Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Went Shoppin'

Yesterday morning we went to Petco. Momma wanted to visit the fabric store and I wanted to visit Petco and get the Spring 2011 charms!

We're Here!

When we arrived I did a quick change out of my harness into my new dress. Momma stayed up till 3am making it for this trip. Not sure why but it is sure cute!

Heading inside.

This dress doesn't make my tooshie look big does it?

Awww...Look at the grooming charms. Now I see why she wanted me to have the bee dress. To go with the bee charms! On the way to the check out line we saw the $1 deal charms and they were a must have too.

Now I look good!

Now I am tired.

*sniff* I *sniff* smell *sniff* steak *sniff* must *sniff* have *sniff* steak!

Waiting on grandma at the JoAnn's Fabrics.

Pawsome fabrics! All these will make grrrreat dresses!

I did do a full fashion report while I was at Petco. I will be posting my findings soon.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Bobo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Blogville Banquet 2011

"Blogville is not just a community but a family." Ronnii's Momma was right on! Blogville is a great place to connect with other dog lovers, to share our success, and comfort those who are in pain. We are a family, even if spread out all across the world.

We all have come together this weekend to celebrate a grand competition that showed us all what friendship and good sportdogship is all about.

This morning we had to go shopping cause Bobo had NOTHING to wear to such a grand banquet.

Would ya look at all the green and yellow!!!

Waiting in line....dum da dum dum....

Once we were done there we loaded up in the poodle mobile and headed for the pawty!

As fashion director of the Blogville cabinet I will lead this pack with a Momma Original Pink John Deere Dress!

Bobo, my brother and loyal fashion directors assistant sported this manly green and yellow John Deere collar.

Alright are you ready to attend Blogville's BIGGEST pawty ever?!?!?!? Follow me!

Wow Paws Bang is playing! How did we get so lucky to book such a band?!?!?!

Ahhh refreshments....and its my favorite Cherry with a hint of Tennis Ball and Labradude!

Jazzi dressed to impress in her new dress. She too had handmade dress made by her mom. Bravo!

Now to the foodables! Pace yourself Mango man.

Now in conjunction with celebrating Pip and Bunnys race we are telling efurry one bouts a blogger in need. Ronnii and Richie are some grrreat foster dogs that have some mega vet bills and they need help paying the big bill as the organization they were with is having a tough time right now. So the grrrreat members of Blogville have set up an auction to help them. Visit The Paws of Peace Blog to see what fabulous items are up for auction. We are making a wonderful doggie quilt and a personalized doggie bag so...Go Now and Bid! We already have our eye on a few of the items!!! Feel free to take this badge and share the story. We know how every dollar counts as just last year one of our fosters needed help and the wonderful doggies and kitties of Blogville helped us!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thundering Thursday

Yesterday evening we gots some intense thunder boomers and the sirens were going off and everything. Just south of us they spotted rotation in the sky. No good. When the wind got bad we headed to the local church basement. We live in a trailer and its not safe to stay in bad weather.

We started our adventure on our pillow getting a snack.

Then I checked out this prehistoric scooter. Momma it don't move?!?!

Joey was in his crate...

...and Bobo was trying to hide from the thunder boomers by meditating. BOL

We are happy to report no damage to us, the house or our property.

In other news Joey went to the vet this morning. He is parasite free and heartworm free. Yipee! He is underweight, has some tartar, and lots of ear hair but over all not bad. But ya know what Dogtor Flanary told us....He ain't no 9 months old. He is 2 YEARS old. The breeder LIED. You can't trust a "breeder" as far as you can chase 'em. In my HUMBLE opinion.

Thank dogness his nails were short cause he put up quite a fight. BOL

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Product Review Friday: Snoozer Bike Basket

Ahh Don't ya just love Fridays? Well I do! And what better way to celebrate than with a Boneafide Product Review?

The furry nice and dog furiendly Fed Ex Lady came to our house in the wee early hours to give me a special package. You can see me in the bottom right corner going out to meet her.

