Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New Work Week

 A three day break was very nice.  I enjoyed my time off but was eager to get back to the kennels and check on my dogs!
 On Monday...

This is Harley and Davidson.  Davidson is the yorkie and he is 9 mos old.  He was such a happy happy boy!

 This is "Little" Bella.

Abby and Leah.  I actually created a new client in the computer and booked their boarding stay.  Another first!!!

This is "Big" Bella.  A sweet pointer girl.  I bathed her and she was super unhappy about that.  She shook so hard she had tummy troubles.  Poor thing!

I was excited to see my boy after the long weekend!  What is he looking at?

Ah Ha he has his eyes on the pair of yorkie ladies Molly and Lucy! These girls were in the boarding kennels awaiting their time to get dental cleanings.  Since gaining a new doctor the ISO room is too full with surgery patients that they get to visit my part of the clinic.

Sparky, another dental patient.

A return visitor from spring break.  Mr. Max the cavalier.  He is so sweet and eats like a champion!  He also brought his own water.  Very cool!

Mr. MoJo is still with us (scheduled to go home today!).  He is just relaxing!

On Tuesday...

I had Tucker (dental) and his sister Madylyn (upset tummy) with me.  I tried numerous times to get a urine sample in the little blue bucket from Madylyn but she wasnt having it.  She kept looking at me with those sad eyes like "Why you follow me around with that scary blue bucket?"

Oh my!  Look who is boarding and unhappy!  Yep Doggy Nanny went on a trip to TX so the pups couldn't stay home alone!  So my mom (Mollie and Bobo's Grandma) brought them to the clinic as she left for work.  They were not happy to say the least and Mollie resorted to biting my fingers again to show her unhappy-ness.  

Since I work full days on Tuesdays I get an hour lunch and so it was nice to have them along with me.  

Momma can't you wait to take my picture my hair is a mess and I am all hot n bothered from staying in that tiny cage!

And if that wasn't enough grandma forgot leashes, had to carry us into the clinic and look how momma took us to lunch!  Yes it is a slip lead half tooshie attached to our collars.  This is just shameful!  

Ok Mollie you will be ok!

Anyhoo.  Back in the kennels Ganghis was very talkative and ready to go home after his neuter.  He is a former pet sitting client.  He is also the poppa to the basset puppies I posted about a few weeks ago.  He will no longer be a poppa basset!  

Even hours after his dental Tucker was still laid out froggy doggy style in his kennel.

And lookie there one week after her "SHAVE DOWN" Willamina is back for a one night stay and she brought...

Her brother Bubba Gump!

 And on Wednesday...

Same boarders but we had a few dental patients join us.  This is Toots on top and Ozzy on bottom.
 Last but not least we had a drop off bath doggie named Madison.  She was a struggle to get into the tub but she didn't mind her bath.  

In non doggie news we have new bath aprons.  Pretty pink and purple!

Not pictured is Poodles (clementine, Feebee, and Angel), Chis (Zeb, Jake, and Stella), Cats (Bitty Kitty and scrat), Chocolate Boston terrier (Forgot her name but she didn't like to walk on a leash and flopped on her back when I took her out to potty and wouldn't move!), Jack russels (Tink HW+, Another male who posed for pretend surgery pics for the website and had a growth on his paw removed), Rat Terrier (Lady), Cattle Dog (Crazy Max), Dachshund (Newman who had a bunch of teeth taken out).

Recently Dr. Flanary has made me official picture taker of the new staff members for the clinic website.  So now everyone fears me coming to them.  LOL

Unwillingly I had my pictures taken but plan to have them redone as I was a hot mess after working the kennels and that is NO time to take pictures.  

That is all from the kennels for now.  Friday I will have more tails to tell.  Then its Mollie Bobo time!  Lots of fun adventures were had by the poodles!!!


  1. Waiting for that Mollie and Bobo time and we do like the kennels. Have a great Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I love your new aprons. AND that someone named their dog Harley Davidson! Way cool, way cool!

  3. So cute. We say let every buddy out
    Benny & Lily

  4. I love your job! I really enjoy seeing all the faces and hearing what needs to be done.

  5. So many cutie Patooties in one place! Such a pawsome way to spend the day!
    Pibble sugars
    Brinks n bella

  6. I am sorry you had to be caged like dogs, but at least you get to see your Mommy. Was that a shih tzu in the top cage?? Don't tell my Mommy, I am an only doggy and want to stay that way.

    Loveys Sasha


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