Monday, April 2, 2012

Wild Week and a Half

This place, Flanary Vet Clinic, has been the topic of many a conversations in our house for a week and a half. See momma is nearing the end of her college classes and is kinda looking for a job. So she decided to contact Dr. Flanary and see if there were any openings. Well as a matter of fact there was a part time opening for a kennel hand. So momma accepted the 2 week position. Friday March 23 she went for her first day. All she did that day was typing and computer work for Dr. Flanary but she said it was fun. Then she got the low down of the kennel hand position. It would be for the next two weeks, part time to clean kennels, feed dogs and walk dogs. Our fosters were great training for her so she though she could handle that. BOL! She would also be helping Dr. Flanary with some typing projects.

Come Monday March 26th momma got up furry early got ready and left before we even rolled outta bed. She worked hard learning the routine and learning where everything was located. There were lots of little doggies to care for in the boarding suite. This little guy caught mommas attention cause he was so wiggly and sweet. His name is Spunky.
Momma also had big dogs to take care of and this doggies name is Lilly. She was a high energy dog but very well trained!

And by 10am momma had finished with her kennel duties. Dr. Flanary showed her the typing work she needed done. First was to make an animal data base, then to make info sheets for all the baby goats (Dr. Flanary also has a farm and breeds goats, rabbits, and pigs), and then retype some tests for the clinic. Dr. Flanary was impressed with her speed and said she would have more work tomorrow for her.

Wait! Why is there another pic of Spunky in here. Golly she sure did like taking pics of him. I think momma is getting attached to this boarding dog. Hard not to I guess...For a Chihuahua he is kinda cute. Momma noticed that his card was different than the rest of the boarding dogs in that he didn't have a go home date or much info at all. Momma asked Morgan (the vet tech that was showing her around) about him and she explained that Spunky had been boarding since JANUARY, and he pawrents keep putting off his pick up date. Poor pup! At least he is being taken well care of...Especially now that momma is there. She gives him extra attentions.

As Tuesday morning rolls around momma asked if we wanted to go bye bye with her. Whoa puppies we hopped outta bed and headed straight fur the car! A bye bye ride before work is a rare thing! But things went south not too long after we left our drive way. See momma had an arterial motive. Seems as though she had decided to take us with her to vet clinic. What the heck?!?!?!?

So she stuffs us in this cage and goes to the back to do her kennel duties. Uh momma I can't see cause of this huge clipboard in my face! Hours upon hours later she returns to snatch Bobo from the kennel and (I shudder as I say this) leaves me behind! So as she shuts the door on me and secures it I bit her. Yep you read it right I bit her on her finger. That should teach her to leave me behind.

Bobo you may tell of what she did to you now.

Thanks Mollie. Well after momma snatched me outta the kennel she put me in a tub...similar to a bath tub....pretty scary thing here at the vet clinic. Then she told me what she planned on doing. She was going to BATHE ME....right here in the clinic. What on earth made her think of such torture!?!?!?

I let her know how sad this made me....

...but she proceeded to turn on the water and grab the big bottle of soap.

EEEK That water is COLD!

I'll take it from here Bobo.

After the longest time momma returns to get me. She asked if I was sorry that I bit her. I replied "NO". So then she bathed me in this tub in the vet clinic. Furry scary!

After our torturous baths she takes us to the boarding suite and puts us next to the Chihuahua. Could this day get any worse?!?!?

You bet your kibble it can. Momma snatched Bobo again and took him to the front. As she closed and secured the door I had to bite her again. Apparently she didn't get it the first time. She took him to get his nails cut, glands expressed and ears cleaned. She then returned swapped Bobo for me and it was my turn to get the nails, glands and ears done. Boy she is walking a fine line!

Hours later she said it was finally time to go home! Thank dog. We busted out!

As we were napping we overheard a conversation about Uncle Puppy's appointment that afternoon for nails, glands and ears. Oh my dog.

Uncle Puppy says "Why u gotta torture a sweet innocent boy?"

Uncle Puppy you ain't seen the worst of it till you have to take a bath at the vet clinic. And yep we had to go with him to his appt. grrr!

Although we did get gourmet treats so the second visit wasn't too bad.

So Wednesday, Thursday, and the following Monday momma went back to the clinic to do her kennel and typing duties. She also will work this coming Wednesday. She is hoping it turns into a more permanent position but for now as she is finishing college she will take anything she can get.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Note from the momma: I have had a blast working at the clinic. Like Mollie said I hope this will turn into a permanent position but for now I am happy to be part time. I love working with the dogs and doing all the typing for Dr. Flanary. I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Pee Ess: I still am not sorry for biting momma...she deserved it!
-Mollie Jo!


  1. Congratulations to Mom on the new job. I bet you and Bobo won't be that hap-pee about going fur a ride the next time. Her might take you back to work with her and then.....look out!

  2. what a great day you have with your Momma, and Lily looks energetic and lovely too like us :)

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  3. I hope your momma gets a job with the vet, but I hope that doesn't mean she will take you there for torture on a regular basis.


  4. you better hope she doesn't adopt every buddy
    Benny & Lily

  5. Mollie, I knew from the start we had something in common. You go girl and let her know whos boss. The nerve of her stuffing you in a cage and then making you bathe in public and not your usual spa session at home. I am horrified for both of you. I do have to admit however that at least at the end of the day you had a home to go to unlike some of the doggies there so I guess you should forgive her. I wonder if Spunky will be coming to live with you. You know what a softie your Momma is.

    LOveys Sasha

  6. That was so funny. Good job on biting her to let her know that you meant business. Next time she asks if you wanna go, I think I would bury my head back under the covers!!


  7. Wow, I am not sure this whole "job" thing is such a good idea. I mean like totally after just one day, mom takes you in there and tortures you both? No wonder you bitied her. Bad momma.


    P.S. I hope that little dude goes home soon. What could possibly be happening at his estate that his parents don't want him anymore?

  8. OMD, my mom says if Spunky's pawrents don't come get him soon, she is driving up there to get him!!

    Mom, congrats on the new job, paws crossed that it works out to be more in the future!!

    Mollie Jo....That's the way to teach mom!! A kennel....THE NERVE!!


  9. Congratulations to your Mom for almost being done with school! Our Mom was in school FOREVER, and what does she have to show for it?!? A piece of paper. That's it. Oh, and she makes people call her 'Dr.' sometimes. Anyhoo, we hope that this works into something permanent for your Mom - although we hope it doesn't involve YOU being hauled off and stuck in a cage all day. I think you should have done more than bitey your Mom - you should have piddled on her shoe, too. TaiChi would have... Just saying...

    We're feeling bad for poor little Spunky, though - poor guy.... Maybe you two would be willing to let him come home with you on weekends or something...

    As for U.P.? Seriously, he and my kid sister are twins! Abby does that Exact Same sad puppy face (it doesn't do her any good, either!).

    Keep us posted!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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