Monday, May 21, 2012

Momma Visits the Flanary Keepsake Farm

 Dr. Flanary thought that since momma has worked so hard on the "goat" work that she deserved a visit to the farm to see the animals in the furs.  However momma left us at home (still not sure why but anyhoo) so we shall let her tell of her visit.

 Driving up the long winding driveway you first come to the pond.  What a beautiful sight!

 Take a left at the pond and you come to the big barn.

The barn itself is a work of art!  Decorated with all sorts of farm signs.

 I loved the piggy silhouettes!

Next to the barn is the chicken coop.  With a "Fresh Eggs" sign on the front.

 A momma Chicken with her babies.

On the other side of the barn was the Rabbits.  This is little Johnny 2Q.

In the cage next to him was 2 little escapees!  A farm helper found them running loose and put them in here for safe keeping till Dr. Flanary could put them back with their momma.

On the way to the pig pens I spotted this duck.  Dr. Flanary said he is quite the trouble maker.  He uses the bathroom in the water dishes.  Shameful duck!!!!

This is George and Scillion.  Two male Potbellied pigs.

After seeing the pigs Dr. Flanary took me to the cow pasture.

This is the farm dog Polly and she led the way through the cow pasture!

Then we came back to the barn for the main attraction!  GOATS!  Nigerian Dwarf Goats to be exact.  These cuties are in the nursery pen.

Here is my pick of the litter for 2012.  He had beautiful face markings and a neat body pattern.  I even got to hold him and he fell asleep in my arms.  AWWWW!

Next we headed to the kid pen.  All the older goat kids were here waiting by the door.....

...and they were off! 

They have their own play yard and jungle gym!  Way cool!

We stood for almost an hour watching the kids play.  They would head butt each other and knock each other off the jungle gym. 

Blossom a 1 year old joined the little kids on the jungle gym and even ventured out onto the slide.

Following her lead more kids ventured onto the slide but no one would go down.

 Then I got to see some of the does.  The one in the back is Saddle. The one in the front is Quesadilla.



This is Dolly B Bossy

This is Daisy.  She is a Blue-eyed Doe. 

 They were all so friendly!

I had a blast!  A big THANK YOU goes to Dr. Flanary for allowing me to visit!!!

(the momma)


  1. That looks like it was a fun trip. Thanks for sharing.


  2. OMD what a great farm and LOTS of cutesy animals!! Looks like your Mama had a blast!!


  3. How fun! That was so funny seeing the kids going down the slide
    Benny & Lily

  4. WOW!! that is one sool and busy farm!! Bet it was fun.


  5. All the animals were so cute, but the baby goats are AdOrAbLe!!!


  6. They are so cute!

    Your momma was very lucky to meet them all!



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