Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordy Wordy Wednesday

Whew we had a super Saturday! We hope you will forgive us as momma has been too busy to help us read or write the blogs. She keeps mumbling something about homework and not enough time in the day to do things. Anyhoo! We would like to warn you this is VERY pic heavy and long we will understand if you would like to come back later to read our post. Also if you are ready to read we will allow you to take a quick pee break and a chance to get a snack.

ok...Everyone with us now? Lets begin!
Through our good friend and fellow blogger Patience we found out that our local kennel club was hosting their annual Dog Fair. Momma was so gracious to give up her annual scrapbooking day to allow us to attend!
Early Saturday morning we went to fetch Uncle Puppy.

As per usual he had to see everyone in the car and give cockapoo kisses before we could get settled and on the road.

Once we arrived we hit the Yard Sale first.

Look at all the goodies!

We got quite a few deals but the best of all was this cute little sundress that just happen to be my size.

Can you guess who else came? Why yes it is Lane (former foster dog). He got a new pop-up crate for the living room.

His boy thought it would be cool to get Lane this hamster ball....Lane and his momma both disagreed to the idea.

OOOH They had a professional photographer. The doxies on her poster are her personal pets. Aren't they cute?

Bobo and I went first to show the younger pups how its done. The photographer said we were very good doggies.

Uncle Puppy went for his first sitting.

He did some great poses and sat like a pro.

Momma couldn't get a good pic of Lane as the assistant kept getting in the way of her shot. Oh well we should have the prints soon and we will share.

We saw lots of cool breeds such as poodles...


...and Uncle Puppy got to meet the goldendoodle. We couldn't get over how much they looked alike. They were even close in age only about 2 weeks apart.

Uncle Puppy was a little shocked by the goldendoodles most large size. Yet soon they became friends and played while the adults talked.

I got to meet this sweet lil dachshund girlie and her mom.

We also saw a Pit Bull...

....matching labs...

...a golden retriever and a pretty white dog with a fluffy tail.

Then we met a little Whippet named Mia.

Lane and Mia really hit it off and hugged.

She also took a fancy to Uncle Puppy. We think she liked his super fluffy coat.

We met a Sheltie....

...a Chihuahua...

...and a pretty black and gray Schnauzer.

Then I saw a sign for the CGC test. I had seen that Frankie passed her CGC test earlier this year so I thought well I will give it a try.

This German Shorthair pointer was practicing for the CGC test.

She has sit/stay down!

We watched her go first in the ring to see how the whole test would go.

She PASSED!!!!!

She asked Lane's momma to take a celebratory picture with her mom.

Then it was my time in the ring. Here I am doing my sit/stay on the 20 ft. lead.

I was unshaken by the distraction techniques they threw my way. That stuffie was one of my distractions, it rolled around on the floor giggling. My other distraction was a clipboard "dropping". I glanced at it but remained calm.

Part of the CGC test is reaction to other dogs. Well they had two police dogs in the ring with us.

When we had to do the walk by I got a tad nervous by the big ol' police dog. I wasn't sure if he had read of my tennis ball fiasco so I went behind momma but he seemed friendly so I sniffed him and then high tailed it to the next portion of the test.

Grandma was so impressed that she decided Bobo should try his paw at this test. He was a tad nervous with everyone watching him and had a little trouble with the sit but did good overall.

So I guess you may be wondering did we pass? Well as a matter of fact yes we both passed and now are certified Canine Good Citizens according to the PKC (Paducah Kennel Club). Momma said she is so proud of us both.

After the celebrations we headed outside to watch the agility demos. Lane and Uncle Puppy were mesmerized by the quick and agile doggies on the course.

This is a fun sport to watch and to see it in the fur was even better.

You will never believe who we saw next! Its fellow bloggers Patience and Sam I Am. She even came up to us cause she recognized us from our blog and said hello. It was super fun to meet a blogger!

Would you look at this. Somehow Bobo was lured out of his stroller and look who took his place. Yes it is Lane! He looks mighty comfy in there. Momma even made mention that she might let Lane have the stroller. Hmm..I hope she isn't considering selling Bobo that would be a shame. At least me and my buggy are safe.

Next we saw this beautiful poodle girl....

...Her Frenchie brother...

Uncle Puppy was quite fascinated with the Frenchie and got as close as he could.

We aren't sure if this was a dog, monkey, or stuffed animal but she was sure cute!

