Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New Work Week

 A three day break was very nice.  I enjoyed my time off but was eager to get back to the kennels and check on my dogs!
 On Monday...

This is Harley and Davidson.  Davidson is the yorkie and he is 9 mos old.  He was such a happy happy boy!

 This is "Little" Bella.

Abby and Leah.  I actually created a new client in the computer and booked their boarding stay.  Another first!!!

This is "Big" Bella.  A sweet pointer girl.  I bathed her and she was super unhappy about that.  She shook so hard she had tummy troubles.  Poor thing!

I was excited to see my boy after the long weekend!  What is he looking at?

Ah Ha he has his eyes on the pair of yorkie ladies Molly and Lucy! These girls were in the boarding kennels awaiting their time to get dental cleanings.  Since gaining a new doctor the ISO room is too full with surgery patients that they get to visit my part of the clinic.

Sparky, another dental patient.

A return visitor from spring break.  Mr. Max the cavalier.  He is so sweet and eats like a champion!  He also brought his own water.  Very cool!

Mr. MoJo is still with us (scheduled to go home today!).  He is just relaxing!

On Tuesday...

I had Tucker (dental) and his sister Madylyn (upset tummy) with me.  I tried numerous times to get a urine sample in the little blue bucket from Madylyn but she wasnt having it.  She kept looking at me with those sad eyes like "Why you follow me around with that scary blue bucket?"

Oh my!  Look who is boarding and unhappy!  Yep Doggy Nanny went on a trip to TX so the pups couldn't stay home alone!  So my mom (Mollie and Bobo's Grandma) brought them to the clinic as she left for work.  They were not happy to say the least and Mollie resorted to biting my fingers again to show her unhappy-ness.  

Since I work full days on Tuesdays I get an hour lunch and so it was nice to have them along with me.  

Momma can't you wait to take my picture my hair is a mess and I am all hot n bothered from staying in that tiny cage!

And if that wasn't enough grandma forgot leashes, had to carry us into the clinic and look how momma took us to lunch!  Yes it is a slip lead half tooshie attached to our collars.  This is just shameful!  

Ok Mollie you will be ok!

Anyhoo.  Back in the kennels Ganghis was very talkative and ready to go home after his neuter.  He is a former pet sitting client.  He is also the poppa to the basset puppies I posted about a few weeks ago.  He will no longer be a poppa basset!  

Even hours after his dental Tucker was still laid out froggy doggy style in his kennel.

And lookie there one week after her "SHAVE DOWN" Willamina is back for a one night stay and she brought...

Her brother Bubba Gump!

 And on Wednesday...

Same boarders but we had a few dental patients join us.  This is Toots on top and Ozzy on bottom.
 Last but not least we had a drop off bath doggie named Madison.  She was a struggle to get into the tub but she didn't mind her bath.  

In non doggie news we have new bath aprons.  Pretty pink and purple!

Not pictured is Poodles (clementine, Feebee, and Angel), Chis (Zeb, Jake, and Stella), Cats (Bitty Kitty and scrat), Chocolate Boston terrier (Forgot her name but she didn't like to walk on a leash and flopped on her back when I took her out to potty and wouldn't move!), Jack russels (Tink HW+, Another male who posed for pretend surgery pics for the website and had a growth on his paw removed), Rat Terrier (Lady), Cattle Dog (Crazy Max), Dachshund (Newman who had a bunch of teeth taken out).

Recently Dr. Flanary has made me official picture taker of the new staff members for the clinic website.  So now everyone fears me coming to them.  LOL

Unwillingly I had my pictures taken but plan to have them redone as I was a hot mess after working the kennels and that is NO time to take pictures.  

That is all from the kennels for now.  Friday I will have more tails to tell.  Then its Mollie Bobo time!  Lots of fun adventures were had by the poodles!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Conclusion to the 11 Day Stretch : We Shave a Cat

Sure a week late but its been hard to find time to blog.  So this post is about last Thursday, the final day of my 11 day stretch!

I love coming in and finding new cuties in the kennels.  I work Mon, Wed, Thurs 8-1 and Tuesday 8-5 and alternate weekends with the other kennel girl so after I leave dogs are brought in for boarding.  Its always a surprise to see what I will have on any given morning. 

 Bongo and Benji

 As always my little Spunky Monkey man! Last week he was still feeling under the weather and hurting due to aurthor-i-tis.

Lucy came with her Persian cat brother Fonzie for a one night stay.

MoJo came in to board.  He is a Shiba Inu.  He takes his medicine like a good boy!!!

This is Abby.  She was seriously thrilled to be there.  Although this was before I gave her a bath but still.  Look at that smile!

And of course Willamina!  She was going home that afternoon so I, being kennel girl, had to...

...give her a...


But Willamina is a good girl and didn't mind it so much!  What she did mind was being shaved.  Yes you heard me...We had to shave her furry spots.  She is a Sphynx that grew hair and her owner wanted it gone.  So Morgan, Dr. Flanary shaved her while I held her.  I put her back in her cage and she yelled at me for that!  Oh Willamina!  

I am going to pre post some stuff from this week so I don't get behind again and Friday I plan to prepost a weeks worth of Mollie and Bobo posts.  They are starting to get very mad that I only post about my kennel dogs/cats.

So that is all for now!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 11 Day Stretch

With Hilary needing a Friday+Weekend off to have her wisdom teeth removed that put me on track to have an 11 day stretch with no full days off!  I worried that it would be too hard but just having completed my 10th day today I survived and it wasn't too bad!  Plus my pay check will have extra time on it so that is great!

Peter Patches went with me on one of my full 8 hour days so he didn't have to stay home by himself all day.  

 He was not to happy bout that!

Spunky had some extra yard time due to less borders.

I am in love with this boy.  He is just so sweet.  He runs around and wags that tail!  ;)

Here are some of the furry friends I have been working with.

We had a day border...Peppy.  He had to have blood work and his owner let him hang out with us while she went grocery shopping.

Borders Maddy and Ally.

Borders Dagon and Mya

 And as always Spunky Monkey man!

 After his day at the clinic Peter Patches was wore out.  He barked all day when I would walk away from him.  He didn't want me to forget he was still there!

 I had a couple of repeat borders.  This is Sampson the Dachshund.

And Pete the Cavalier.  This one was special as I saw him walk in with his poppa, I got to check him in, take care of him during his entire stay, and when his poppa came back I got to reunite them.  So its totally cool to see the entire process!!!

 I am extra vigilant to keep my cubby's clean and organized.

 Sybila the Weim.  She was the sweetest dog ever!  So obedient too! 

She loved to be petted and oh did she love to eat!

I have had quite a few labs come in for drop off procedures and baths.  (not pictured is Buddy the lab).  This is Lacy Lou.  

Look in enough cages and you never know what you will find with a vet who does ALL animals!  Here we have a lovely bunny!

And the teeny tiny orphan kitty who drew the lucky card and got the BIG OL' cage!!!!  Speaking of kitties we have had quite a few come in.  I love getting to play with them.  They are all just so happy.  I have mastered the kitty hold for blood draws.  (Karate CHOP!)

And then to my horror I came in one morning to find Spunky sitting in his messy cage.  He had very bad tummy troubles!   I cleaned him up and took him to the treatment area.

 They drew blood (heartworm neg thankfully), and gave him fluids.  Now I had to have Morgan stick him as I have recently found out "I CANNOT POKE A FRIEND".  LOL  But I did hold him and rock him while he was getting fluids.  He enjoyed that part of it!

He was put on a prescription diet but didn't eat breakfast. 

 However he did eat for me midday and at dinner.  

To make him more comfortable I took off his collar and put it with his other pawsessions.

I really though something bad was happening thankfully it wasn't serious and with staying on the can food he has seemed to make a full recovery.  But now he is crying when being picked up.  He has author-i-tis so we have to be careful when taking him out.  But he is still happy when I come to see him even if he no longer dances for me. :(

 Maddy and Ally out this weekend in the yard.

Dagon earned my trust and got to go leash free.

I asked Mya if she could do her "Little Boston Dance" for me...

She did!  This is the best pic I could get of it.  She was moving about so quickly!

EEK a cat!  This is Tuffy.  He is a BIG cat but is pure love.  When he arrived he was put in a kennel beside Willamina (Sphynx cat who is boarding due to a bad ear infection). Well in the cat kennels they have a small door in between the 2 separate kennels so that if you like you can let them have access to only one kennel or to both sides and have a larger kennel.  Well Tuffy opened the door and went into Willamina's kennel and boy did she have mental fits about that and for 2 whole day she was screaming because someone got into her kennel!

This wild man is Mo Jo the maltese.  He was singing a lovely tune to me while I worked!

In a not so pleasent surprise we found a few wild mice roaming the clinic.  We have set traps in secure locations to catch them and already caught one.  But the others are quite sneaky and pull the food off without getting caught!

Some of the hospital or surgery dogs have been quite fun this week.  I have gotten to work with pugs, an english springer spaniel (who somehow managed to escape his kennel), an Airedale (Brady), countless kitties (including a bangle who attacked one of our vet techs and Marley the black long hair kitten), beagles, and some mixed breeds.  This pibble girl tore out her stitches and had to have a return visit.  She left in the cone of shame!

And remember this handsome fella?  Yep its my first taxi client Mac.  He spent the night with us because he had a dental and tumor removal.  He is so sweet.

And again we have empty kennels.   When I left today we had no boarders (only Spunky) and some hospital and drop off dogs in the large kennels. 

 As I left I said bye to my boy.  He didn't get up but thats ok.  He needs his rest and I am glad we don't have many borders cause now its quieter in the kennels for him.  I often run through the kennels putting up laundry or getting a dog and he is snoozing away.  I made him a big comfy bed out of an old dog bed mattress and a cover out of a soft towel to make him feel better.  I think he likes it! 

See you tomorrow lil boy!

Not pictured is Presley (HW+ blood hound), countless kitties (including the long hair black cat Marley), Max (great Pyrenees), Colby (shepard mix), Boonie (coonhound), Mookie (pom with the cute hair cut), Rosie (chihuahua),

Other than the dogs I am cleaning the clinic, doing call backs (to check on pets that have been recently seen), opening/invoicing/putting away the deliveries, and talking farmville with Melissa! 

One experience I will never forget is I have seen parvo for the first time.  A man came rushing in with a dog over his shoulder limp as a noodle and when he put him on the floor to fill out paperwork the dog bled out.  Since I am the kennel girl I got the job of cleaning it up.  In the end the dog was too far gone and was euthanized.  It was hard to watch this whole thing go down but it drives home the point that you should always vaccinate your pets.  I cant imagine the pain this one year old puppy went through!  Rest in peace puppy!

We also added a new vet tech, Liz, and a new vet, Dr. Rushing, to the clinic.  So at our weekly meeting we got a full tour of the clinic led by none other than Dr. Flanary!

So a lot can happen in 11 days....well 10 days...Still got one more to go!  Then its a 3 day weekend for me.  I have lots of pictures in my camera of Mollie, Bobo, Uncle and Patches and hopefully I will get them up this weekend.  But I make no promises.  LOL