Monday, August 31, 2009

The Weekend Wrap up

First of all we would like to Thank Cocorue for this stunning award. We recieved this on Aug. 7th but forgot to post about it. Sorry Cocorue!

As our readers know our momma decided to stay home this weekend and work on projects. Well she got quite a bit done. She scrapbooked most of the time and got a TON of pages done but did manage to sew a few collars and leashes.

We will begin with some of her scrapbooking pages. She is trying to catch up her transport doggie book. Click to biggify


Now onto the collars she did a total of 3 sets. She got 2 additional sets cut but not sewn. She started with a pink camo set to go with Bobo's green set. (His camo set came from the dog show in IL) His green set was momma's inspiration to start sewing collars. We both have camo tags that match our collars.

The other sets....

Black with multi colored stars. We also have matching tags but momma didn't notice that the leash clip covered them until we were done. The tags are light blue and red!


Last but not least....

With all of the comotion of our Doggy Nanny coming home and having our foster brothers around we forgot about the tags that Doggy Nanny got us while she was in Texas. They didn't have a "Bobo" so she got him a "Stud Muffin". Hmmmm....


What do you think ladies am I a "STUD MUFFIN"?


Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty ... and your little dog too!

Link to the Botique

A couple of weeks ago momma found this wonderful online botique that has Designer Pet Collars,Pet ID Tags,Swarovski Crystal ID Tags,Sterling Silver ID Tags,Fine Leather and Rhinestone Cat & Dog collars. Charms, Bells, Hair accessories, Organic Catnip. Beastie Bands. Momma ordered my Spoiled Rotton tag from this botique. They are super quick on shipping and for all products shipped within the USA is free. Can't beat that deal! Go check it out never know what you may find that you just cant live without.

Want to win a free Id Tag?

You heard right, over at Pat's blog she is doing a giveaway. It can be any tag and any size. She makes some pretty awesome tags so click on over there and see the details. Click here for details.

Oops I ate it....& an Award

We have had a ton of fun reading about the foodie adventures of our blogger friends. So we are *STEALING* this award. We haven't been tagged (that we know of) and have a wonderful tail to tell!

Bobo take the spotlight:

I was only a few months old when it all happened. Momma had a small baggie of chocolate chips (like the ones you find in the baking aisle) sitting by her bed. Well being a hungry little poodle I decided that I would have a taste of them and boy were they good! I ended up eating the whole bag...That's right I ate an entire bag of chocolate chips. After a bit my tummy started hurting...and Doggy Nanny ended up having to clean up my messes. Sorry Doggy Nanny...Eating an entire bag of chocolate sounded like a good the time. When momma came home she was worried about me and told me chocolate is poison for dogs and she called the vet to make sure I would be alright. So now momma keeps the chocolate locked up.

Mollie its your turn:

Well what haven't I stolen would be the better question. I will recount a few of my greater moments. Once momma made herself a turkey sandwich and set it on the table by her recliner. She had to go back and get her drink so while she was away...I hopped up in the chair and stole the sandwich. BOL I had it half eaten before she even came back into the living room. Another time grandma was sitting in her chair eating Cheetos and had one in her hand....I walked up (being extra quiet) and stole it from her hand while she was talking. She did care for that much. My shining moment was when momma had left a bag of chicken jerky strips in the diaper bag (they are made for doggies) so while she was putting up the groceries I got into the diaper bag(which she left on the floor) and ate all 6 pieces. I am so proud of that one! I have mad skills when it comes to food and will go the extra mile to get the goods.

Now here are the rules to this award:

"When accepting this award, you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans were not watching. If you have never stolen any food, you must have been a really good pup! You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward!

Next add the logo of this award to your blog (optional), then nominate at least 5 other furry blogs and let them know by leaving a message on their blogs."

So I nominate:

Any dog, cat, hammie, goat that had a tail to tell!


Fiona passed us an award. Thanks!

Very pretty! You are to nominate 5 bloggers who blog at least once a week (or who we would like to see blog once a week) We nominate: Tank, Checkers, Bijou and Banjo, Kylie and Sasha!

Here is the note from Fiona's blog about our nomination. It is too sweet.

"I’m going to have to go with Mollie Jo and Bobo. Because I’m a sucker for Miniature Poodles. I have looked up to TaiChi ever since I was a Very Little Dog, and as a result, I am in love with all Miniature Poodles; so even though I technically look down on them (being taller and all), I still look up to them. And these two? OMD!!! If I could pick some siblings out of my bloggie friends, I’d have ‘em move in tomorrow! (But they’re very happy with their Mom, so I won’t go kidnap them. But if you guys ever want a vacation? Come visit!! We’ve got tons of room!)"

