Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unwordless Wild Wednesday

In some sad news on friday our air conditionier began making some funny noises and stopped blowing cold air but Saturday morning was working fine. By Saturday afternoon it just flat out stopped blowing cold air. We had to spend the night at our Doggy Nanny's house on Saturday cause it was so hot. Sorry there are no pictures of our sleep over. Momma could not afford a new air conditionier (the repair man said it would be about $3,000). So momma got some tiny air conditioniers that go in the windows at Lowes. So all is cool in the house again.

Now onto better news!

Momma decided that Saturday was the day to shave us...since our hair was getting pretty long. She got our heads, necks, and bodies done. She didn't want us to have a long day of grooming so she decided not to do our underbellies and legs. After we went out side to shake it off we headed out for ice cream. We LOVE that part of getting shaved!

In other news Momma decided to move the big table from the storage room to the dressing room so that she could scrapbook and groom us where there is better sunlight avail. Then she had a bright idea....

This would be the perfect place to do photo shoots for the blog. So here is the set up...Notice the large treat tupperware that is how she gets us to pose so nicely.

Momma made another order to her favorite online boutique Here Kitty Kitty. She order us tags from the "Wild Side" collection. I think we look pawsome in the zebra!

Here are the other tags. Bobo got the zebra, girraffe and leopard print bone & I got the girraffe and zebra print heart.

Now if we ever go to the Jungle we will be ready to blend in!

And now some videos of us eating or licking ice cream for your viewing pleasure!

Pee Ess: The Fedex man came to visit us this afternoon so we have a HUGE surprise for you all tomorrow!


  1. We never get icecream after grooming - we need to talk to our Mom about that.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. Sorry about the magikh khold air machine...BUT I'm glad woo got some mini ones fur woo!

    Furry nice new do's - and of khourse, the ice khream: YUMMMMMY!


  3. Those cold machines are so important but oh so expensive. Hopefully you will get some cooler weather soon and not have to worry about it right now.

    Now if we could get groomed and know there was ice cream coming after it, then we might not mind so much.

    woos, the OP Pack

  4. Uh. We've got an outdoor cold machine going on right now. It is currently 30 degrees out right now (10pm) and has been snowing all day. You are more than welcome to come visit here and get all the cold you'd like. (I like the cold but TaiChi and Bufus are wearing coats!) I think you two look Very Handsome with the new 'dos! And I could do with some of that ice cream.... Or I guess I could just go eat snow!

    Can't wait for the big surprise!

    *kissey face*

  5. Ice cream, yummy! I am glad you got the air conditioning thing fixed. Ours broke last year, but luckily it doesn't stay hot in Michigan for that long so we survived with lots of fans. I can't wait to see your surprise.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. Hehe! Your mom has a funny accent! She is clearly not from Bawston!

    I think you might want to arrange for that air conditioner to break more often if it leads to ice cream.


  7. We have tried ice cream and found it surprisingly cold!
    It looked nice when you guys were licking it daintily and we will study those pics.
    We have no need for air condioning over here but are sorry to hear it broke!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps loving your blog background!!!1

  8. Well guys, that certainly was a nice treat after being groomed! And I just love your new tags, very spiffy looking! Our outside airconditioning has already started for us - Mom has been putting sweaters on me because I get soooo cold now!

    Chi kisses, Lilibell

  9. Wow - you have been busy. Love the new set-up and that's a pawsome portrait shot of your two in zebra tags. Why isn't that the header? Nice blog design, I must say.

    Stay cool!

  10. Oooo, Ice Cream!!! We loves that too!!! You both look super cute shaved and the video is pawesome! AND, your new tage are so fabulous!!! We have an award for you today! :o)

  11. OH no soooo sorry to hear about no ac! Nothing worse than it going out. Hope the smaller units help out.

    Love all the pics, including icecream ones lol. You are both adorable as usual :)

  12. i am excited about the suprise(i know what it is!!)!!! my dog siblings have had ice cream and they love it alot! you two are such great model's.

  13. Sorry you were all warm, but glad your mum got some cool for you.. I got a package in the mail.. It has been down at the post depot for ages.. There was a mix up from when we were away.. Mum says you must have thought we were rude.. We will post about it as soon as mum finishes this awful shift... thank you so much... Hugs GJ xx


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