Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Telling Tuesday

Pupdate! Over the weekend a great family applied to adopt our Miss Lolly Pop. They are co-workers of grandma's and furry nice people. Yesterday afternoon momma gave them a follow up call and they said that she is adjusting well and they just love her! They had been pupsitting their grandmothers chihuahua, Daisy, and even have decided to keep Daisy a little longer as they are just having the best time together!

We sure do miss her but know that she has a great home and wish Jason, Brittany, Lolly Pop and cousin Daisy all the best!

We have one funny photo from her stay here we wanted to share. When momma would be in the sewing room she would let Lolly Pop play and sleep in this drawer. Isn't that too cute?

In Uncle Puppy news, there are no more sights like this. Thank Dog!!!

When he came up last night to porch sit I was checking his toofers and noticed that he had lost a few more!

Here is an inside look at his mouth. Our little Uncle is growing up!
*Note: he really didn't like this!*

In Bobo news....We put out a big quilt for Uncle Puppy every week so that he has a cool place to nap. Well looks like Bobo is enjoying the quilt too. It is in the direct path of the A/C window units so that corner gets lotsa cool air.

In Me news...Well I am enjoying my sock monkey bed and thats about it. With this heat a girl can't do much! The news person said that today and tomorrow we are going to be in a Heat Warning with temps at 105 and "feels like" temps at 115. Thats no good!

**WARM** Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo


  1. Glad to hear that everyone is doing pawsome..you try to stay cool in that hot heat..

    Chi Kisses,

  2. Wow that is great that Lolly Pop found a good home - what a cutie she is - how could you not fall in love with her!

    And we understand why Uncle Puppy hated having his teeth shown - we hate when anyone trys to check out our teeth and that is usually quick - getting a picture must have felt like forever for him!

    And it is great that you and Bobo both have wonderful places to nap - a sock monkey bed must be so fun! And it is great that Bobo uses the quilt when Uncle Puppy isn't.

    We hope that things cool off there soon - we are hot here but not anywhere close to that hot - we will try to send a bit of cool your way!

  3. Oik about yer heat! Maybe yer momma could put an ice water bottle under yer new bed?

    That is so good news about Miss Pop. She is kyoot.

    And well about Uncle Puppy and his toofers, we had to bigify the pic to see what he was chewin on and OIK OIK R EYES R EYES! Can't you warn a puppy before you put somethin like that on!!!

    We can never unsee that Bobo and Meja

  4. Sounds like things are going great! BTW, that quilt is very pretty!

  5. Great news about Lolly but we bet you all miss the sweet little one. We feel your pain with the heat, we have the same forecast here. There is a breeze but it is just blowing very hot air around. We don't see it ending any time soon either. Thanks dogness for a/c.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. That sure is a lot of news, but the best part was little lolly finding a home! She is going to make her new humans very happy.


  7. I am happy for Lolly Pop too!
    Toofies! I don't like to show mine neither!
    115? Now you know how I feel here during the summer!
    Better stay inside cool and comfy!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  8. What, exactly, was Uncle Puppy chewing on? We're dying to know!

    Glad to hear that Lolly Pop found a good home!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby

  9. Yay awesome that Lolly Pop got such a great home!! Yay for Uncle Puppy loosing puppy teeth. Stay cool over there!!!

  10. Yay for Lolly Pop! It's sounds like she found her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was! I'm soooo happy for her!

    Wiggle & Wags,


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