Fiona we would love to come for a visit...Especially if we could come see your house on wheels!


Well this weekend will be a boring one for us...No transports....No little visitors....No shopping. Momma did say that she will be working on sewing up some of our new collars. Check back in on Monday to see how many she completes.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Road Trip

On Tuesday we went on a road trip to take Charlie to his new momma. It was a wonderful to see her hold him for the first time. We got updates via facebook and he is doing great and everyone just loves him. Its just heartwarming!

Charlie and I napping the night before he left.

Where are we going? Am I going to like it there?

I'm sleeping...No pictures Please!


So after Charlie left we headed down to Bowling Green to do some shopping. We went to Petco, The Pet Stop, Wal-mart (can't leave home without going to walmart...BOL) and a few off the road stores. We had a great time and got some cool new things. We got a bunny loofa dog, a dog tag, a collar charm, and Mollie got a pumpkin dress for halloween. (it's just around the corner ya know!)

Oh yes...There is much more room back here now...I can stretch out!

What ya doin' up there?

We wanted to stop at Dinosaur World but momma said they don't allow pups to come in....I ask you WHY???

We did get to stop at the Jefferson Davis Historic site.

That is one big building...We just looked...didn't go inside.

Checked out the area.

Left some pee-mail. If your ever in the area stop by and check it out.

Our new tags.

Mollie's new dress...Very Pretty!


It's really quite here in our neck of the woods but it kinda nice. We are just back to porch sittin and the easy life.


Pee Ess: This is our 101st post! We can't believe it....It was only a little over 5 months ago that we started blogging. We have made so many wonderful friends and love every post!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Jack and Charlie Tribute Style


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adoption New...Rescue News...Poodle News

First we would like to say that we have been reading all of your blogs...Maybe not commenting but definatly reading. Momma has been so busy trying to place the fosters and doing her online courses that she has gotten a little behind on the blog this weekend. We are back and with just us she can post a little more often.


Jack made it to the poodle van in Nashville and is now in Carolina. The director says that he may already have a home with a nice lady who just adopted a 6 month old standard poodle pup from the rescue. So he will have a friend to play bitey face with. Momma also did a transport for 2 adult standard poodles who were meeting the van and heading to Carolina. They were owner surrenders and had to leave their home that morning to meet the van. We know that their momma must have been heart broken to give up such sweet dogs. Their names were Amer and Nazzi. Momma said that they pick up around 15 poodles from shelters in Nashville and Knoxville...Plus the ones she brought from IL and our house. Thats alot of rescued poodles. 2 Paws up to the Carolina Poodle rescue for the massive intake.

It's the poodle van!

Faces from the side door.

Look at all of those faces.



Charlie is officially adopted and will be meeting his new mom Molly (can you believe that...It's a small world) tomorrow. We will be meeting her half way in Bardstown...So you know what that means....ROAD TRIP!!! He will live in West Virginia...thats a long way away....I guess we will miss the short, long, black and tan man.

Charlie rolling in the grass...Soaking up the sun.

Charlie and Jack playing a good game of bitey face before Jack left.

So now 2 more pups have a happy ending story that otherwise could have turned out very badly.


Momma is taking a break from fostering for a while but if another pup is in need she will be ready to help. Momma says that once we get Charlie to his new momma that we can go shopping to replace some of the toys that boy tore into tiny pieces. She also has to stop and get some tolit paper....Charlie found where she keeps them and destroyed a roll or two....BOL

Pee Ess: We will be back to post tomorrow with picture of US and our road trip adventures.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Mollie did you hear that?

OMD it's it's.....

Doggy Nanny....She has returned! She got home really late but momma let us stay up to welcome her home.

Yesterday we had to take the fosters to OUR vet. They had to get their shots so that they are legal in the state of KY. As we checked in Jack looked unsure about the whole thing. And the crying coming from the back did help any. At least all we had to get done was a pawticure.

Once we got home Jack didn't feel so great so he just flopped on OUR bed and napped for a few hours.

*Note from Momma: I have been working with CPR (Carolina Poodle Rescue) and Jack is officially going to rescue tomorrow. He will meet the CPR van in Nashville, TN. We have contacted All American Daschund Rescue to find something for Charlie. If any of my readers know of a family looking for a Daschund please contact me via the pee mail link on the right side bar. I am a transport coordinator with a ton of contacts so a home in another state is not a problem.*

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

& Charlie