Monday, August 17, 2009

Pool Party...Collars...Haircuts...Oh My!

We will begins today's post with a haircut update. I was the first one to be groomed and it wasn't so bad. I got lots of breaks and treats during my time on the table. Bobo was groomed Saturday (body, head and neck) and momma will do his paws and legs this evening. So here are our pictures.

(Note from momma: Bobo's back is a bit uneven....I will be scissoring the hair to even it out.)

(Note from momma: I am happy overall with my first groom...With practice, and with poodles I will get alot of practice, each groom should be better than the last.)


Next topic: New Collars

Momma found the hardware at CDW Plus and fabric at our local fabric store. Grandma sewed them because momma and the sewing machine don't get along. BOL! We think that they turned out fabulous and we look super stylish. Our first set is multi colored beach balls on white. My collar had pink thread and Bobo's had blue. Momma went to Walmart to do some shopping and picked up some new fun fabric. Can't wait to model them for our blogger friends.


Onto the best part of the weekend. On Saturday our local park pool had a Dog Day afternoon and invited all the local doggies to swim. Only about 10 dogs including us showed up to swim. We had a pretty good time....We just don't like swimming in the deep end. We did like standing on the stairs and splashing around on the ramp. We posed nicely for momma and doggie watched.

I think I hear someone coming.

I think the pool is this way...Follow me!

We have to read the rules.

What does that sign say momma?

Oh! Lets hope we don't end up here for real.

Watching all of the doggies arrive.

Testing the water.

I am not so sure about this...

I will just stay here....Bobo go in if you want.

The race is on...

Who do you think will win?

And it's Bobo by a nose!

I demand a re-swim!

We will fill in for the lifeguard.

Much better view from up here!

Yes Mollie I must agree the view is better from up here.

We will do alot of things for momma but jumping into a pool of water from a board is not going to happen! We will just sit here looking pretty.

Some other woofies.

Is that Dexter the Labradude?

Big woofie with her momma.

Time to go already?

All sacked out in the back seat...Swimming is hard on a little body.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

P.S. Mommas overnight guest did make it on the transport as she bolted (we knew she was a flight risk) from the boarding facility. They are still looking for her in GA.


  1. Great job on the hair cuts.

    Love the new collars!

    Wow what fun at the pool!! Love all the pics!

    Prayers that Allie will be found safe and sound!

  2. Well done mom - those haircuts looked good to us!
    We also loved the beautiful new collars and all the pictures of your fun time at the pool.
    It is such a worry about the lost dog!!!
    Paws crossed for a safe return. It did happen with Laska!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Good job on the haircuts Mom. Our Mom cuts my hair too. What cool collars!!! You are so lucky. Hope the lost dog gets found safe.
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. I am sorry you had to have haircuts but they do look nice. Wow you are good swimmers and very observant of all the rules. Mom will pray for the lost doggie, that is always sad.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  5. D'oh!!!! Mom and I BOTH love all the swimming pictures - especially how good you were about reading the rule, and posing for all the pictures! Very good swimming! I haven't quite got that swimming thing down yet, but it sure looks like you two had fun! And I think your haircuts look great! (Did I mention that Mom REALLY likes all the pictures at the pool? You two are so photogenic - whatever that means - and I think you look good in pictures!)

    *kissey face*

  6. Mom did a great job on your haircuts - just think how much money she will be saving by doing it herself - more money for treats and toys:) And the collars are great - another way to make some money? Looks like a great time in the pool. We will cross our paws that Allie is found safe.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. Great khuts!

    Just think of how much more green paper your mom will have to make more khollars fur woo!

    The pool day looked like fun!

    I'll khross my paws fur Allie and have Mom share this with someone she knows in that sekhtion of GA...


  8. I'm so impressed with the talent of your mom and grandmom!!!! Grooming and Collar making?!! So cool!!!

    The pool looks fun!!!

    xo martine

    ps: hope the lost doggie gets found real quick

  9. Your mom did pawsome with the haircuts! You guys look great. What a fun day you guys had at the pool. We aren't very fond of swimming, but we love it when Mommy holds us in the water or lets us on her float. You both are fantastic swimmers!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley & Lexus

  10. Hi Mollie and Bobo,

    It looks like you just about had the pool to yourselves. Terrific job on the grooming and the collars!

    Wags & wiggles,

  11. Hmmm... I am not sure that you had on appropriate swimwear. Good thing the pool police didn't catch you.

    Gosh, that did look like stupid Pee-Wee. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. If there is water, he will find it.

    I think your hair cuts look great. Nice and sleek for the summer.


  12. You two look so stylin' in the pool with your new hair dos (kudos Mom!).

    Prayers that the Allie will be found soon!



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