Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Sharing of a Silly Saturday

Well yesterday our Silly Saturday started off with a trip to English's Sew and Vac shop. Momma's borrowed sewing machine wasn't sewing and needed to be serviced so she dropped it off. While there she decided to take the demo of an embrodery machine the shop was offering. The machine made lots of funny noises.

I got board with that quickly and took a nap. Bobo was at the Doggy Nanny's house with Uncle Puppy.

After battling the holiday traffic on I-24 we went to petsmart to get a new doggy bed for me. The one we have now in the sewing room is too small for both of us.

I love the fluffy sides...they are great to lay my head on. I slept in it on the way home. See my camo quilt? It is the one like Bobo's that momma made for me.

Then momma met the transport volunteer that was bringing up 10 puppies from Georgia. Some were going to rescue some were coming to live with us for a few days till rescue could be found.

This lil guy was literally minutes away from euthanasia. Want to know why? He "LOOKED" like a pit bull and the shelter dosen't adopt pit bulls out to the public. Isn't that aweful!!?!? Well a rescue in GA told them that he is not a pit bull but a boxer and they will take him. So this lil guy was spared.

The same rescue that pulled the boxer pup in GA also had a litter of 10 black and white puppies that they pulled a few weeks earlier. So they sent 9 of the black and white puppies and the boxer up north to start new lives. One of the Black and white puppies stayed with their foster mom as she just fell in love with him and they adopted him as a furever pet!

They said this lil fawn and white pup was from the same litter...hmmm...dosen't look like his littermates at all!

The other black and white litter siblings!

And the remaining Black and white puppies. Non of the rescues were able to accept them on Saturday so Momma said we could keep them for a few days until a rescue could be found. We got to name them Spot, Bandit, and Delilah.

When we got home we got them out of their crates and noticed they all did this...

Spot was unsure of the whole thing and stayed back.

Bandit and Delilah got along well with Uncle Puppy!

Puppy pile up on grandma!

Look at Delilah RUN!

The rescue coordinator asked for some new pictures to circulate so momma got right on that.

Delilah loves getting her picture made....So that one was easy.

Bandit and Spot were furry scared but momma got a good picture of them too.

Once momma put Delilah back in the basket all were happy and playing.

Wow now that is definatly one silly Saturday we will never forget!

Momma will post more cute and adorable pictures of the pups soon, as well as updates on when they get to go to rescue up north.

Furry Tired Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Sunday Sharing

On Friday we went to visit Dr. Flanary again to have our teeth cleaned.

Heading inside.

Getting Checked in and waiting to be called back.

They caged us...but the sad part is momma took our picture. See the blankie we are sitting on...That is the one momma made Bobo...I will show you mine in another post!

Then it was time for Uncle Puppy to get his booster shot and nails trimmed. We shall let him take over the post from here as we were being preped for our dental cleanings.

Hello furiends Uncle Puppy here reporting live from KY!!!!

Well after took my Bobo and Mollie to the back of the clinic Dr. Flanary came for me....She tried to cut my toes off and poked me in the side with a needle. I don't like coming to this place at all!

I high TAILED it our of there!

Then I got to go to some Yard Sales with Daycare momma.

I am such a lucky boy! HAHAHA

I met tons of friends such as Buddy the Cavapoo.

He was a super friendly guy!

After we hit like 200 million yard sales I was getting tired.

And once Daycare momma returned me to my real momma I collasped on the way back from the water dish.

Alright the Country poodles are back to take over this post. At 3 pm Friday afternoon Melissa from Dr. Flanary's office called momma and said we were awake and ready to come home.

We got some goodie bags with chews, a slip leash, my 3 extracted toofers, and some antibotic. I had a terrible infection in one of my teefs. I already has lost some toofers from my top jaw and Dr. Flanary pulled the last two that were up there (inbetween my large k-9's) so in the front I have no toofers. The other toofer that she pulled was from my bottom jaw it was also in the front. With so many missing toofers I hope that dosen't mean I am a redneck dog. Dr. Flanary only cleaned and polished Bobo's teeth...He still has a full set and momma says they shine now!

Lets get going before they take any more!

When we got home we could still feel the effects of the medicine. We were a bit unsteady on our feet and were sleepy. So we snuggled with each other in our bed and slept off the rest of the meds.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo
& Uncle Puppy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinking and Thankful Thursday

I'm thinking its time to PLAY BALL!

I am thankful that I have a pink and purple tennis ball and a mommy to throw it for me!

Wags and Licks,

Mollie Jo

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Wags and Licks,

Bobo and Uncle Puppy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tranport???

Well momma did her part of this transport yesterday, Monday May 24th, but Lily is jumping aboard a transport headed for Chicago, IL this morning.

Lily, formerly known as Maizie, used to be our neighbor doggie. She is a 2 year old Beagle. Her pawrents felt that they couldn't give her all she needed. She was a bit too high energy for their lifestyle. Knowing that our momma works in rescue they asked momma to help them get her adopted or into rescue. Getting dogs like beagles, labs, and pit bulls adopted in this area is very hard as there are so many of them. So momma put out the word to her rescue/transport friends and Pat put in a word to her rescue coordinator up north and the rest is history.

Meet Maizie! The reason she had a name change was the rescue sent me an email asking me to re-name her Lily. So that is what she shall be called.

Checking out the smells of the Vets office.

Lily going to see someone that just came in the vet clinic. She just LOVES people.

Giving momma some kisses!

Heading into Illinois.

Momma met her rescue friend Pat at this rest stop.

Lily overnighted at Pats house so that she could leave out really early this morning to meet the transport. This is Pats rescue van. Lily got to ride shotgun with Pat on the way home!

Bye Bye Lily! Be a good girl and we hope you get adopted quickly!

Wags and Licks

Mollie Jo & Bobo

& Uncle Puppy

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning Moles!

This morning we went out and did the normal snoopervising.

Only to discover that MOLES have ruined our beautiful yard.

Mollie was first on the scene.

Then I, Bobo, was on back up.

Giving every inch the good ol' sniff.

Its been 1 1/2 years since our Aunt Dolly died and she was the resident mole patrol pooch! We never had any mole trials when she was here. Without her we are not sure what to do to stop these horrible creatures. Hmmm....I think we better sit on the porch and give this situation some thought.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo