Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jiggles Get Neutered and We Go to the Store

 It was the big day for our little  friend.

When momma arrived she took him to the back, signed the papers and they gave him a premed shot.  Within 10 minutes he was dreamy eyed!!! 

 Then they took into the surgery room.  He was the first surgery of the day.  Night night Jiggles!

As Jiggles went into his deep sleep momma peaked in at the little goat Dr Flanary had brought in to bottle feed.  Isn't he sweet?!?!

Before she left work she checked in on Mr Jiggles and he was fully awake but sad that he couldn't go home.

Note from the momma:  It was neat to be there from start to finish for a surgery.

 When momma got off work she came home, dressed us and we headed out again.  Wait momma we furgot Buttercup!!!!

 First stop was the oil place.

Nothing much going on here so we napped.

Then we headed to Petsmart.  There is much fun to be had here!!!!

We played on the beds...

...Met an Uncle Puppy look-a-like....

...bought shampoo....WAIT just a minute now we don't need this.  Especially this big of a bottle!  You would have to give us a bath 2 times a day for like ever to use all this!!!!!!

Moving right along I did spot something that would be cool a pet drinking fountain.  I might just add this to me Christmas list.  You know its only 7 months till the big guy comes again!!!!

Momma and I came to an agreement that if I let her buy the shampoo and bathe me I could get a cat-ee-peeler toy.  

 On the way out Bobo wanted to see the fishies.

 And I wanted to watch the birdies. 

 Come on Bobo lets go!

 Alright Mollie I was watching the fishies play chase!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo & Buttercup

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorial Day to Remember

 WOW What a wonderful weekend!!!! Hope each of you had a wonderful weekend as well.

Our weekend started off by mixing up our first batch of Kong Easy Freeze Treats.  We went with the Sweet Potato and Maple flavor.

 To make them easier to hold for the humans we put sticks in a few of them and put them in the deep freeze!

Momma brought home a new dog.  His name is Smokie.  He is one cool doggie dude!  He is boarding with us since his humans were away for the weekend.  Jiggles was unimpressed.  He thinks he is the baby now!

Smokie and Uncle Puppy hit it off right away.

Jiggles asking momma why she brought a new doggie into his home.  Excuse me?!?!?!?

Smokie says Hi blogger puppies!

Then he and Uncle Puppy laid in the grass for some  snoopervising.  And thats when Uncle Puppy started thinking...

....its HOT HOT HOT!

As he closed his eyes he began to day dream about pools, frozen sweet potato pops, and toys!

Ta Da!  We made his dream into a reality.  With the temps getting into the 90's we thought this was the perfect way to spend the weekend....Pool Side! I got out my Yellow Polka Dot Bikini....

 ...Bobo got out his muscle shirt and...

...Buttercup invited Smokie's stuffie buddy Froggy to come along and be her sunning buddy!

Uncle was adorable in his pink sun visor

As for Smokie he went for a more natural approach.  Just his furs!

We all drew straws on who to dunk and well Jiggles got the short straw.  He looks funny with them skinny wet legs!

After pictures we all just sat pool side soaking up the sun.

Jiggle sneak-ted up behind me and tried to dunk me.  I told him NO NO Jiggles!  And look at his guilty accomplice hiding behind the umbrella. 

 I asked momma if it was time to pull the Kong Easy Freeze treats out yet.

He's not back there again is he?

 Anyhoo back to the treats.  Yum!  These are pawsome!!!!!

Momma caught some nice tongue action in this photo!

Once the treats were all gone the tray made for a fun pool toy.

 Then it was porch sitting time while momma cleaned up the pool stuff.

 Uncle Tried to get up a game of bitey face but it was too hot for that.

Oh those boys!!!

Sunday afternoon Smokies Aunt came to pick him up.  We were sad to see him go but glad he is going home to see his momma.  Smokie your welcome here any time!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and the Boys

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Walkie

There is nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than take a walkie...

...Lets Go!

As we crossed the bridge and headed into the corner we noticed something...

....We went up into the yard to take a closer look....

....Its a tractor!  Its Farmer Bo!

After our tractor side trip we continued our walk.

Did you go on a walkie today?

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo