Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Telling Tuesday

Today I am telling on Uncle Puppy. Sort of an expose on ONE of his odd behaviors.

When you hear the name Uncle Puppy you would think he is a manly male dog. You would be wrong. The silly Uncle Puppy plays with all my GIRLY pink toys.

He rolls in the yard with them for all the neighbors and now all the furiends of blogland to see.

He has even taken a fancy to my new clearance pink cow.

Watching it wishing it would move.

Then snatching it chewing with his big boy toofers on her little tail.

Now that I think about it I should have expected this to happen I mean he does LOVE his nephew Bobo and Bobo is often found lounging in his oversized purple sweater (during the winter months of course).

And he is often found blogging (when I allow) from MY pink crate. Hmm...Seems like silly boy behavior to me.

I was going to share a horribly funny picture of Bobo playing with a pink loofa dog toy but I seem to have misplaced it. Hmm...Another time I guess.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Grandma Found a New Recipe

Grandma buys old magazines in yard sales and finds old recipes to try. Well Last Friday she came home with this one and over the weekend we tried it.

Can you believe it called Grandma Mollie's Cookies? It even has the name spelled the same way with an IE.

After we mixed together all of the yummy ingredients and put the cookies in the oven I was sitting in my crate with Lilac and thinking....I wonder if I am a grandma? I know I had quite a few puppies in my day but I never knew where any of them went. My "breeder" never kept up with the pawrents who got my puppies and that makes me sad!

I asked momma but she said that she didn't know and didn't know of a way to ever find out so I guess I will never know if I am a grandma. But I am a princess in my mommas eyes so that makes me feel better!!!

Hmmm...I think the cookies are ready...Be right back.

OH don't those look good? Well I will never know that either as they have two big doggie NO NO's. Raisins and Chocolate chips. Momma and Grandma both were OOHing and AHHing about how delicious they were.

Feel free to copy the picture of the recipe and try them for yourself. Remember they are NOT dog friendly cookies.

In other news:
Bobo's booboo on his lip is getting better. The scab is gone and now he has pretty pink skin growing in its place. Luckily it required NO trip to the vet. Bobo is quite happy about that.

We thank every one for their prayers and well wishes its always comforting to know others are thinking of us when we have big booboo's or little booboo's.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Friday, August 27, 2010

Trotting Thursday

Welcome to another fun edition of Trotting Thursday! Ok I know its not Thursday but please pretend. BOL

First we saw something interesting in the road....

It was a squished Coke can but sadly no Coke left. Whats that barking?

Oh its Pita and her puppy. They live next door to us and they bark at us cause they are jelly that they can't come walking with us.

Then the little Cockapoo got an idea...."Can we go across the big road to Granny Rd. for our walkie?" Says the Cockapoo.

Momma thought about it and said "ok...That does sound fun!". So we all got hooked up on our flat leashes and headed over.

Whew we made it!

We saw lots of little flowers along the side of the road but we thought this one was the prettiest. Just one little blue flower all by itself.

We saw lots of corn in the fields and a few cobs on the ground.

This one appears to have been nibbled.

Bobo acted like a young pup of 2 and ran and sniffed and barked!

Then we came to this yard. It is home to a rather large golden retriever with a loud bark.

Bobo decided that it was best to head back and stick a little closer to the pack.

Then a little further up the road we found this nice pile of horse or cow pie but momma wouldn't let us investigate. It would have made a real fine perfume and neck rub!!!

We saw lots of pretty blooms....

...and lots of strange curved trees.

Once we hit the 1 mile mark it was time for a drink!

After our water break we headed for home.

As always once we got home it was nap time.

We have been deer hunting on Granny Rd. before but never on a walk. There was such lovely sights to see and smells to sniff. I hope momma will take us there again someday.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tongue Tuesday

Hello furiends! Hope you are having a good week so far.

Ever since I was adopted my mom, grandma, and Doggy Nanny have called me "The Tongue". That name was given to me because I lick my paws, pillows and anything that doesn't move. Momma thinks its because of my former life as a breeding female. She has read on the internet that many dogs have similar behaviors that have come from puppy mills or abusive situations. Anyhoo...I was digging though some photos and it recently has come to my attention that my tongue is extra long. See it curls up when I pant.

Side view...

