Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sad Sunday Story

On the evening news I heard a story of a toy poodle who was killed when left in a cage dryer for more than one hour. Here is the link to the story,0,1413177.story . It is so sad to her of these type of stories.

I am not trying to bring anyone down but just sending a friendly reminder that if you take your dog to a groomer make sure that they do not use cage dryers. There are groomers out there that do not no matter the case.

We (my mother and I) are actually thinking of grooming Mollie and Bobo ourselves. I have a great groomer (that hand dryes them) but it still sits in the back my mind that something could happen.

Be mindful of where and with whom you leave your dogs.

-Katie Wing

P.S. Sorry to be MIA but the heat is just tiring me out. I, as well as Mollie and Bobo, are reading all of your posts. I will share my transport with the wonderful but HUGE Gypsy tomorrow. Have a great week everybody and everydog and everycat!


  1. I had seen the story about the dryer issue...that was khwite sad...

    We khan't wait to see/hear your transport tail/tale!


  2. That is just awful. And the groomer didn't even have the integrity to call as soon as it happened. Bah!

    I do not have to worry about a drying cage since I do not go in a cage at the salon at all, but am free to supervise at will. I will check on what they do with Pee-Wee, though.

    Hey, we know all about heat here. The people get all glazed over and torpid.


  3. A few years ago, I heard a similar story - those dryers should be banned. A good groomer uses a hand held dryer - they're much safer.

  4. Thanks for the information! Cooper goes to the groomer regularly but they are vigilant and the shop is so small that the groomers were within 3 feet of the kennels at all times. It just breaks my heart to read that sort of thing. But you are good to send out the warning,

    Dozer, Dottie and Cooper's MUM

  5. That is just heartbreaking. That poor baby! I groom my girls myself, less stress on them. And I normally only blowdry Sonja (sheltie) with my regular hair dryer.

  6. That is so sad. And it could have very easily been avoided with just a little common sense. My heart goes out to that poor little dog and the owners.

  7. What a horrible tragedy! We can only imagine how panicked the doggie was! OMG!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Hi Mollie and Bobo,

    We feel terrible for that poor poodle. Those stoopid hoomans need to think about these things and stop putting us innocent doggies in danger! We know a good caring groomer, who uses a big blow dryer but she doesn't put the doggies in a cage too.

    Wags & wiggles,

  9. Tha is so awfull, the poor dog and the poor family..

    I hope that people take more care with their precious charges in future..

    Hugs GJ xx

  10. What a horrible story!!! That just breaks our hearts to read it.

    The heat here is wicked too, hoping for some storms to help this afternoon but hopefully without any destruction.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  11. That is such an awful story! Poor dog!
    We had a sad story in the UK recently with two police dogs dying after being left in a parked car on a sunny day!
    Sometimes it just makes you wonder about humans.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  12. we couldn't read the story about the poodle and the dryer, but we know it is sad and we hate that stuff!!!!! that's why our mom grooms us. she says it's too expensive to pay for all of us to get groomed anyone and when she does it herself, then she knows we are going to be okay. no cage dryer. no cutting off an ear and glueing it back on (that really happened, but not to us!) no mistreatment except the torture that she does to us. it's sooooo sad when bad things happen to good dogs and it makes our mom very angry and sad.


  13. Mommy has also thought that maybe she should groom us herself....But bilbo is a very big challenge. After hearing this (for not the first or second time) she is thinking again...

    Concerned Smileys!

  14. oh no - my mommy doesn't like those stories - I go to doug - he dries me with a blow dryer! I never go in a crate for anything -

  15. that is so sad and upsetting!! I can't believe it. My thoughts and prayers are with the family


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