Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Easter Egg Hunt

This year we decided Uncle Puppy needed to have a little fun so we brought him with us to the 2nd annual Calloway County Humane Society Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Are we there yet?

We have arrived!

While grandma was filling out our registration forms we were scoping out the doggies.

The first set of doggies we saw were these two odd furry furiends. They were the smallest and largest in attendance so they had their picture taken for the website.

Then look who this big dog found. He hunted and found the EASTER BUNNY! Good doggie!

Then look what we spotted. Its a baby Fiona. How cool milk bones is that?

Alright now for you viewing pleasure a collage of cute doggies. Enjoy!

This is an Aussie-doodle. He was 4 months old.

Uncle Puppy had a fun time doggie watching. He found a nice sunny spot and plopped down.

While the boys continued to doggy watch I headed over to the Creative Corner...

They were doing all sorts of doggy make overs.

I got some pretty pink nail Pawlish and an nail applique. Its a tiny flower to match my dress.

Just as I finished my nails the Easter Bunny called all the doggies attention to announce that the hunt was about to begin. We headed for the little dogs ring.

The first egg we found was a big orange egg.

Then I found a shiny purple egg. From the moment I saw this one I had a good feeling about it.

Whoops almost missed this one!

Uncle Puppy found his first egg. It was a blue one.

Together Uncle Puppy and I found another orange egg.

Then we found a green one!

Bobo was growing impatient and asked if it was his turn yet.

As momma helped him out he spotted... blue egg and... orange one! Good work Brother!!!

Whew that was a pawsome time!

Then each of us posed with our basket of Easter eggs.


Bobo's turn

Uncle Puppy your supposed to look at the camera!

Lets find a shady spot and open our eggs.

What did we get...What did we get?

Told ya I had a good feeling about this egg! We won a designer Humane Society Pet Bandana.

After we picked up our bandana we recycled our eggs. Gotta recycle its the responsible thing to do!

Then we headed fur the car.

We would like to give a big shout out and high paw to the Calloway County Humane Society for hosting and the Easter Bunny for attending. We had a blast!

Once we got home Bobo asked "Does the Easter bunny leave gifts like Santa Paws?" I though well yea he does. Seems as though he has never visited us or left gifts before. So I sat on the porch and pondered this for a bit. Then it hit me we have never left out treats for him like we have Santa Paws. Poor Bunny probably passed our house over for one with treats. He must get hungry vising so many houses! So....

We left our Easter Baskets out along with Bunny treats and Buttercup to ensure no crazy cockapoo eats the Bunny's treats.

Hopefully this will be enough to entice him to our house!!!! We shall pupdate you on the situation tomorrow.

Hoppy Easter,
Mollie Jo, Bobo, Buttercup & Uncle Puppy


  1. What an awesome event. Glad uncle puppy got to go. We sure are jealous
    Benny & Lily

  2. That was wild! All those eggs in so many colors. And lots of doggies too. You must be exhausted.


  3. THAT was a wonderful day. I am SURE that the bunny will leave you some fun stuffs.


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