Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend at the Kennels

This will be the last post from the kennels as the remainder of this week will feature MOLLIE AND BOBO!!!  I will still take pics at the kennels but they will have to wait till next week to be posted.  This is Mollie and Bobo's blog after all!

So here we go...
This is Murphy the wheaten.  He came in for a one night stay on Friday and left Saturday morning.

With this being Labor Day Weekend I though we would be full to the max but actually we only had a few boarders.

For the Labor Day Weekend I had...

 Return visitors Maddy and Ally!


Jack and Dixie

Rudy and Koda (who refused to pee or poop in the rain)

Sweet ol' Cookie girl

 Brady with the hurt ear.  He went home Saturday and was super excited to see his momma!

Once the dogs were taken care of I did laundry, dusted, vacuumed and mopped the entire clinic!

 On Saturday and Sunday afternoon I had a pet sitting client to care for.  This is Miss Libby!  She greeted me with a toy in her mouth.

She even carried it around the entire time I was visiting.  

 Saturday night when I went to care for the dogs I was surprised to find Maddy and Fancy (Dr. Flanary's dogs) in the clinic. 

And since it was going to storm I brought all my dogs so we really had a full house!

 As I was cleaning I heard on the radio that the storms were getting close and that we were in a tornado warning.  Minutes later the sirens went off and I gathered up my 3 plus Dr. Flanary's 2 dogs and we went to the most center room of the clinic which was the isolation room.  Maddy didn't mind...

 ...Fancy and Uncle Puppy were confused....

 ...while Mollie and Bobo were a bit unhappy with the situation!

 Thankfully the storms didn't drop any tornados here but in South East Mo and Southern IL they did!  Turns out Dr. Flanary had dropped the girls off at the clinic so they would wait out the storm there while she went to her parents house to check on them.  She was so relived that I was there and kept them safe.  She offered that if ever the storms are going to be bad we can take shelter there!  Thank you Dr. Flanary!!!

 Sunday was an easier day.  NO storms!  I sorted through emails, finished laundry, did dishes, and made FVC gift certificates to donate to a local Humane Society.  These coupons will be prizes for their upcoming event BARKTOBERFEST!

Spunky was head of laminating!

 All done!  Thanks Spunky fur the help!

 Now since I am a new employee I have to have my picture taken and put on the website.  I tried at every turn to "forget" to have them done but Dr. Flanary insisted.  So my mom (Mollie and Bobo's Grandma) helped me this weekend to get a few shots.  Fancy (Dr. Flanary's pom) was my lovely "pretend" doggie.



  1. Sure glad that the storms weren't a threat! Sounds like a fun weekend with some great friends!

  2. I can tell that you work very hard. What wonderful faces to be surrounded by.

  3. you are special for helping all those kids at the kennel
    Benny & Lily

  4. Thank God you were all safe and the storms were not too bad to cause a tornado. Have a great day.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Uh oh, don't let any of your perspective boarders see that or they will mark you as "scary lady with nail clippers." What a relief that the tornados missed you, but it looks like everybody was safe and sound regardless.



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