Wednesday, November 3, 2010

St. Louis Pet Expo Pt. 3/6

Saturday October 30th, 2010 was the big day. It was the day of the St. Louis Pet Expo. This was our first pet expo ever.

It was hard deciding what dress to wear.

When I finally decided what to wear we sat down at the laptop and checked the blogs.

I looked over the floor plan of the Convention center so I would know where everything would be.

Then I packed the diaper bag.

The parking lot was packed and we had to park like 4736 miles away.


Were glad you hosted!

That would be us...We had to turn in our entry release forms and contest forms.

Free poop bags for all pups.

We even had our own special potty area. Very cool!

This is the front hall.

Here is a pic from the main room. Thanks to the St. Louis Pet Expo staff for allowing me to snag from their FB page.

This boxer was part of the staff.

Me and Brother just scoping our the next booth.

This was the Banfield Vet booth. They had lotsa cool toys to look at.

This is an author and the star (which is an Airedale) of the books. We got to sniff him. Fun times!

There was an agility course set up and it was a blast to watch.

Now in a previous post we showed you and anti-Prop B poster we saw now we got the real story behind it.

Prop B is legislation that regulates breeders and makes life for the dogs in breeding kennels better. Some of the big points are:
-Adequate food
-Fresh clean (free of debris, algae) water supply
-Adequate rest between breedings (A female can't be bread more than 2 times in an 18 month span)
-Adequate living quarters with no wire bottom cages. (allows for inside and outside runs with room to walk, turn, lay down, and stretch his/her legs without touching the walls of the enclosure)
-Adequate exercise
This all may seem like basic dog ownership stuff but ya what most places will have a lot of cleaning up and changes to make and we hope this Prop B will be enforced and be a positive thing in breeding dogs lives in Missouri (known as the puppy mill capital of the US).

We showed our support and purchased a few Anti-puppy mill gear.

We totally love this painting!

Here is my "Stop Puppy Mills" button. I will proudly display it on my stroller!

Every booth had lots of goodies for sale. Toys, treats and dog food.

Every booth we came too was giving out free treats...That was the best part!

WOW Whole cookies!

The Scottie Rescue had bandanna's for sale....

...and key chains. We bought one!

Lola and Penelope's had lots of cute clothes and dog beds.

Sassy Classy Collars got most of my business though. They had a HUGE selection and great stuff!!!

Can you believe there are personal pet nannies. I thought we were the only ones. Thats the benefit of living in a big city tons of great services. We even saw a poop scoop service. Hmm...

We got to see an actual mobile grooming van.

Momma even got to go inside.

The groomers were giving dog dying demos. This poor girl looks like she fell right out of a pumpkin. BOL

This one didn't look so happy...Her cage has a sign that says she is a biter...I would bite too if someone dyed me pink and blue!

This girl found her comfy spot on a raised pet bed.

Usually we are the only pups with strollers...well not this time. We saw probably 10-12 dog strollers.

When momma and I saw this one we looked at each other and giggled....This is exactly what we had been looking for. Momma calls it a bucket style stoller.

We stopped the owner and asked where she got it and she said ebay...So as soon as we got home we found them and oh boy mine should be here any day now. YEA!!!

Now when I saw this most large tooshie I couldn't imagine what breed of dog it would be...

OH MY DOG! Its a bunny rabbit!

We even saw a few "home made" dog strollers.

EEEK! A kitty on a leash in a home made stroller. I think I have seen every thing now!

In addition to all the free treats I got lots of petting.

Since this is a human convention center and to avoid getting pet stains on their fancy carpets they put plastic down. BOL It made Bobo kinda hop/walk. Thank dog for strollers or he would have gone crazy. See he doesn't like plastic he is furry scared of it.

The rest of the pics are of the lovely dogs we saw at the expo.

We got to see, sniff and pet a Mango doppleganger in the furs...Can you believe it?!?!?!

He even had his nails painted. Wouldn't the original Mango look nice with his nails painted...Oh say purple manly blue?

In our opinion the Expo rocked!!! We will share the speaker and talent show with you Friday. Then on Saturday the BIG costume contest.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie JO & Bobo

Pee Ess: I have a furry special post tomorrow! Its about a furry important anniversary!


  1. That's so cool that all dogs got to go to the Expo! We have an expo here, butt they don't let outside dogs in :( so last time we went, Mom and Auntie had to sneak me and Sally Jean in, hee hee!

    Chi kisses, Lilibell

  2. That was an amazing adventure. I think that was a mini bull mastiff doggie from the look of his / her face. I love the painted nails. Good thing you had your wheels with you. I think you would have been worn out from all that walking. And what's up with the rabbit sneaking in?


  3. What a pawesome assortment of furry furiends!

    Thanks SO much fur sharing!


  4. Wow! You guys are super lucky! What a fun time!
    We can't stop laughing at the poor doggie with candycorn painted toenails!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. That looks PAWSOME!!! All those treats and doggies!!! Quite the proliferation of 'doodles there, we are pleased to note! That looks like serious amounts of fun! We can't wait to see more!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  6. Yes! The Expo rocks!
    I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and your descriptions!
    Kisses and hugs


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