This be a big ol' box momma.


Its the Snoozer Buddy Bicycle Basket. My old basket on grandmas scooter was a bit snug and not in such good shape sooo....

Here we are! Its supposed to be for a bicycle but works grrrreat on scooters! It features two large pockets on the left side and one on the front. They hold lots of stuff! I love that it comes in 2 color combonations, Pink/Black and Gray/Black so you can pick the color that suits you best. I am a 10 pound and 10 inch (at the shoulder) poodle girl and I fit very nicely inside. I have lots of room. Bobo is a 16 pound and 15 inch (at the shoulder) poodle man and he fits ok. The weight limit is 15 pounds but if he holds one foot up I think he will be ok. BOL

On the right side there is a special pocket for water bottles. Gotta have water on your walkies!

Another grrrreat feature is the built in leash. It will clip to your harness for safety. Please remember when ever your in a basket such as this one to use the leash and connect it to a harness only. NEVER attach it to your neck collar. You risk great injury if you do. Whether you are connected to the leash or not please don't allow your humans to leave you in this basket unattended. You never know when a rouge squirrel will dart out in front of you and tempt you with his furriness. Jumping out could cause great harm to you.

With all the grrreat features and with a price tag of 44.95 from Jeffers Pet you can't go wrong with the Snoozer Bike Basket. I give it an official grade A+!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo
*Live from the Snoozer Bike Basket on Grandma's Scooter*

Pee Ess: This should not be used in place of a walk. Walks are important for a well balanced happy pet. This is intended as a fun ride only.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thinking Thursday-Joey's Edition

Mollie here, today I am thinking, I hate puppy mills. Facilities that put profits above the physical, mental and medical needs of the dogs in their care. This is the type place our new foster brother Joey came from. Here's his story....

This is Joey. His story has a sad beginning but now that he is with us we know it will have a happy ending. See he was born in a breeding facility. This place owns a lot of dogs which are kept outside in small kennels year round. When a puppy is past his/her expiration date they are given away free. That is what happened with Joey. The breeder couldn't sell him so she gave him away free to the first person who would take him. Well in 9 months of living in a cage with minimal handling and NO socialization he became very fearful. When a nice person who wanted to help heard about him, she took him home only to find he was totally shut down. He could not be caught, can not be touched (his entire body flinches when you pet him) and can not be walked (momma says its easier to walk a cinder block). So when she felt she couldn't help him she called my momma and boy she knew she could help him. She had done it with me 7 1/2 years ago. So last evening she met with this person and now Joey lives here. He goes to visit the Dogtor tomorrow. He gets neutered next Wednesday.

Uncle Puppy's thinking...can I play with the puppy? Can I hold the puppy? Can I sniff the puppy? Please, Please Please with cRaCkErS on top!!!

Joey's thinking this is all a bit much for me. Hold me close foster mom!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Uncle Puppys been Wounded

He came in from being outside and his little toe was cut.

We were ever so thankful momma built us a First Aid Kit. We are working on a post about what should be included and will post it soon.

Giving some moral support to the patient.

All done and he chose the manly camo self adhesive bandage. I thought he would pick pink. BOL

Why you wrap my toe like this?

It needs to be looser....And more like this....

Do you has any lollipops?

A milk bone will do just fine. thanks!

After finishing his treat he was moved to the recovery bed which is located beside our stool so we can keep a watch on his naught bandage chewing self.

We were able to treat a *MINOR* cut at home with no visit to the dogtor with the use of our first aid kit. Its always a good idea to have one for the pups and the humans.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Uncle Puppy

Pee Ess: Momma got a phone call today....It doesn't sound good...She is making the oohing and aahhing sounds again....Oh my DOG!!!

Pee Ess Ess: Please note first aid kits are not to be used as a substitute for basic veterinary care and if you dog is injured please see a vet. If its a small cut/injury call your vet and seek their advise before administrating care.