Thursday, October 29, 2009

While we were were off the blogoshpere

While momma was at "college" registering for her spring classes (her last 4 then she graduates with her associates in computer networking) we had a great time at daycare. Our Doggy Nanny takes wonderful care of us and is very generous with the treats. On her way home instead of hitting the highway she decided to take a detour through the down town area.

The first place she saw was the building where her grand father (Doggy Nanny's husband) used to have his glass shop. It was called American Glass & Mirror. Momma worked there from the age of 4-11 before and after school and on school holidays. She did errands, made coffee and general secetary duties. He has since downsized and works from home.

Here is a view of Broadway...If you stay on this road you will end up at the river.

Here is tiny baby tree who is all decked out with red leaves.

Momma turned on to road that leads home...She found some pretty trees. Alot of them have broken and bare tops from the horrible ice store that hit the area back in January.

This tiny yellow tree is so bright and pretty among the deep reds and greens.

Then momma arrived to pick us up. Thats Doggy Nanny giving me a goodbye pat on the side. Penny had a great time and was ready to go home.
Here is a good picture of Penny. She is the same length as Bobo from the base of her neck to the base of her tail. The strange part is she has legs that are the same length as mine. I am a good 3 inches shorter than Bobo.

Shh...Don't tell grandma but after momma went to "college" she stopped by her favorite store (and mine too) Tuesday Morning. She found some great bargins. We are trying to cut back on spending so that we can keep fostering and transporting but when you find good bargins you just can pass them by.

She found a pink loofa dog "inspired" toy for $1.99. She also found a pink t-shirt for $3.99 that says "Party Animal" and that sure does describe me! I love going to parties.

Modeling my shirt.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. Love all the pics!! So nice seeing fall colors since we don't really get them here in Houston TX. And love your t-shirt!! I keep forgetting about Tuesday mornings. I'd love to get a shirt like that for my sis's maltipoo Squeaky!

  2. You guys live in a really lovely town! Lovin the pink shirt, pink is really your color!

  3. What great pressies!! Your Mama's pictures made my Mama think about the small town she grew up in, and then she smiled!!


  4. Mollie Jo you are so cute in that shirt! And it is cool to get a look at your town, and places that are important to your mom! And all the trees are so pretty too - I love the red leaves but that yellow really stood out so well!

  5. There is always something left to buy gifts for doggies, right?

    Thanks for showing us your pretty city streets. So nice to see actual trees along a busy street.


  6. Hi Mollie,

    We have one of those Tues. Morning stores near us and mom finds some good buys there too.

    I knew you'd all have a great time at the Nanny's.



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