A closer look...

Momma worries cause it gets really close to my nose....

Happy Tongue Tuesday!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mysterious Monday

We have a bit of a mystery on our paws today. I noticed that Bobos face was puffy this weekend but it is allergy season and its not that new for him. This morning I noticed that it looked like there is a bit of hair loss and a bump on it. Could this be a bug bite or a burn? If things continue to look worse I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow.

Here is one shot with the flash...

...and one with out the flash.


Mad Mollie Monday

When the season turns to Fall so begins another school semester. I love the cool Fall weather but hate the beggining of a new school semester. With mommas full class load that means we have to cut back on a few things. She won't budge on dropping a class, or dropping farmville so that means reading the blogs must be cut back. We will be reading all the post but just in the Google reader with limited commenting. We will still be posting regularly so you all will not miss any of our fun activities!

Please will you understand?

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Sunday, August 22, 2010


*Disclaimer: This is a long post please get a snack and drink and sit back for a groovy post*
Finally after much preperations and much anticipation we finally got to attend Woof Stock 2010 at the Carbondale, IL Petco!

On the road!

Now since momma "had to do the dishes" we were running late and had to rush there and grandma let me and momma out while she and the boys parked the car. As we walked up they were having the last call for the trick contest. Which was the main event we came to attend. Thankfully we got there in the nick of time.

This little cutie had her turn but was still doing tricks for the crowd and getting lots of attention.

Guess who won 2nd place for her perfect twirling? Me, Miss Mollie Jo, Can you believe it? We almost didn't make it and I end up winning 2nd place and got a big bag full of goodies! Grandma and the boys were walking up just in time to hear my name announced as the 2nd place winner!

After all the contest excitement we went to the water buckets to get a drink and met some cool dogs.

Uncle Puppy got a little too personal with one tiny pup.

Then I saw him....Mr. Red Ruff. I love the large full figured boys! He even shook my paw!

Bobo was a bit unsure of him holding his paw.

Uncle Puppy said no to paw holding and just sniffed his mouth.

We saw lots of other fun doggies pawticipating in the groovy pawty.

This little terrier was just giggling at all the fun going on around her! BOL

Then we found the wheel of fortune booth.

Grandma and Uncle Puppy went first. They landed on a level prize 1.

When momma, Bobo and I spun and won a level 3 prize.

Grandma picked a pink tennis ball for me and momma picked a GIANT Cesar Milan water bowl for all of us to share.

Whew big dogs!

With fancy footwork!

OOOH OOH OOH collars!

What pretty boston terriers and a labradude.

WHOA! They lunged and growled at Uncle Puppy. Not proper Woof Stock behavior.

After the GREAT BOSTON indecent we tried to have Uncle Puppy pose next to this stuffed poodle but he wasn't having it.

Everyone loved us and our groovy collars, bandannas, and leashes!

After we saw all the fun stuff outside we headed inside the store. Why does Bobo have to tangle me up?

After we got untnagled we made our way through the crowded store to find the tag machine to see if they had any new tags.

We saw a big Doberman...

...a tiny furry Dachshund...

...chocolate brown brothers...

...and Uncle Puppy spotted....

....A pretty pitty!

Then Uncle Puppy spotted the rawhide bar!

He also spotted some...

...adoptable doggies...The one in pink looked kinda like Candy from I need a Sugar Fix.

Once we were done inside we came back to the car to cool off. I got to finally play with my new ball!

On the way home we stopped a local scrapbooking store but it had gone out of business....Darn! But in the parking lot we found this little fella. We named him Tommy. We watched him as the ran through the parking lot and made sure he made it to the grassy area. For a turtle he was running pretty quick! BOL

Once Uncle Puppy got in the car he was out like a light and slept most of the way home.

When he did wake up we gave him a rawhide...it works just like a pacifier! BOL BOL

Then he jumped in the backseat with grandma and us and did this move...

Can you believe Petco has a line of charms that are $1? Well they do and they just released the new autumn charms with leaves on them. I also got a pretty collar with leaves on it to match! Again this collar was labeled as a cat collar but I think it was a mistake. I just want to be clear...I don't shop in the cat section. Petco has mislabeled this stuff. Ok?

Whew that was a super duper pawty and we had a blast!!!

GROOVY Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo