Monday, August 13, 2012

Mad Dog Monday

Mollie is snoozing in my lap and Peter Patches is snoozing at my feet.  They are both tired from the weekend olympics.  While they are down I shall share more boarding dogs and stories from the kennels!

Right now with it being the start of the school year we are now getting less and less boarders but that means each one, especially one little chihuahua, gets extra extra special attention!!!  So here are the boarders that I cared for late last week.

Miss Lily.  

 Roscoe the HW + dog.  Poor thing had a rough time.  I learned a lot about how rough it can be on a dog undergoing HW injections.  But after the initial sickness he was released and doing well!

Kira and Koda....The rambunctious huskies!  For the first time in my life I watched and listened to a real Husky Woo!  It was  pawsome!!!!

And Miss Rosie.  

 Since I have less boarders I spend more time in the treatment area helping out, holding dogs, filling vaccines and such.  But two weeks ago when Punkin came in for her fluids (she comes in twice weekly to get them) and I watched Melissa give them and then when Punkin came in this week I asked Melissa if I could do her fluids.  I admit I was nervous but it went flawlessly.  So now I am able to give dogs fluids....ok I can give Punkin fluids...She is so used to having it done it doesn't faze her so that made it a bit easier.  I love learning new skills!!!!

One fun thing that happened last week was the weekly meeting.  We have a new vet tech in the clinic and we played "Getting to Know You".  It was fun.  We all talked about our lives, what led us to this clinic (Hillary's was fantastic) and what our hobbies are. We also celebrated Melissa's birthday with great food from Flamingo Row and Cheese cake!  My birthday is only a month away and I can't wait to celebrate with my coworkers! Just as the meeting was winding down Dr. Flanary pulled out 5 seizure alert tags and I was drooling!  They were sent to her from a drug company to give to the seizure dogs that go to the clinic.  I asked her how I could order one and well one fell off the truck for me.  I have never seen one like it!!!
 This past weekend I had the weekend off.  Hillary (the other kennel girl) and I alternate weekends.  I was so ready for my three day weekend!  It was nice to sleep in and have extra Mollie and Bobo time! 

 However Sunday morning I did have a quick taxi/after hours job to do.  I had to meet the Halliman Doxies at the clinic and get them checked in.  They are frequent fur members of the Boarding kennels.  This is Tillie (Black short hair), Mikie (Black Long hair), and Sarah (Brown Short hair).

As Monday morning rolled around so did storms!  YUCK!  But through the rain, thunder and lightning I managed to get all the dogs out and not get too terribly muddy.  

This morning I had the pleasure of working with...



Cracker Jack and Big Bear!!!!

Not pictured borders are Baxter (Doxie) and Jenna (yorkie/chinese crested mix), Willow (HW+ Doberman), Snickers (HW+ teacup beagle), Ellie and Trafford (Doxies I bathed), Wynona (Schnauzer puppy), Willimina (Sphynx Kitty who is sick). 

I had lots of baths (Lily, Zoey and Koda {Border Collie Mix not pictured}) , and many dogs went home.  Its always fun to take them out of the kennels and take them to their mommies and daddies.  They get all wiggily and whimper to be reunited!!!!  

However many dogs went mad this morning not sure why....maybe due to the storms....maybe due to the monday blues.  Anyhoo my first doggies to go home were Baxter and Jenna.  As I was shutting the kennel door Baxter pulled on the leash and hanked it out of my hand thus taking a unguided tour of the treatment area.  Then Kira and Koda were ready to go home and as I am walking them up front they tear out of the kennel area (thankfully I was able to keep hold of their leashes) and knock off half the magnents and things off the fridge.  Then as I am headed back to the kennels to clean their cage out I knock the other half of the magnents off the fridge.  UGG!  The next dogs to go home were Cracker Jack and Big Bear.  Oh my....All heck broke loose!  I went into their kennel to leash them up, Big Bear the pit bangs his head into my leg.  It felt like a 20 pound rock hit my leg!!!  OUCH!  Then as I head them up front their owner had to go rearrange the car so they could sit in the back seat....So I sit there and try and hold them.  Two strong headed big dogs are hard to hold!  Then they hear their momma up front and instead of going through the double doors to her they dart for the reception area...I drop Cracker Jacks leash but quickly pick it up.  Then Big Bear yanks and I drop his leash.  As I pick it up and try and remove him from the reception area he backs up and slips out of his collar.  His mom comes through the double doors takes cracker jack and then I get his collar back on and hand his leash to her as well.  After that I had to take a break!

Thankfully all I had left to do that day was walk the remaining 5 boarder dogs, clean the surgery room and goat work (gotta love the goat work).  Everything else went off without any loose dogs!  And bonus I made my first surgery pack (scissors, hemostats, and drape). 

Can't wait to see what the kennels hold for me tomorrow!  But whatever it is I will enjoy it I am sure.  

So there you have it the exciting life of a kennel girl/typist/goat expert!



  1. I can just picture the excited doggies wanting to get to their moms and dads as soon and fast as possible. Sometimes my MOM helps Bert's MOM at their kennel. But lucky for MOM and Miss Vickie I would guess, is it is a big outdoor and indoor place. the doggies have big areas they are in outside with each area having an indoor area that the dogs can go in and out as they please. they are even heated and cooled. But when mom's and dad's come and get the dogs all ya have to do is open the gate to their area and they run up the path to waiting arms. My MOM loves helping out there. I like it too cuz I get to go with her to each area. She cleans the area and fills water and such and I get to know all the doggies boarding there. It is fun fun fun.

  2. Wow you are just so busy!!! I love seeing the friends you are taking care of and hearing about the staff meeting. Sounds fun!

  3. Never a dull moment in a vet clinic I'm sure, but like you said you still consider it fun.


  4. Mom wants to know if they'll teach me?

    Apparently, my wooooo'er is defekhtive!


  5. oh my goodness adorable borders. Wish we could take every buddy home
    Benny & Lily

  6. We love seeing all the borders. Glad you are enjoying it. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Oh dear. I do know how painful it is to be rammed by one of those hard headed dogs. Ouch!

    It does seem like doggies all go cracker mental fits at once. Must be something in the air.

    Mango Momma

  8. Sounds like another exciting day at the kennel!! I bet there is never a dull moment!!

    How is Spunky doing??


  9. I love hearing all the details about your job. The pictures are great to match the names with the faces. Bella is gorgeous.



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