Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time for Vaccinations....Plus a Garage Sale

Yep its September and that means its Vaccination Time!  I tried to reason with momma but she stood her ground.  So I agreed...but on one condition!


Grandma found a scarf but I didn't find anything I needed so we hopped back in the car and packed Buttercup in momma's purse and headed to "THE PLACE"

Grandma can you handle the cat?

Good cause I need the momma all to myself to help me be brave!

Since momma is an employee at the vet we got to go in via the back door.  So no waiting in the waiting room and thinking about it.  That was cool.  So me and the cat got our vaccinations and an exam each.  Dr. Flanary checked the bumps on my leg and head and said they were nothing to worry bouts just normal little bumps that are from funky hair folly-cals or something like that.  She said that I could have them removed the next time I am in for me dental at the beginning of the year.

Here is my official "I'm not looking at the camera shot because I had to have my vaccinations" photo.  Dr. Flanary laughed cause I was being non cooperative!

Alright thats done for another year! 

Lets load up in the Mollie Murano Mobile and head home.

We is not going home.  What you talkin bouts momma?

Grandma had an appointment at the back popper doctor.  So I shall sit here and enjoy the breeze.

ummm...whoa....a tad too much wind!

Hold on to me momma!

Whew though I was a gonner.  Think I is gonna sits here instead of hang out the window.

OH MY she coming back outs?

At that point I fell into a deep sleep and the next thing I know I am at the Paducah Bank and I told them I had me vaccinations today and they gave me a milk bone!  SCORE!

GPS Buttercup....Direct us home!

Momma has been quite busy with work and petsitting so this week I will allow her to do the blogging again.  Things for us poodle people have been quite....Just going to Doggy Nanny's then coming home and rocking in the recliner with the momma.  

There is one big change but we can say who....err...what it is until you have heard about whats been going on at the kennels....Its all goes with the flow of the story.  But he's big...err...small...I mean it...I better get off here before I spill the beans!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shoppy Saturday

We got up furry early to attend a yard sale hosted by a coworker of granma's.

We got some new butter knives, some halloween ribbon, and a sled!  Now I just need it to snow so I can use it!

Whoa don't drop that on me wee little self!

After the yard sale we headed to Petco!  As we walked it I spotted a buggy bursting at the seams with clothes.

They were 50% off regular price.  Upon closer inspection the fine print then read you can take an additional 50% off the red tag price.  OH MY DOG!

So with some assistance from grandma I got into the buggy and began the search for Medium and Large clothes!!!!

Came away with a nice assortment.  4 for Bobo and 5 for me!  Plus a scarf we can share.

As we hit the check out lane Uncle spotted the treat bar.

So he picked out an assortment of cookies and chewie sticks.

We also snagged the September Charm.  It was a pawsome foot ball theme!

Would ya look at that bag!  Its so full its almost as big as me!!!

Can we go home now.  I am not a shopping doggie.

On the way home we stopped and look what we came across!

Yep momma got her first and last of this summer season.  Karla never opened this year.

Once we got home we went on a gofer cart ride to see the donkeys.

Boys do you know what they made me do?  Walk around a store and wouldn't let me play with the toys!  It was horrible!!!!!!

So tell me how was your day!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo and Uncle Puppy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Founders Day Dog Show

It's Founder's Day!  Oh boy!  Every year in Eddyville they host a Founder's Day Parade/Celebration and part of that celebration is a pet show.  And you knows we is all overs that!

As we were walking up the first thing we see is this.  Yep that is a 2 legged human on a leash.  I say 2 paws up to that!  Sometimes those tiny 2 legged humans can get outta control, especially around us 4 legged doggies.

First thing me and grandma did was gather up our numbers.  We are number 11 and 12.

Meanwhile momma and Bobo scoped out the other doggie competitors.  

The Lyon County Animal Hospital hosted.  Thanks Dr. Davis!!!

The doggies...

As we waited fur the competition to start we munched on some home made doggie treats from the Lyon Co. Animal Hospital.


Its tongue curling good!!!

Bobo: Can  we buy a shirt?  
Mommy: Sorry they only have human shirts.
Mollie: ah poodle doodles!

We packed one stroller with lotsa costumes!

I decided my anchor dress was best for the Small dog category.

And look what showed up as a late entry for the exotic category.  Yep a set of matching turtles!

Then the judges deliberated...

...and winners announced and photographed!

I didn't win but had a blast pawticipating!  

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Bobo