Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Telling: Tales from the Kennel

For the better part of last week, 4/7 days in fact, momma spent her time at Flanary Vet Clinic with those OTHER doggies. It quite frankly bores me so I shall let her tell you of her experience.

Thank you Mollie!

Yes I have spent a lot of time working at the clinic and enjoyed every single minute. Spunky, or Spunky Monkey as I call him, has enjoyed his extra special attention. I take him our first and make sure he gets a bit of extra time running around in the yard. I feed him first and through out the day open his cage for extra petting. How could you not fall in love with this special boy?!!?

This week one of the new boarding dogs was Dudley an English Bulldog puppy. Oh my was he a cRaCkEr crazy puppy. He was full of energy and silly as can be! He would bound out of his cage, fall down, pee, get up, run circles around me, jump up and down and cause mayhem in the kennels. After his romp through the kennels and outside he would come in and eat then pick up his bowls and bang them against the kennel walls.

This week was spring break for most of our area schools so we have had a very full kennel. Every cage was full with a few having to board in the Surgery kennels. So with a full kennel we had many new breeds joining us. I got to work with dachshunds (Samson, Ellie and Trafford), Chinese Cresteds (Rosie and Eshon), a Maltese (LayLah), Labs (a heartworm treatment gal Lacy Lou), a Chihuahua (Spunky Monkey Man), a Shetland Sheepdog (Sally), a Shih Tzu (who ate her kennel clipboard Serendipidy), an English Bulldog (Dudley), a Pomeranian (Dalton), Jack Russel Terriers (Katie and Joey), a Pug (Jackie), Yorkies (Sophie, Glo, Skeeter, Gracie and Max), a few mix breeds (Tanner, Prissy, and Bridget), a Cavalier King charles spaniel (Max who drank bottled water), a solid white golden retriever (Lily) and a white poodle (Cindy Lou Who).

Apart from working in the kennels I have been on farm duty as well. LOL I am helping Dr. Flanary get her farm database finished, printing goat birth certificates, filling out triple registration papers for the goats, creating emails, updating the website and so much more. Its been quite exciting learning all about farm animals, especially Nigerian Dwarf Goats!

On Friday I worked a full day, as opposed to my 8-12 shift, and after morning kennel work was done I got to do a special job. I was asked to mix and fill vaccines. At first I didn't think I could do it but Morgan showed me and it looked fairly easy. The first one didn't go so well and I needed assistance from Morgan, Melissa and Dr. Flanary but then I got the hang of it and filled them like a pro. First I filled 7-way vaccines and then Rabies vaccines. After lunch I filled cat kennel cough vaccines (this one was a bit tricky as well. It was a thicker solution and took some work to pull it into the syringe) and then dog kennel cough vaccines. I didn't keep an exact count but I filled about 100 or more vaccines in one day. This thrilled me to no end that I learned a new skill as fun as filling vaccines! LOL

In some sad news this week the new kennel hand that Dr. Flanary hired (before I applied) began working and I was the part time worker to help her get started. So for now it looks as though I won't be going back for a little while but hopefully if they need help in the future I can go back. I will miss being with all the doggies and working at the clinic. On the other paw Mollie and Bobo will be happy!

And here is a shot of Mollie napping as I tell her of my days at the clinic. hmmm Is she trying to tell me something?

-Katie (the momma)


  1. That sounds like such fun work!!! My mom said that she would not be able to leave Spunky behind and would have to take him home!!! Hopefully you will get to work there some more...sorry Mollie Jo & BOBO!!!


  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS is so very much EXCITING! What a fun place to "Work". I love the last pic of Mollie Jo!!

  3. you must be exhausted!! BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Wow, this is really exciting, I'm sure you enjoy playing with your other paw friends, I'm excited to meet your dachshunds friends :)

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  5. Mollie, I can understand how you feel, I hate when my Mom is gone and especially if she is with other animals. Your Mom is kind of doing good stuff for other animals so maybe you could forgive her eventually after many treats and belly rubs.

    Lovey Sasha

  6. We are thinking that Mollie Jo would rather have you at home!! Your job sounds very interesting though! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  7. Momma says that she would like to read more about your mom's work place. Me? I kind of like looking at your outfits.



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