Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Paw it Forward...Moo & Baa Update...Miss Kylie's Book

Our Dachshund friends Ruby and Penny recently celebrated their 1 year Blogoversary. We were one of the chosen doggie bloggers to recieve a Paw it Forward Gift. Well it came in the mail today!

We each got a Wubba!

Hmmm....It seems to be stuck to this piece of card board.

Can I bite it off?

Ok...I will take it over here and try again.

What a pretty picture of Ruby and Penny.

I still can't get it off...Will you help me?

I will bring it to you.

I will be patient as you remove it from the card board.

Can you hurry?

They were even personalized with our names on the front and "Love Ruby and Penny" on the back.

Ahhh....Finally card board free! Now lets play!

We have never had a Wubba before....But now we are Wubba fans! They are the perfect size and have good loud squeekers. Thank you Ruby and Penny you are great toy pickers!

Now it is our turn to paw it forward. If you would like to play with us, please leave a comment saying so, the first two to comment get to play and then they will paw it forward too.


Moo and Baa News

Well we have had a lot of fun reading about their adventures in cities across the US and the UK. We have forgotten to post about where they have been. So we are making up for it now. After saying good bye to Ginger Jasper Moo and Baa headed across the big pond to visit The Kool Kittie Krew in PA. Their visit was cut short due to camera problems so we are allowing Moo and Baa to go back when they have a new camera. Next Moo and Baa went to IL to visit The House of Cats. There they went to the zoo, had a pizza night, went to the Navy pier, and even went to work with the momma. We haven't heard where they are going next but we will update as soon as we hear...Cross our paws! Once we hear where they are going next we will update thier travel card.


Back on Saturday we recieved our copy of Miss Kylies book. WOW! We had a ton of fun reading it and loved showing Doggy Nanny all of our doggie blogger buddies. Miss Kylie and her momma have some of the best ideas! We love visiting their blog to see what new adventure they have planned.



  1. We would love to play Paw it Forward. Thanks!

    Bobo and Meja

  2. Wow those are some cool looking toys. I have to talk to Mommy about those. I love seeing all the pictures of you both. Thanks for the update on Moo and Baa, I haven't heard about them in a while, since Mommy doesn't follow all those blogs yet.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  3. They are lovely toys you got there, I loved the pictures of you with them. I have been checking that Moo and Baa have been getting the right attention since they left me. They are having the best time.
    I have done paw it forward and think it is great fun, I will do it with you..
    The book will be so good.I am in there somewhere.

    Hugs GJ xx

  4. What pawesome toys you got!!! And, thank you again, for allowing Moo & Baa to come back to us (And, your mom will get ANOTHER daog tag too). We plan on buying a camera in October. They sure are having lots of fun!!!

  5. Wow what great gifts, just love all the pics. You both are just too adorable.

    Please don't enter me at this time (stupid finances lol)


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