Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sharing Sunday

Yesterday morning we woke up super early, had baths and left the house to drive down to Clarksville, TN. We stopped by our favorite pet supply store. We love to shop there cause they have excellent selection and don't support puppy mills by selling puppies. However we were concerned by the ad on their sign. Dog Wash...What the HECK! We had to have a bath already I sure hope momma doesn't get any silly ideas!

First thing we saw was the kitty litter and it was on sale. Our wonderful vet Dr. Flanary and her staff are hosting a Furry Furiends Food Drive. They are accepting monatery donations, kitty litter, cat food and doggie food to donate to a wonderful rescue in our area. So we filled up the buggy with tons of kitty litter to take to the clinic next Saturday. Not sure what you do with kitty litter but I guess a cat will know.

I headed straight for the toy asile next. OOOH They had some goodies!

I checked out the rawhide and beef stick display!
OOOH That is no stuffed kitty cat...Thats a real live cat. She was real furiendly and let momma pet her.

EEEK! Better hurry past here!

And you all know that we couldn't come in a pet store without checking out the tag machine.

Checking out the rawhide display one more time...

Oh it made my tail and tongue go CRAZY!

Since I smelled so good (I used the new grapefruit shampoo I won in STL) everyone wanted to pet my most fluffy self.

Leaving a little pee-mail for the pups of TN to sniff.

Then we were headed a few miles up the road for our final destination...

Oh wait everyone say Hi to Charlie the bull. We see him every time we come to Clarksville, TN.

Once we got back in KY we took exit 89 for Oak Grove to meet some furry special furries!

The pilot center is the usual meeting spot for Oak Grove.

We saw an official Oak Grove Police man.

Here are our passengers:

Leo the Kitty Cat...They called him a Seal Point. He was sure pretty and a wonderful passenger. He never made a peep...or meow. He is a shelter cat from GA going to IL rescue.

Don't you just love those blue eyes! So dreamy...That is if you like kitty cats!

This is Cole a pomeranian from a GA shelter and going to rescue in IL. He was furry scared and was a little drooley. He stopped soon after he got in the car with us. He felt safe I guess.

Then we have Dutch...OH Dutch...He came from foster care in Oak Gove, KY and is going to rescue in IL.

Watching the country side go by...

Cole was all snugly in a big blanket beside momma.

Dutch from time to time would break out in song for no reason at all. Grandma called it yodeling...I call it screaming!

Even with the "songs" he was a sweet and loving little boy and will make a fantastic addition to any family.

Another pic of cutie Cole being adorable.

Dutch found a nice sitting spot....Behind momma's neck. BOL Silly boy!

Just incase you forgot what we, the country poodles, look like here is a pic of us snoozing.

Little Dutch with grandma!

We got caught in the rain about 30 minutes from Paducah...Thank dog it didn't slow us down much.

Look at all of Cole's floofyness. We couldn't get a pic of his floofy tail but it was so floofy that it would make Khyra proud!

This is the first transport we have done in a LONG time and boy was it fun!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. Busy, busy day! I think it's amazing how you find it easy to be so well-behaved in a store like that. That's something to be proud of. My dog Shiva wants to be good, I know, but with all that tempation she finds it very difficult.

    Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. We love shopping too! The aisle of stuffie toys is our favorite.
    What a nice bunch of furry pals in your transport. Hope they find their furever homes soon.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. That was some FINE Shopping and the TRANSPORT explains the thingy I was confused about. I couldn't understand why you didn't go to Clarksville... one the LAST TRAIN??? Now I know. heheheehe

  4. Good shopping day! and aren't you guys wonderful for doing a transport for all those sweet puppies looking for forever homes. I wish we could take them all!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. What a handsome transport group you had!!! You two are, of course, your usual gorgeous selves!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  6. Wow, that's a cool dog store you went too! Mom still won't take me because I tend to yell at the other dogs. It's so cool you bought the kitty litter for the kitties and were part of a transport. That is so country poodles rock!


  7. Pawesome job to ALL of WOO!

    Pomeranians are in the floofy tail dog furamily! The Doggy Nanny has had two of them!

    Thanks fur sharing your transport!


  8. You guys sure had a busy day! Leo was very handsome for a cat. You guys had a great car full of passengers this time around. Is it cold where you are yet? It is freezing here!

  9. How wonderful! What an adventure for you all, plus you got to help some homeless furiends! So many rescues, so little time, eh? That was one full car - good thing you are all pretty small!!

    Brutus & Carmen


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