Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ellie's Spay Day

Hello my name is Ellie Mae and I is hijacking being allowed to post bouts me big spay day!

The morning started off way too early, with no foods in me tummy and a bow in me hair. Momma wanted me to looks purty but that whole bow thing lasted bouts 10 seconds after the picture.

We took the shortest walkie to the big gray thing and all got inside. Since Mollie and Bobo felt I take up too much room in their carseat I was forced to curl up with some pee pads. Very sad! And thats no giant bag neither...its the small value pack from wal-e-mart so you can see I am tiny and would have fit just fine in the carseat with the Mollie and Bobo.

After that things turned sour and I didn't allow any more pictures to be taken. We went to that terrible place where they poke things in odd places, steal blood, and do unkind things to my tiny self.

Thats right I went to Dr. Flanary's clinic. I shook violently and hoped I didn't have to stay there but yes I did! "They" stuffed me in a metal box and then hours...or even days later they made me sleepy, cut me open, and then stuffed me back in the metal box. I think they may have also taken something out of me. Not sure though. Then weeks, maybe even months later momma came back to retrieve me! Whew I thought I was going to have to live my entire life in that metal box!

"They" sent me home with this stuff. Its called an annie-bite-ott-icks and its supposed to make me feel betters but its some major yucky stuff.

I have spent most of my time back at home doing this...

I felt better this morning and modeled my new tag. "They" said its for getting 'chipped. But I got to eat no chips at "that place". I mean I might go back if "they" offer me some BBQ flavored chips but really I think they ain't tellin the truth!

Now momma explained that I had a spay surgery so that I don't have to have any puppies. Its important because aren't enough homes for all the puppies and doggies already out there. So if you ain't done it...Its a good deed and prevents more puppies from being born into an already overpopulated world. I still don't like the medicine though. Just sayin'

We, the poodles, interrupt this post to tell you bouts us!

We are enjoying the warm temps and walkies! But all these squatters are getting a bit too much. And momma keeps saying that one squatter may never go nowheres...that AIN'T NO GOOD! Anyhoo....Here is a pic of us trying to decide which way to go on our walk last night.

And look what Liz let momma borrow. Oooh someone is going to be ROCKING at an upcoming event! We will give you a hint....It isn't a poodle or poodle mix.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Bobo
& Ellie Mae!!! :)


  1. Poor Ellie. It is true that the spay day in NO fun, but I feel certain that you will get tons of guilt treats for your efforts. Trying to look on the bright side here.

    Kitty and Coco

  2. Good luck Ellie. My Lily acted like it never happened. She was running like a maniac when she got home. Hopefully you will rest
    Benny & Lily

  3. Hope your doing better. I had no trouble when I had mine done, piece of cake!!


  4. Glad you got spayed Ellie! It makes for a craptastic day but all will be well now!

    Anytime MollieJo and Bobo get tired of you your MORE than welcome here! I still say you could be my long lost if I had one sister!

    woos, Tessa

  5. Hope you is feelin lots better, Ellie. Mom says she jus' wishes you wasn't so far away....she'd love to have you come and stay wit us.

  6. Here's hoping you are feeling lots better today! Please tell your momma thanks for sharing your page with us on FB! Xoxo Chloe and LadyBug


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