Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Telling Tuesday: Olivia Edition

Well we have been away for a few days because we got a new foster sister. Her name is Olivia and she is a maltese. Momma got an email from her previous owner, Saturday night, stating that she started working again and couldn't handle her. So of course we couldn't resist taking in this little sweetie. All we knew of her past was she had two litters of puppies and was 3 years old. Although some handy detective work on momma's part led to alot more information. Such as her date of birth 5-9-2008 which means her previous owner lied about her age. We also found out that she didn't have any of her shots since March of 09....Can you believe that?!?!?! Anyhoo...

Here is her first picture. BOL She was trying to see the camera. BOL

When she came here she had her topknot put up in a little rubber band and all the hair under it was matted. Grandma spent an hour almost brushing it out. After it stood straight up!

Olivia is very thin and when we bathed her you can see just how thin she really is. You can feel every bone in her tiny body.

Uncle Puppy doesn't understand why he can't play with her.

Once she got her hair dried she looked very pretty!

Yesterday we took her to see Dr. Flanary.

We see she has gotten lots more donations for the Furry Furiends Food Drive.

Dr. Flanary put up the turkeys we got for donating the green papers

Here is Bobo's Turkey

and my Turkey!

Would you look at that tree! Its quite stunning!

Alright now we came here to get Olivia checked out and up to date on her vaccinations. I came along to make sure everything was handled properly.

She didn't like having her fecel done and having her bloods stolen...but it had to be done. We are happy to report not intestinal wormies and no heartwormies!

Dr. Flanary did make note that she is underweight, has a horrible ear infection and has stage 2 periodontal disease. So once she gains about 1/2 a pound she will go in for her spay and much needed dental. With the way this girl eats that should be no problem. She acts like she wasn't getting enough to eat..but being 3.8 pounds and she should be about 5 pounds I guess she didn't get enough to eat.

The reason we have been away so long is the previous owner contacted us 12 hours after surrendering her and told momma that she wanted her back cause she loved her and made a mistake. Well momma and grandma feel that she was just saying that to get her back cause she got an offer of money or something. She is a purebred dog that is unspayed and in these here parts they can fetch quite a pretty penny. So we had been putting her off and working up a neglect case and once we presented the Dr. Flanary's findings to her she backed off quite quick. So anyhoo now that that is over and she is officially a Mollie's Foundation doggie she will get everything she needs.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Pee Ess: I heard grandma and momma talking about her becoming an official country dog...Hmmm...instead of foster sister she would be my adopted sister. Hmmm...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now It's REALLY Beggining to Look a lot like Christmas

This morning while we were finishing up decorating the Christmas tree we got a knock on the door. Guess who it was....Mrs. Donna the mail lady bringing me a package. It was from my Gift exchange pal Mack the Pug. Thank you Mack!

Well I thought I could make it till December 25 to open my gift but I made all the way to 22 whole minutes. Then I had to dig in!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too Mack!

EEEK a TICK!! That will be fun to de-stuff!

OOOH Bumble from Rudolph.

Tiny Tennisballs...The Best!

Sojos Duck and Cherry dog treats.



I did share these with my sister Mollie Jo. Look at those big buggy eyes!

Mack you are a wonderful furiend and wonderful shopper! Thank you so much! We will mailing out our gifts soon.

Wags and Licks,

Now I, Mollie Jo, would like to share our Christmas decor. We would have posted this yesterday but we were in a bit of a turkey educed nap. BOL

Look at all the boxes.

Doggie ornaments and the Doggy Bed for under the tree.

The bone Garland.

We also got out our ceramic doggie tree. See there we are on the right. BOL

There is even a Puddles on the tree.

Here is my stocking...

...Bobo Stocking and our singing stocking!

Here is the dog bed filled with Grandma's Ginger bread and reindeer stuffies.

Under the tree we have all the pretty boxes and tiny stuffies.

Some of the doggies from the Hallmark Puppy Love Collection.

Some Poodle ornaments!

Here is the ornament Mack's Momma sent us. We can't wait to get a pic printed at Walgreens to put in it!

We also have a Mitch and Maggie Ornament and a Puddles Ornament!

Here is a complete view of the tree.

We just love to decorate and give and receive presents! It is truly the most wonderful time of year!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We want to wish all our our furry furiends a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope your day was filled with lotsa turkey, ham, foodables, and naps! Here is how our Thanksgiving day went.

We awoke to grandma cooking some great foodables.

We watched the parade on tv and saw Snoopy!

And the whole peanuts gang wasn't too far behind him.

Grandma made home made hot chocolate, velveeta cheese dip, sausage balls, and deviled eggs!

After cooking we headed up to Doggy Nanny and Uncle Puppy's house. He had to inspect all that came in the house!

Doggy Nanny has been cooking too...We wish we had smell-o-blogging.

The deviled eggs got a little messy on the way up but they were nommy...Momma let us have a tiny lick of the yellow stuff!

There was stuffing, gravy, sweet potatos, rolls, and....

The best of all TURKEY!!!!

Uncle Puppy just sat and watched...He was truely amazed!!!

After we had turkey and the hoomans finished their food it was chocolate pie time....

Uncle Puppy had his eye on it too...

Since Chocolate is "bad" for dogs we didn't get any but the hoomans sure think it was something special.

After all the foodables we got in our comfy chairs, watched it rain, and took long naps!

We have so many things to be thankful fur! Our momma, our grandma, a home to call our own, blogging furiends, toys, and enough foodables to keep us full all year long!

We hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and we are now looking forward to Christmas! We will have a post full of Christmas decorations tomorrow.

No we are not going to attend Black Friday...We love to shop, as you know, but not that much to be up at 3 am. We shall sleep in and have left over thanksgiving foodables!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo