Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unwordless Wild Wednesday

In some sad news on friday our air conditionier began making some funny noises and stopped blowing cold air but Saturday morning was working fine. By Saturday afternoon it just flat out stopped blowing cold air. We had to spend the night at our Doggy Nanny's house on Saturday cause it was so hot. Sorry there are no pictures of our sleep over. Momma could not afford a new air conditionier (the repair man said it would be about $3,000). So momma got some tiny air conditioniers that go in the windows at Lowes. So all is cool in the house again.

Now onto better news!

Momma decided that Saturday was the day to shave us...since our hair was getting pretty long. She got our heads, necks, and bodies done. She didn't want us to have a long day of grooming so she decided not to do our underbellies and legs. After we went out side to shake it off we headed out for ice cream. We LOVE that part of getting shaved!

In other news Momma decided to move the big table from the storage room to the dressing room so that she could scrapbook and groom us where there is better sunlight avail. Then she had a bright idea....

This would be the perfect place to do photo shoots for the blog. So here is the set up...Notice the large treat tupperware that is how she gets us to pose so nicely.

Momma made another order to her favorite online boutique Here Kitty Kitty. She order us tags from the "Wild Side" collection. I think we look pawsome in the zebra!

Here are the other tags. Bobo got the zebra, girraffe and leopard print bone & I got the girraffe and zebra print heart.

Now if we ever go to the Jungle we will be ready to blend in!

And now some videos of us eating or licking ice cream for your viewing pleasure!

Pee Ess: The Fedex man came to visit us this afternoon so we have a HUGE surprise for you all tomorrow!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shaving Saturday

So its time again to shave us. Momma said that with this grooming we will have paid back savings for the cost of the grooming tools plus a little extra. Here is a picture of Mollie in progress.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Trip to the Vet

Well Monday started out normal. Got up, went pee, ate breakfast, and got back in bed. Little did I know that in 2 hours we would be going to the V-E-T. I knew I was due for my yearly shots...but was hoping momma would forget.

So here we are in the car. I brought my squeaky pink baby. See...She is in the doggie bag (its just like a diaper bag).

Our Vet clinic.

Oh the smells!
Heading inside

I wait patiently waiting to be called.

Hey it's Cesar Milan!

I think we better go...

Let me try to get out this way.

They needed to know what I weighed. I have lost 1.6 pounds since I came last.
I am not getting shots...Must I be weighed too? Hey I lost 2 pounds....Hmm!
Now it's our turn on the table.

Bobo went first. His nails need to be dremaled.
Maybe if I stare hard enough...The door will magically open and I can make my escape.

Just have to pay....Then we can leave!

Come on momma lets get going before they try to get us on that table again.
Ahhhh...We are safe now we have crossed the finish line.

Reading and leaving some pee-mail.
Getting shots makes a girl thirsty.

I feel weak....Must lay down.

Squeaky Pink Baby comforted me after the vet visit.

As our readers know after the vet we went to the outlet store...Here I am checking out the goods.

Alot of what we got was halloween costumes. So momma made me put chicken suit on and go through the drive through at KFC.

Are you sure they will give me chicken or dressing up like this?

Yes, I would like 2 pieces of chicken.

Wow that really worked!

Pee Ess: Some pups commented saying the peemail link didn't work so our email is We have only recieved 1 entry so far for the costume contest.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

We are Back and Ready to Post!!!

Now that we are back we shall begin at the beggining. As our readers know Friday and Saturday momma was off scrapbooking. She showed us all 4 1/2 pages she got done at the crop. Believe it or not she got quite a bit done compared to her neighbors. BOL Sunday we just rested with momma and kept her company while she unpacked (she takes a ton of stuff to the crops). Monday we went to the V-E-T for Mollie's yearly shots (that will be tomorrow's post). After the vet to make it up to Mollie we went shopping at our favorite local catalog outlet store Surplus City. They always have a ton of great deals. Right as we walked in they had 4 racks of halloween costumes. Each costume was 4.99 with 25% I got 2 and Bobo got 3. Then when we went down the dog asile they had halloween shirts. They were 2.50 with 25% off.
I got a pumpkin shirt.

Bobo got the skeleton shirt with hoodie.

After that momma had to run in Wal-mart (can't leave the house without stopping there) so grandma stayed in the car with us. When momma returned she had 3 bags of sweaters. You may wonder why she got so many...Well its been 2 1/2 years since they have carried the good sweaters so she stocked up. Some of our have strings and holes and we can't be seen out in them.
On Monday a package was on our porch when we got home. To our surprise it was from Miss Kylie.

Look at all of the treasures. Miss Kylie sure knows how to shop!

We are furry pretty in our red, white, and blue collars.

She even sent our momma something. A New Englands Patriot tag. That is super cool!

She even engraved a message on the back.

Today our package from Jeffer's Pets arrived today. That online store has lots of great doggie things at really good prices.

We got two new charms from there.

Momma also got this cute bone clip to hold our charms. It will look so cute on our (Tank please dont laugh to hard) doggie bag (like a diaper bag for babies).
Now that brings us to True Colors Thursday. This weeks color is yellow and blue together.

We knew instantly that our wubba's (from Ruby & Penny) fit that description perfectly.

We also have a few baby blankets that are yellow and blue but they are currently packed tightly in the storage closet until winter.
Onto awards!
We got the lovely Sassy Sasha Award. Thanks Sasha!

We also recieved this cute as a button award from little Miss Coco. Thanks Coco!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking a Break

No we haven't moved or been eaten by the vacuum. Momma has been tired from scrapbooking and unpacking. She also had a lot of homework and test to do this week. We should be back tomorrow or Friday with regular posts. We have lots to blog about. We are reading just not commenting as much.

-Mollie Jo and Bobo

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's that time of year

Well we were just informed that momma and grandma are going to a scrapbooking event called a Crop. This is a two day event and each day is 12 hours long. They are going to scrapbook, socialize, and eat. That means we will be spending the long days with our doggy nanny. Thank goodness for doggy nannies! So we will not be able to post (we typed this on Wednesday and scheduled it for today) or read blogs till Sunday. So we will see you Sunday!

The church hosts 2 (February & September) crops per year. Here is a few shots from last February's Crop. These pictures were taken from the stage (where the yard sale tables are).