

We thank all the fashionable pups for joining us! Hope ya'll had as much fun as we did!

And now the part you all have been dying to see. The winners of the raffle items.

We thank Pip and his momma for doing the randomizer fur us.

Dum roll please


Quilt #1 - Dog Mack (the woman who sent in money today)

Quilt #2 - The Slimmer Pugs

Clara's Collar - Jollie Mo...Hey thats me!

Pip's Surprise - Shawnee The Shepherd

Scarf - Minnie and Mack

Rug - Frankie!

Now I have emailed the winners address to the pup that offered the prizes.

We are so thankful to have such wonderful furiends to help our foster siblings in need!!! We are going out to visit Charlie and momma Kay furry soon and will blog all abouts it!

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Slimmer Puggums Grand Prize Winner revealed on Monday!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Ellie Mae

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

We woke up Saturday morning and saw it was a lovely day! Nice temps, sun shining, and no rain in the forecast.

We shook off the sleepies...

...and took out!
Now Miss Ellie was supposed to walk but at every chance she kept jumping on mommas scooter. Silly girl seems to have an addiction to riding the scooter.

Momma did gently persuade her to get off and walk a bit.

Finally we stopped to watch the horses.

Betty was sure tired! She just laid down for a good ol' rest.

Then Ellie got in MY scooter basket to be able to see the horses and I took a spot in front of momma.

To see what she would do momma took Miss Ellie right up to the horses. She didn't seem to mind just looked and no barking. Good Girl Ellie!

When we got back to Doggy nanny's house Ellie was out like a light! She is doing great now after her spay. Thanks for all the good thoughts and crossed paws!

Both evenings we went to Karla's Tropical Snow for a treat!

Finally we got this lovely sky shot Saturday night.

What a wonderful weekend!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo, Betty and Ellie Mae

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pee Pee Box, Ice Treats, and Ellie Mae

Every evening we gets to go to the Pee Pee box. Its most exciting and the highlight of our day!!!

We love seeing letters fur Charlie. We have received a lot of donations and emailed everyone once a donation gets to our pee pee box.

On one of our walks we spotted these beautiful flowers. Does anyone know what "breed" it is?

On another we spotted this TALKING turtle. See he says "GEL".

Since he is such a smartie shell I had to go check him out.

So he wouldn't get run over by the cars we picked him up...

...and put him in the yard. Stay safe lil guy!

Silly Uncle Puppy would get close then jump back.

The weather has taken a turn for the hot and humid. So Uncle Puppy has been using his ice treat alot!

Miss Ellie has been having a hard time with her spay. Once her pain meds wore off she would crash and go into such a deep deep sleep and momma thought one night she about lost her cause she couldn't wake her up. She up'ed the medicines (as per Dogtor Flanary) and that gave her an upset tummy. So its been a bad week for her. She seems to be happy and bouncy this morning though so we hope she is done with all that stuff!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo, Ellie Mae & Uncle Puppy

& Gel the turtle!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Pupdate on the Pawty fur Charlie

First we spoke with momma Kay and Charlie is beggining to use his leg now. Putting weight on it and such. We can't wait to visit him and we will bring lotsa pictures back to share with all of you.

Now we have been checking the pee pee box and WOW we have gotten some great donations to help Charlie.

Thank you to everyone who has helped. If you want to buy a raffle ticket you gotta get 'em in soon as the deadline is fast approaching. Once we receive a donation we will email you to let you know it made it.

Keep a check over at Frankie's blog for the latest info.

The fashion show has had some pawtastic entries. Its going to be quite a show and even if you just wear a fun collar or special tagger or hat we would LOVE to have you in the show. Also remember there will be a big announcement and SPECIAL co-host (who shall remain nameless until the big event) so be sure to drop by our blog on the day of the big day!

Also keep an eye on the Pawty fur Charlie Postie as there are some new items that have been added to the raffle. We have the 2 quilts, a scarf, a rug, a mystery box, a gift card to Clara's collars and of course the grand prize of $50 to PETSMART! And everyone who helped or donated will be entered for the grand prize.

There is always a link to the Pawty fur Charlie post on the top of our blog just under the header. If you have any questions feel free to pee-mail us at dogeared(at)bellsouth(dot)net

Ellie's Spay Day

Hello my name is Ellie Mae and I is hijacking being allowed to post bouts me big spay day!

The morning started off way too early, with no foods in me tummy and a bow in me hair. Momma wanted me to looks purty but that whole bow thing lasted bouts 10 seconds after the picture.

We took the shortest walkie to the big gray thing and all got inside. Since Mollie and Bobo felt I take up too much room in their carseat I was forced to curl up with some pee pads. Very sad! And thats no giant bag neither...its the small value pack from wal-e-mart so you can see I am tiny and would have fit just fine in the carseat with the Mollie and Bobo.

After that things turned sour and I didn't allow any more pictures to be taken. We went to that terrible place where they poke things in odd places, steal blood, and do unkind things to my tiny self.

Thats right I went to Dr. Flanary's clinic. I shook violently and hoped I didn't have to stay there but yes I did! "They" stuffed me in a metal box and then hours...or even days later they made me sleepy, cut me open, and then stuffed me back in the metal box. I think they may have also taken something out of me. Not sure though. Then weeks, maybe even months later momma came back to retrieve me! Whew I thought I was going to have to live my entire life in that metal box!

"They" sent me home with this stuff. Its called an annie-bite-ott-icks and its supposed to make me feel betters but its some major yucky stuff.

I have spent most of my time back at home doing this...

I felt better this morning and modeled my new tag. "They" said its for getting 'chipped. But I got to eat no chips at "that place". I mean I might go back if "they" offer me some BBQ flavored chips but really I think they ain't tellin the truth!

Now momma explained that I had a spay surgery so that I don't have to have any puppies. Its important because aren't enough homes for all the puppies and doggies already out there. So if you ain't done it...Its a good deed and prevents more puppies from being born into an already overpopulated world. I still don't like the medicine though. Just sayin'

We, the poodles, interrupt this post to tell you bouts us!

We are enjoying the warm temps and walkies! But all these squatters are getting a bit too much. And momma keeps saying that one squatter may never go nowheres...that AIN'T NO GOOD! Anyhoo....Here is a pic of us trying to decide which way to go on our walk last night.

And look what Liz let momma borrow. Oooh someone is going to be ROCKING at an upcoming event! We will give you a hint....It isn't a poodle or poodle mix.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Bobo
& Ellie Mae!!! :)