Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pet Taxi Service and Jiggles Gets Vaccinated

 It seems as though momma has been leaving us more often.  This post has no poodles in it so if you would like to skip it we understand.  However if you want to see how Jiggles vet visit went you might want to continue reading.  And since I didn't get to go I shall let momma take it from here.

*runs off to think about things*
-Mollie Jo

Thank you Mollie.
 The Pet Taxi service via Flanary Vet Clinic has had its first client to book.  It was for a male Golden Retriever named Mac.  His momma doesn't drive and its hard for her to get him to the vet so she called the Taxi Service.  When I arrived at Mrs. McGuire's home she invited me in and I was greeted with lots of golden love.  We discussed the things Mac needed done such as a bath, thyroid test and medications refilled.  As he got leashed he literally took the lead (he really did have the leash firmly in him mouth) and headed for the car.  And off to the vet we went.  He was a great passenger.

 That afternoon by coincidence Mr. Jiggles had his appointment for vaccinations.

He was very unsure about being back at this place.

He stood on the bench next to me and didn't move.

He pleaded with me to run away from here and take him home.

Everytime I tried to take his picture in the office he would look away.  Silly boy!

 He didn't even flinch when they were administered. Such a brave boy!

 I then loaded Mr. Jiggles into the crate and...

 ...Went back to get Mac as he was done with all of his procedures.  Both boys were panting I guess going to the vet is hard work!

 I double checked to make sure all the medications Mrs. McGuire ordered were there and we were good.  I delivered Mac back home safely and he was happy to see his mom.  I just LOVE this service!!!! 

While I was at the clinic Dr. Flanary had something for me.....

To be safe I need to carry muzzles with me for the Taxi Service.  Mollie was my willing but none too happy model.  She was rewarded for her work.  

(the momma)


  1. That looks like a fun job. Poor Mollie, at least it was only for demonstration purposes. You would never really need a muzzle.


  2. Uh thinks Mollie is not too happy with her Mama...;-)


  3. I'm glad that you have a great day with your mom and your vet! You look gorgeous on your shots even though your wearing a muzzle :D Stay healthy

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