Monday, April 30, 2012

Ambulance Girl

We are still spring cleaning so here is a fun post from December 2011

One COLD December Evening we went up to Sonic to get grandma on of their Route 44 Sweet Tea's when we saw something pawsome.  It was an ambulance.  The drivers were getting an evening snack.  Before they pulled away momma asked if they would mind...

...Holding me for a picture.  The driver said sure! 

I sure do like posing with new people and vehicles!!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo
*Ambulance Girl*

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Delivery for Momma

 We are still spring cleaning our photo folders and we have a fun post today!

 For Christmas grandma bought momma a freezer.  Yes this is the type of thing momma has always wanted! 

 Well that means we had a delivery!

It was so big it took two grown men to haul it inside!!!

This of course scared Uncle Puppy furry much.  Seems as he gets older he gets more frightened of two leggers.  Any one know of a way to help him with that?

 Almost got it ready.

Your done?  Great work guys!

Are they gone?  Is it safe?

 After the delivery people left I got to check out the new fridge!

BRRRR *SHAKE* *SHAKE* Its cold in here!

Ok now its set and we are ready to freeze things!

Got a few more photo folders to spring clean then we will be back to regularly schedule blogging.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo & Uncle Puppy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not All Tractors Are Green

 Back in December when we visited Pattis we walked around the town of Grand Rivers, KY and found this fabulous store!

Its called THE PINK TRACTOR!!!!!

 They offer fun and funky clothes and accessories for human peoples.  However I found their outdoor decorations much more interesting!

 That Deere company has some real competition.  This is a real tractor!

 Can you believe they even had a tree with pink blooms?  Cool milk bones!

And just how do they power this pink tractor?  With gas from a pink pump of course!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun at Patti's 1880's Settlement

Welcome back for more spring cleaning photos.  We found these from back in Mid-December.  Enjoy!

Patti's is a local restaurant that serves (according to momma) the best food ever! 

So when we did our Christmas photos there we explored the rest of the grounds.  We had fun!

We walked through the gazebos.

Saw a barrel fountain.

And found the outdoor seating area.  Wing party of 4 your table is ready!

Thats us!  Lets go eat!!!

We would like a bowl of fresh water and a big old burger please.

 As we waited for our order I checked out the Tiki bar.

And this old serving cart.

After we ate we sniffed...

...Played some checkers...

...And it looks like I WON!!!!!!

*Doing the happy dance*

Then we headed down the stairs and found...


My turn

Watch out I am a poodle on a mission!

 Then we found a horse-y!


What a fun day!  Might have to go back there soon!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Monday, April 23, 2012

Christmas Package in Spring?

 We are such busy doggies that sometimes we take too many pictures and simply can't post them all.  Well it is spring time so we are going to spring clean our photo folders.  All the old photos we have taken but not blogged will finally be up this week!!!!  So here we go!

Back in December the UPS truck pulled into our driveway.  As he was gathering our package I asked if I could have my picture taken on the truck.  He said "Sure you can little girl". 

 OOOH I wonder whats inside?!?!?

 Wait!  What!  Tinker get off my mat!  (Yep its been that long since we took these pictures that former foster dog Tinker was still with us)

 Once I removed the yorkie from my mat we opened up the package.  To my surprise it was a Farmville box.

 Momma how did you get this off your imaginary farm? 

Seems as though the company Farmville made special limited edition plush toys for humans.

Upon closer inspection of the box we found a horse plush! I distracted momma with my Doga skills....

...Then grabbed the plush toy! 
No momma I am just holding it for you.

Tinker ratted me out though!  SHHHH Tinker

I tried again to take off with the toy but momma caught me and took it away.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo
& Tinker

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Uncle Puppy Lost His Hair

 Mollie and Bobo why you laughing?


Let's Go Home!

Puppy Kisses,
Uncle Puppy

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Bought a Gofer Cart

Weeks ago we were on a scooter ride and momma's scooter died. We sent it to the scooter fixer people and they said that the motor has blown up! It would cost over $500 to put in a new motor. Well since the blue scooter wasn't really made for walking doggies outside momma and grandma decided that the money would be better spent towards something that was made for outside. So we headed to this place....

West Kentucky Gofer Carts.

I had never heard of a gofer cart before and was amazed at size of them! They are twice, no triple the size of our old blue scooter!!!

Some of them had large beds for hauling...

...Some were camo...

...and some were brightly colored!

Momma and I sat and test drove quite a few and found this one to be the perfect one! It had lots of leg room for momma, a nice big seat for me and had a nice sticker price.

Two days later...

They came to deliver our gofer cart.

I snoopervised to ensure they took good care of my new gofer cart!

Is it time for a ride momma?

As we climbed aboard we really got to check it out. It has lotsa cubbie holes. Great fur the iphone, keys, Buttercup and the camera.

It also came with a charger and oh my dog its heavy! It weighs more than I do!

And it even came with its own rain coat for storms. How cool milk bones is that?!?!?!?

We have had this now for nearly a month (yes we is that behind again). Its been pawsome. We are going to have lots of fun walkies this Spring/Summer. However I do feel like it is missing something. I just can't put my paw on it!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Buttercup