Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trotting Thursday


The sky looked beautiful all week and we had lovely little clouds dotting the sky in pretty patterns.

On our morning walks it's been a little chilly so some times we had to break out the sweaters/t-shirts. Bobo thought the pavement was too cold to walk on so rode with grandma for a while.

OOH Look at Uncle Puppy! He went and explored the empty corn filed and got muddy.

I love to stop and smell the flowers. I like these they were a pretty shade of lilac!

Then we came to the Donkey's. The funerest (another Mollieism) part of our walkies. They are so used to us coming by that they now come a runnin when we get close. This is the first time one has stuck her head out to sniff us.

Uppy wanted to get close but was scared. See his back legs pushing him forward a little bit at a time?!?!?

Awww touching noses!


As we looked up the hill we saw two new horses.

They must have been well socialized cause when we called them they came a runnin! We don't know what their names are so we gave them nicknames. The black horse is Midnight and the Brown horse is Brownie.

Look at all that hay. They must be staying here through the winter.

They came right up to me and sniffed my head and I sniffed back.

Brownie tried to talk Bobo into coming up for a sniffin!

Bobo hopped on grandma's scooter and said "NO NO They ain't sniffin my head!". Silly Boy

Brownie's response....Horse Raspberries to Bobo!

Midnight thought all this was too funny! Two country poodles riding on scooters.

Then we came to the Huskhuahua's house. Oh boy he was louder than ever althought we think he is just jelly that we get to go on walkies and rides with momma and grandma!

After we turned onto a small side street called Jarvis Ln. we hopped off the scooters, got a drink, and went on exploring. You will never believe what I found. A frying pan!

We also found some pretty blackberries.

As we headed back towards home can you guess who was waiting for us? Yep its Huskahuahua! He sits at the end of his drive way just waiting for us to return.

When we were almost home we got to see the Rosin Horses. Lately it seems when we are out on our walks they are in the back field so we haven't seen them much.

They even were a bit jealous of who got sniffs and pets first. BOL Silly horse there is enough heads to sniff and pets from momma to go around.

Upon arriving home we always check the mail and we got a special treat in the box today. Our official AKC CGC dog tags arrived. One the front side they feature the AKC CGC logo and on the reverse they have our names and phone number. Now when we are out and about everyone will know we are extra special doggies. Can't wait for our next walk to show our friends!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo ~CGC~

Monday, September 27, 2010

Farmer Mollie and Bo

This weekend we had one of those rare fun free Sundays where all you feel like doing is going on a nice long walk. And the nice 55 degree weather with a nice crisp cool breeze made it an easy decision. So we headed out!

There were lots of smells to sniff...

...Lots of old friends to say Hello to.

Then we saw this BIG OL' tractor. We only intended to sniff it....but....

...Momma had other ideas....Of course a Photo shoot. She said we looked like farmers straight out of Farmville. Thats her favorite FB game.

It even had a cool big machine thing on the back.

Hey I can even fit on the rim of the tires. BOL They are soooo big!

BOL Me too!!!

Wags and Licks,
Farmers Mollie Jo & Bobo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Embrodery, Donations, and Shopping on Saturday

Well after much procrastination momma finally got her self off of Facebook and got into the sewing room and I got in my bed to watch her work.

She was designing a doggy bag to donate as a prize for the Barktoberfest at the Marshall County Humane Society. She flipped through her book of designs and finally found one she thought was perfect.

While the embroidery machine was doing its thing I helped momma pick out the designs for our Howl-o-ween bags.

Here is what the final draft of the front of my bag will look like. Please excuse my mommas poor drawing...She a sewer not an artist. BOL

Here is the finished Doggy Bag.

We filled it with goodies too. Whoever wins this at Barktoberfest will be one lucky pup!

Momma posted on Facebook one day about he Humane Society needing donations and Dr. Flanary was generous enough to donate 6 gift certificates!

Do we have the best vet or what?

After picking up the gift certificates from Dr. Flanary we headed out to the Humane Society to turn in all of our donations. Look at the sign they have out front!

We headed inside with our donations and the staff was super happy to get them. They told us that if we were ready we could preregister for the contests at the Barktoberfest. So now we are all ready to PAWTY!

Meeting room filled with lots of Barktoberfest items!

Jackson the HS mascot kitty.

The new 2011 calendars

Then we came to the room with the puppy dogs in it and momma passed us off to grandma and went inside.

She saw tiny sweet doggies...

...and cute matching doggies.

Then she got to meet Layla and her litter of pups. She has been following their progress on FB ever since Layla was brought in heavily pregnant to the HS by some good Samaritans. Layla is a great dog and a great momma!

Then momma came across this little girl. She was just sitting in the back of her kennel very scared. Momma saw the "Not for Adoption" sign on her kennel door and asked one of the staff what her story was. This little girl is one of two Yorkies the HS took in from a Hording situation in TN. Both dogs were adopted quickly but this girls family backed out and that is when one of the staff knew it was ment to be for her to adopt her. She was going home today. Momma knew this little girl was special from the moment she laid eyes on her and if she hadn't already been adopted we would have had a new sister for sure. Her name is Cocoa.

Momma was back in the doggy kennels for like 836565819 hours and we worried she would never come out.

After we left the HS grandma was needing to pick up some crafty things to decorate her desk at work for Howl-o-ween so we stopped by Hobby Lobby.

You will never believe what we saw in the parking lot.

Thats right its a watermelon. Strange huh?!?!?

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo