Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unbelievable Photo

Remember this post about the charms momma received. Well a photo has surfaced on the internet that is quite disturbing....We have enlarged the photo to show every detail. Have a look for your self.
He crashed and exited the photo so quick we didn't even see him. These squirrels are getting to good we must have a meeting of OWAS and see what can be done. And look at that he is covering my princess tag...GRRR GRRR BARK GRRR!!!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Friday, October 30, 2009

Penny is no longer & Missy has arrived!

Ok...Don't panic nothing has happend to Penny other than a name change. Grandma didn't think that the name Penny fit her so she renamed her Missy.
Have a Happy Halloween!

Penny's trip to the vet

Yesterday was Penny's day to go visit our vet Dr. Flanary.
No body was here today so we had the entire waiting room to our selves.

This looks like a good seat...We can see out the window.

Penny giving the clinic the good ol' sniff. She also got weight checked while we waited to be called back and she is 17.4 pounds.

Then they called her back....No doctor we are only here for moral support.

They put her on the big table. She looks so sad.

They checked her for a microchip. No chip was found. They gave her a rabies shot and a 7-way shot. Dr. Flanary estimated that Penny is about 4-5 years old. She also noted that her teeth had alot of tartar build up and need to be cleaned. She is going to give momma a 1/2 off discount off a toofer cleaning.

Then they took her to the back for a heartworm test.
Penny is Heart worm NEGATIVE!!!!! One blue dot is the control to know the test is working. A second blue dot would have indicated a postive. She is now on preventative so she doesn't get any of those nasty worms.

Here is Pennys collar with her brand new blue badge of health.

On the way home we stopped by the store. We got to people watch....Oh Fun!

We also saw a cute white woofie.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A quick and easy True Colors Thursday!!!

I am hijacking this blog for today...Why should Mollie and Bobo have all the fun? As I hear it Thursdays are celebrated with an event called True Colors Thrusday and hosted by a blogger named Blue. So I shall play along this time. This weeks color is BLACK and what around this house is black...Hmmmm....


This is one of my favorite spots to lounge. Please excuse my one glowing eye.
There is also a big black halloween tree. It's decorated with all things halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

While we were were off the blogoshpere

While momma was at "college" registering for her spring classes (her last 4 then she graduates with her associates in computer networking) we had a great time at daycare. Our Doggy Nanny takes wonderful care of us and is very generous with the treats. On her way home instead of hitting the highway she decided to take a detour through the down town area.

The first place she saw was the building where her grand father (Doggy Nanny's husband) used to have his glass shop. It was called American Glass & Mirror. Momma worked there from the age of 4-11 before and after school and on school holidays. She did errands, made coffee and general secetary duties. He has since downsized and works from home.

Here is a view of Broadway...If you stay on this road you will end up at the river.

Here is tiny baby tree who is all decked out with red leaves.

Momma turned on to road that leads home...She found some pretty trees. Alot of them have broken and bare tops from the horrible ice store that hit the area back in January.

This tiny yellow tree is so bright and pretty among the deep reds and greens.

Then momma arrived to pick us up. Thats Doggy Nanny giving me a goodbye pat on the side. Penny had a great time and was ready to go home.
Here is a good picture of Penny. She is the same length as Bobo from the base of her neck to the base of her tail. The strange part is she has legs that are the same length as mine. I am a good 3 inches shorter than Bobo.

Shh...Don't tell grandma but after momma went to "college" she stopped by her favorite store (and mine too) Tuesday Morning. She found some great bargins. We are trying to cut back on spending so that we can keep fostering and transporting but when you find good bargins you just can pass them by.

She found a pink loofa dog "inspired" toy for $1.99. She also found a pink t-shirt for $3.99 that says "Party Animal" and that sure does describe me! I love going to parties.

Modeling my shirt.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Off the Blogosphere

Just for today...Momma has to go to "college" to register for spring classes. We (including Penny) will be going to spend the day with Doggy Nanny at Doggie Daycare. See you later!

Wordless Wednesday

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo
& Penny

Pee Ess: To find our Petfinder page click here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

For the past 2 weeks momma has been coordinating a transport for a beagle named Jumps. She was adopted in Boston, MA and need the help of some volunteers to get her there. Friday momma got the last leg filled and headed to the shelter to spring!

She was happy to be getting out!
When momma got her home we gave her the good ol' two country poodle sniff.

She checked out the yard from the screened in back porch of Doggy Nanny's house.

Then she came to our house and fell in love with the soft beds we have and took some toys to play with. She was scared of the flash that the camera made in the house so momma didn't take any more pictures.

Saturday Jumps headed out on her 2 day and 18 leg journey to meet her family. Her family reports that she is the perfect addition to their family and a joy to have.
Saturday night we headed to lowes to pick up some screws. Momma had to fix up a porta crib momma got from craigslist.
As we were heading inside we saw a dark figure scurry across the parking lot. Momma ran to the car and got a leash so she could catch the little creature. She finally lassoed her and got her into the light. She is a black poodle mix (possibly cocker) dog with no collar or tags. Momma went inside and asked everyone she saw if they knew who this dog belonged to...The manager said that she had been there all day. So we took her home with us. She is a sweet girl and has won grandma's heart!

