Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Working Wednesdays

Seems as though an odd trend is emerging with momma and the Vet clinic.  Every Wednesday and the occasional Friday mommas goes up to work there.  Its worries me.  What if the 2 days of working turns into 5 days of working like grandma?  What will become of us?!?!?!?! Any hoo here are some pictures momma took at work to show us what she does.

This is Dr. Flanary's Goat book.  Momma fills out registration papers, checks emails, sends e-minders for those "kids" ready to go to their new homes, advertises the unsold "kids", and makes sure all papers are in order.  She said this book keeps her quite busy!

Momma also types documents, makes coupons, and puts together special brochures for events.

Dr. Flanary even put momma in charge of a new Pet Sitting Service and Pet Taxi service. With her being in charge of these new services Dr. Flanary made her an employee.  So as a new employee momma had to file tax documents and read the manual of the clinic.

To help momma get through what must be incredibly boring stuff (momma claims its fun but I can understand that) she has little Fancy, Dr. Flanary's newest pack member to keep her company and occasionally nibble at her toes.

Maddie the oldest pack member.  Momma says she comes up to her and will nose bump her arm and ask for pets!!!!  She thinks that is just "Too adorable".  I call it cheating!

And Polly the middle child and "Farm Dog" who just LOVES her couch. 

There is even the occasional goat!

So most Wednesdays that is where momma is spending her time.  Its an unhealthy habit to be at the vet so darn much!!!!  She needs to be home with me!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Pee Ess: We have a secret...But you will have to wait till tomorrow to read out him...Oops I've said too much!


  1. So sorry you've been abandoned like that. It's just not right. Time for a protest march to begin.

  2. Well there is one advantage to her working...more money means more pretty clothes, collars, tags, etc. That sure looks like a fun place to work.


  3. I, Higgins, agree 100% that your mom is cheating on you when she pets the other dogs!! BOL!!!!

    My mom thinks that your moms new job is awesowe and that she would love to work with the vet...what is up with our moms??



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