Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy Catchup Pt. 1

Alright we will not keep our doggie and kitty friends in suspence any longer so again we shall begin in the beggining. BOL


Thursday evening our Doggy Nanny said that she had made cherry pie and invited us up for a slice. We even took Moo and Baa up with us. We didn't care for the cherries but the crust was great!

After Cherry pie we watched some AFV with Moo and Baa. We had some good giggles!

So Momma was trolling the transport websites she follows on Friday afternoon and saw a post for a min pin named Buttons needing help. He was 5 months and stuck in a shelter and had a rescue that was willing to take him. He was at a shelter that was close to our house called Project Hope. So we called the rescue and they said we would have to pick him up Saturday afternoon and overnight him so that on Sunday we could take him to meet the rescue volunteer. So off we were to Project hope. When we picked him up he was one rowdy pup and he had to travel home in a crate as we didn't know what he would do in a car. He screamed the entire way home and we were worried that even after we got home he might keep screaming. To our surprise when they put him on a flexi leash and let him run off his energy he calmed down and started playing with us.

What fancy footwork!

So all was well in the world again. Our doggy nanny came over to our house when she saw us playing in the yard with a new doggy. She though he was cute....but not as cute as us of course! She said that they were having a cook out and that everyone was invited...including Buttons.

So we headed up to Doggy Nanny's house for the cookout. Bobo stayed inside (he is scared of the popping noise the fire makes) but I was following out everyone in and out of the house just waiting for a nummy nummy. Buttons stayed with my momma and seemed to have a good time even though he had to be leashed. Moo and Baa also attended the cook out.

Buttons finally met Moo and Baa.

Moo and Baa relaxing by the fire.

Buttons met Smokey(Doggy Nanny's cat).

After cooking the hot dogs we went inside to prepare them. Moo and Baa went first since they are the guests.

After the cookout the hoomans went inside and chatted for hours. When we got home we all sacked out in our own beds! Sunday morning we all got up early and headed out towards Central City where we going to meet the rescue. So another happy tail!


Tuesday momma went with grandma to register for classes. She is going back to college to be a teacher.


Momma also got some great news about one of the dogs at her local shelter (she goes every week and takes pictures and sends them to all of her rescue friends). A beagle named Jumps has an adoptive family in MA. So she is putting her transport coordinating skills to good use to get her from KY to MA. There are 18 legs in all...She is a little worried that it may not fill. She does have 6/18 legs filled though.


So I think we will leave things here....And as they say on TV...

To Be Continued...

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Side note: Moo and Baa will be heading out Friday afternoon after my birthday party. Watch for the post...if you want to host! (We came up with that all on our own...pretty catchy huh?)


  1. What a GRRR-8 post today!!! Buttons is super kyute and glad he was furry well behaved!!! Moo and Baa looked like they had a heck of a time at the cookout! And chillaxing by the fire is the bestest!!!

  2. Wow, that sounds like it was a great time you had with Buttons. He is so tiny - you can really see how small you all are when you see him next to Smokey (and then him next to you too). It looks like that was a great bbq - and it looks like Moo and Baa are having a great time while they are on their travel break!

  3. That sure is a lot of Good, Good News! Good story about Buttons and hope the trip to MA goes well. What a fun pie and cookout adventure. You all are busy - and good luck to mom going back to college to be a teacher. That's great news, too.

  4. Woot thanks for pulling Buttons. He is adorable and will find a great furever home soon Im sure.

    Great cookout and wonderful to see all the pics!!!

  5. That was a great post guys and we were so very happy to read about Buttons and the good day he had with you all. We hope he finds a great forever home - doesn't every dog deserve that!
    We don't ask for much after all.
    Well done to your mom going back to college, she will have to work and study hard and you guys will need to help.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  6. We know a little min-pin. They are really rowdy little guys. You will be most fatigued from his visit.


  7. Thanks for helping Buttons. We hope he finds his furever home soon.


  8. What a lot of wonderful news! You guys are all awesome. Buttons is one lucky little pup!

  9. What a great post filled with lots and lots of khool stuff!

    He looks like a khutie - khongrats to YOUR mom fur doing her part!

    I'm glad woo showed him such a great time too!


  10. Thats a fabulous post today.. I loved watching the transport puppy, he was probably just scared in the car.. Glad he setted down,.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. Great work with Buttons! And I'm glad to see that Moo and Baa are included in all the socializing! (Mom's jealous of the fire - she'd like to join them in the seat by the fire!)

    *kissey face*

  12. Holy Moo, that was a great post, packed full of information. My Mommy makes cherry pie too and I love it also, especially the crust. Buttons is really cute, but of course not as cute as you. It is so nice of your Mommy to help doggies like she does. She is a nice Mommy.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

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