We named her Penny Puppy!

Yesterday momma called all of the shelters and vet clinics in the area but no one has reported any small black dogs as lost. So momma is going to keep looking for her owners but if no one comes for her she will be put up for adoption.
She has a lot of fear issues to work out such as riding in the car...brooms...and new people. She will be going to the vet Saturday to get her blue badge of health (rabies vacc tag).

Last night momma also made a ton of cookies. Some to keep and some to for grandma to take to work and share. We got to test taste the peanut butter ones and boy were they good. We just have to take moms word for it that the chocolate oatmeal ones were to die for!!!

Momma has decided to make official the rescue work she does by putting her rescue on Petfinder. It is called Mollie's Foundation cause after she got me she learned about dog rescue and how to help dogs that come from abusive situations. Now she has a place to list the dogs she has that are looking for a new home. (such as Charlie and Jack)

Also we heard that Moo and Baa arrived in PA. Head over to Chloe's blog to read of their adventures.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Special Packages

On Monday momma found two packages in the mail.

One had this little box in it. She knew this one could only have come from one person...Chelle...Her rescue buddy in SC. Chelle and her family went to Walt Disney World and looked for tags as she knew momma was a collector.

She found tons of Princess tags for me...the true princess!

She also found alot of cute other Disney themed tags.

I had a hard time choosing but ended up modeling Snow White...Now I have to find 7 dwarfs...Where would you find 7 dwarfs? Bobo chose to model Nemo...Cause they have alot in common. Nemo has one big fin and one little fin. Bobo has one big ear and one little crinkled ear.

Mid modeling we spotted something outside...Oh its a squirrel! GRRRRR...Bark...Bark....GRRRR! Took care of that.

In the second package was 7 petsmart grooming charms. These are some of the ones from 2008. A grooming manager from Orlando FL was kind enough to send them to momma free of charge.

The grooming manager also sent this flag charm....How nice! We will have to send him a meaty bone for his kindness.

Enough pictures ... Lets snack!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Coco from Love Being a Chihuahua showed us some love this this pretty award! Thanks Coco!!!

For this award we will "Show some love to:"



-Sally Ann and Mack

-Candy and Captin

-Lexus and Bently (They and their pawrents were in a car accident and really need some love)


This award was up for the taking on Martha and Bailey's blog so we snatched it. BOL It features our friend Princess.

Last but certianly not least Martha and Bailey gave this award to all of their faithful followers...Which we are...We visit their blog all the time! Thanks Martha and Bailey!!!

Also a tail wag must go to the Purplehatter who designed each of the awards featured here!

~ Next on Dog Eared Blog...We got 2 packages in the mail on Monday...We shall reveal what the contents are tomorrow!

Petsmart Howl-O-Ween Party 2009

Tuesday October 20, 2009 Petsmart hosted their yearly Howl-O-Ween party from 6pm to 8pm. We have attended since 2005.

When we arrived we headed to the picture center. This little pink butterfly was just about to have her picture taken.

While waiting in line I saw ***HER***
She was a 6 month old female poodle. She takes a wonderful picture doesn't she?

Then it was our turn to have our picture taken. Mollie was a flapper and I was a purple monkey.

After pictures we got a nummy nummy bag. It had a ton of coupons and treats inside.

What is that I spot over there...

It's a banana dog!

There was a princess...
...A pirate...

...and a BIG bear!

We also spotted a pink fairy...

...a football star...

A big bumble bee...

...a tiny bumble bee...
...and a very long bumble bee. This bumble bee we knew personally. She is the pup of grandma's coworker. Oh and her name is Molly (with a Y)...Small world huh?!? She posed with her bi-ped siblings.

~~~~~~Now here is where things get interesting~~~~~~

After pictures we all headed to the training area for the judging. Each dog or cat (there were two cats...momma couldn't get their pictures) entered the training ring and had their chance to show their stuff.

Here is Mollie Jo dancing and showing off the tassels on her dress.
There were alot great entries and alot of unique costumes. Guess who won 1st prize. Miss Mollie Jo as the flapper girl! She won a $20 gift card. Momma and grandma were so excited and shocked! Because ever since we have been going the same dog (a min pin named Elvis) wins every year and in the same costume (dressed as Elvis Presley).

This is Mollie's Victory shot with her goodie bag and gift card.
Everyone came up shook her paw and congratulated her on her win. They loved her outfit and painted nails.
Mollie was a good sport and congratulated the second place winner. Elvis the min pin dressed as Frankenstein (not dressed as Elvis Presley this year).

Once all the festivities were over she did a quick wardrobe change and went shopping with her gift card. She picked out a new Halloween loofa dog toy and 2 ziggies (one for her and one for me)....isn't that sweet of her?
Then...I got to meet ***HER***. I gave her the good ol' sniff and fell madly in love. As things turned out they wanted to see Mollie and congratulate her on her win and were off again before I could get her name and pee mail. So little girl if you are out there and reading my blog...please contact me. I feel we were meant to be together.
So after the party we went to Doggy Nanny's house to tell her of the nights events. I told the stories and Mollie played with her new loofa dog toy.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Pee Ess: Signed copies of Mollie the flapper will be available on Friday for $4 each or 2 for $6.