Sunday, February 6, 2011

Humphrey the Maltese

Humphrey's story is one you might not believe cause well....Its kinda crazy. It all started with Olivia. When we got her we did some dectective work and on an old old vet record we found her very first owner (the one who bought her from the breeder). Well we had a lot of questions about her past and most of them got answered but when momma told the first owner who she was and what she does she said that they were moving and couldn't take their male Maltese Mo (Humphrey's original name) with them. Well you know momma's a sucker for homeless pups and well...Here is Humphrey. This is the dog who was bred to Olivia and is the father to her puppy Missy whom we met in December. Could there be a more handsome Maltese boy? We think not! He is quite a looker with his short puppy cut.

He was unsure bouts leaving home but we assured him we would takes good care of him.

His nickname is Goose. Cause when he cries and whines (which is often) he sounds like the gooses that fly over our house. In the video you will hear momma refer to him as Louie....Well she changed her mind and we will let ya'll thinks bouts that to see if you can figure it out.

He is a healthy 8.6 pounds.

I still have trouble figuring out why I must come to the vet every time we get a new foster sibling.

Humphrey trying to escape.

Giving momma *raspberries*

When Dogtor Flanary came in she saw he had some *extra stuff* and that it needs to go. He had had enough puppies in his day and it was time to be a bachelor permanently. He didn't like where that conversation was going....'specially when he saw the brochure....

"...There going to do WHAT to my backside?" He screamed

We sure will Dogtor Flanary!

We checked for Heartworms...NEGATIVE!

Checked for parasites...NONE!

Got some vaccines....NO FUN!

When we left the exam room he really ran for the door hoping momma wouldn't schedule a N-E-U-T-E-R....but a momma never forgets.

Alright next Wednesday will work we shall be here bright and early. Lets go now!

He was all wags and skips bouts checking out his new foster home.

Meeting the ever giant and ever cracker Uncle Puppy!

More *raspberries*

After all of that it was Nap time!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie JO and Humphrey


  1. I think it is good you went with him to the vet because he looked kind of scared. He doesn't know how good his life is about to get.


  2. How Cute he is!!! No Matter What his Name is.

  3. We think Humphrey is pretty darn cute. But we don't understand how peeps can just move and let their dogs go. We sure hope he finds a wonderful and forever home. Humphrey is a great name.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Aww, Goose... <3. What a handsome boy, sorry to hear about your *extra stuff* little guy! :-p

  5. Humphrey really is a very cute little guy! It shouldn't take long to find him a forever home with a face like that!

  6. I tink dat my Mum just fell in love....wit HIM! He would never make it as a foster dog here at my house. He'd be here....forever!

  7. Oh My Goodness. He DOES sound like a goose!!!

    He's super duper cute, though, especially in that green sweater.

  8. Aww..he is a very handsome boy!! So cute!! I bet Mom takes you cuz you are such a good helper and calmer downer!! He does sound like a goose!! Have fun with me, he is a cutie


  9. Humphrey is sooo handsome!
    Sure he was very nervous there in the crate!
    Glad he is healthy!
    I know the surgery will go perfectly!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. What a cute little guy! Seems like fate that your Mom found the folks that used to own you, just so she could help Humphrey!


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