Their momma is a groomer and was doing the grooming demo. Momma was very happy to be able to see a pro at work grooming a lovely poodle. Momma even got the compliment that our grooming looked nice and asked where we were groomed at. She was quite surprised to learn that momma grooms us and is self taught.

There were flyball demos.

This is a real police car with a K-9 unit in the back.

He also brought a real bite suit.

The police officer told us all about the K-9 units and showed us his partner Trace the explosive dog.

There was even a police dog demo. That dog sure looks ready to bite if that criminal gets out of hand!

After all the demos were over they announced that anyone who would like to try their paw at agility could go over to the course.

We let Uncle Puppy go first.

Not bad for a pup of 6 months.

GO Uncle GO!

There goes Bobo.

Low Jump...

...and through the tire!

Then I wanted to show those boys how its done! Tail up and look ahead for the next obstacle.

Over the low jump with ease!

When traveling to each obstacle remember your fancy paws!!!

Whew through the hoop!

All too soon we had done all the events at the fair and headed to grandmas work place for the picnic. Ooh I can smell the foodables from inside the car!

Look at all the festivities.

Grandma made the quilt for them to raffle off and the money donated is going to Project Hope a local no-kill rescue.

We got to meet Erika.

Her sister Anna.

Deeter Dog! He is such a cutie! He gave me a pic of him last easter. I think he likes me...BOL

Then we hit the bake sale! Whew look at those goodies!!!!!

Then we split a hamburger with mom and listened to the music and watched all the people go by. It was a fun time!

We heard that the bake sale and quilt raffle brought in $285 in donations. That will buy lots of kibbles for the homeless doggies.

We would like to say thank you to Angie and Patience for letting us snag a few photos for this post.

Well there you have it our super Saturday. Hope no one fell asleep. Well if you did sweet dreams!

We shall resume regular posts now that momma has gotten her first tests of the semester out of the way. Thank Dog!

Winded Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Note from the momma: I am so proud of my girl. She had a terrible start to her life and to make the changes she has made in the 7 years we have had her and at almost 10 years old get her CGC is amazing. It really goes to show you that with training, love and quite a few treats one "useless" dog can turn into a loved and obedient doggie! I am so proud of my Mollie JO!!!


  1. WOW~!!! What a fantastical day! You were all so busy and a B~I~G ConCats on passing your CGC test!!! That is AWESOME!!! Happy to hear lots of green papers were raised from your Granma's quilt for the shelter!!!

  2. WOWEEE!! What a busy weekend you guys had! Looks like soooo much fun! Thanks for sharing it with us all!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  3. Wowzers!!!! What a wonderful post - you all should be off the hook for a month now:) Congrats on your CGC - awesome. And we loved the new dress. YOu all pose so well for the photographers, we all need lessons. So much fun things to see and do - that was one wonderful day.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Great good job on yer CGC's! Also on going through the agilities course. Hay didya see Dennis at flyball, he's a baller you know?

    And we thinks that animal in the cage you couldn't decide was an ewok.

    Bobo and Meja

  5. Super Pawsome post...I can't believe you both passed the CGC...we were just all happy to get our Puppy Education/Basic Obedience classes passed (some of us had an easier time than others). We wish we had more doggy events like you do to attend. That looks super fun! Wesa enjoy reading your bloggy!
    Your puggy furiends,
    The Slimmer Puggums

  6. Wow what a day - we can't believe you did so much in just one Saturday! And wow, we are so proud of you for passing your CGC test - that is so awesome! We know how tough that test is from a few of the other dog blogs, so you must both be very good at listening (and your mom did a great job of teaching you!) It looks like such a fun day, and oh, it was so sweet of your mom to give up her scrapbooking event so you could go!

  7. OH what fun you all had!!! Mollie Jo is the best!


  9. What a pawesome post!

    So many khool things!

    Khongrats on your CGC!

    How nice woo got to meet blog pals!

    SOOOOOO many beaWOOtiful and handsome pups!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom thinks one of the K9 pups was a Belgian - do woo know if it was?

  10. Congratulations, Mollie Jo!
    That is pawesome!
    You must be very proud of your achievement!
    Thanks for sharing all those pictures of your pawesome weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. What an incredible day you all had! Congratulations on your CGC's!
    We love the picture of Uncle Puppy posing for the photographer! The camera loves him!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Of course we knew you guys would pass the CGC test....way to go you two!!

    We furry much enjoyed hearing about and seeing your action packed day and we're looking forward to seeing your professional pictures!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell


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