Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Work Work Work

Well this place here has been the topic of MANY conversations.  See last week on Monday evening Dr. Flanary called and offered momma a FULL time position.  OH MY DOG!  She said yes and well last Wednesday was her first day.  For a while (until Hillary goes to school) she was supposed to work full days (8-close) doing kennels, cleaning, and cross training on the computer system. However today momma woke up and was feeling defeated.  With the heat and not being used to working (just taking care of us and staying in the air conditioner) she could just not do it.  So she had to email Dr. Flanary and ask if she could either work half days (8-1 which was to be the schedule when Hillary goes to school ) or see if she would need to hire another kennel worker.  Well Dr. Flanary said she could do half days.  Oh that Dr. Flanary is just so kind to work with our momma!!!!  Thank you Dogtor Flanary! Good thing cause we gots a Mollie Murano Mobile payment to make and dresses to buy! 

Without further ado we now give you the photo show of the doggies that momma is working with.  Note there are NO pictures of us so if you would like to leave we fully understand!

Creamy the Shih Tzu

Pete the happy Cavalier. He would put his paws up on the kennel so momma could pick him up easier.  Smart boy!

Rowdy Rosco

Sweet Mia the shepard mix

Spunky Monkey Man

Dalton the Spinning pom

Sweet Pea the sweet old lady!

Bo Puppy...Who is adoptable.  He was originally a stray that was adopted by a loving family but their current dogs didn't like the addition so he has to be rehomed.

More Spunky?

Wait whats that say on his card?  Cubbie #7...Own Food?  Yep momma done bagged up some of our premium kibbles and took them to the clinic for him to eat as he was not eating the larger kennel kibbles to well.  And yep that is a new blue collar from the Mollie and Bobo collection.  We is down a collar and ziploc bag full of kibble. What is this world coming too?

Mini the pit mix

Molly the lab

Ellie the chihuahua/corgi mix

Sadie Lady

And momma even took care of our own Peter Patches after his neuter.  While he was under Dogtor Flanary took a look at his toofers and noticed he had a broken k-9 and lotsa missing toofers on his top jaw.  She said there must have been a traumatic injury.  Poor boy!

After a couple of hours he was fully awake and ready to go home.

Then momma spotted this little girl....she looked familiar...then momma looked at her name....Macy...then looked in her ear and found her tattoo...oh my dog....its Jiggles former house mate who was surrendered.  Her adopted grandma brought her in for a toofer cleaning.  She ended up having 8 toofers pulled but I bet she feels betters now.  What a small world!

Last but not least Bubba Gump!

Not pictured we have Lab mix (Rosie), Labs (Ally and Lucky), Boxer (Shelby, Chloe, Bruiser), Doxies (Mikey, Sara and Tilly), Golden Retriever (Bo), Lasa Apso (Exploding Shelby), Cats (Ari, Sea Biscuit and Badger), Yorkie (Blue) and several ISO patients.

Besides the dogs momma is filling prescriptions, doing call backs, filing, cleaning, and typing.  Tomorrow momma is doing her "GOAT WORK".  She is super excited bouts that! 

So there you have it...Right now we are all adjusting to the new way of life.   Its hardest on us poodle people but I guess its worth it to have the Mollie Murano Mobile and new clothes!

-Mollie, Bobo and Peter Patches


  1. That is awful nice of your mom to share your foodables and collar.

  2. I'm glad the vet was nice enough to let you mom start with half days. If you haven't worked full time in a long time it can wipe you out to start. It was so nice of you to give Spunky a collar and some of your kibble.


  3. Nice one and we are glad you are there to help. Have a good day.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. That sure is a busy hospital. So many pups to take care of. I am glad that your mom worked out a schedule so that she could stay on. It sounds exhausting but very satisfying.

    Mango Momma

  5. If Bubba Gump needs placement/ foster please contact the French Bulldog Rescue Network or please let me know. Wish we could take every buddy home
    Benny & Lily

  6. We're so glad your Mom could work out a schedule that allows her to do Good Stuff and also have her Quality Time with you guys! Andfrom our experience, our Mom is always SUPER happy to see us when she gets home that she does lots of stuff with us. (Of course, our Mom is dog-deprived during the day...)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  7. Just found your blog - that is very exciting about your momma's new part-time job!

  8. You two are so nice to share your food and collar with that little guy. And we hope that little Peter Patches is doing a lot better now that he's at your house.

  9. Hi Mollie Jo and Bobo,

    We are coming around to say hi to some of our furiends. We think it is furry nice of you to let your momma go to work helping those other doggies. You guys rock!

    Bijou and Banjo


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