Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crazy Catchup Pt. 2

Welcome back to our Crazy Catchup Pt. 2


We watched the 10 o'clock news on Thursday and they said that we would get some pretty nasty weather overnight. We live in a mobil home and the wind and thunder are really loud here. Grandma decided that we would go to the hotel so that we could get a good nights sleep. Boy are we glad she did....cause there was rotation seen in the sky about 10 miles from our house. No actual tornados came out of the storm but still thats pretty scary.

The next morning when we woke up in the hotel momma was finally able to get on the internet to check her email. She saw an email that read "Emergency transport for Cattle Dog named Bojangles". We emailed the coordinator and agreed to drive him from Paducah, KY to Marion, IL on Friday night. An hour later momma recieved an email that read "3 tiny puppies need overnight and Paducah to Marion leg for Sunday". So momma couldn't resist 3 tiny puppies and signed up to do the overnight and the Sunday leg. To save gas momma asked the rescues if she would keep Bojangles until Sunday and just make one trip to Marion, IL and they didn't mind.

On the way home from the hotel we stopped by Petsmart for us a snack and Sonic for momma some breakfast.

Ohh thinking of bacon. It was still raining that morning so Moo and Baa rode in momma's purse so they wouldn't get wet.

What to order....

Moo and Baa by the iced tea.


Friday evening we picked up Bojangles. He had traveled from MS to KY so he was pretty tired.

But still had enough energy to play with MY toys.

Bojangles loved the porch...He could see the entire yard!

He did have a pretty face.
Saturday morning the rescuer with the 3 tiny puppies called momma and asked if there would be any way we could take 4 more tiny puppies overnight as they would be going to the same rescue. Well momma thought if 3 puppies are fun.....7 would be even more fun. The rescuer thanked my mom so much as the 4 were going to be euthanized in a matter of minutes if we couldn't. That made momma cry! It just broke her heart to think they euthanize puppies.


Saturday at 10 the Marshall County animal shelter was hosting a Halloween photo event and we really wanted to go...because who doesn't like having their picture made? We had a big delimma....and it's name was Bojangles. Momma didn't think that far ahead when she agreed to keep him over the weekend...but never fear....Doggy Nanny is here and agreed that he could come up and spend time with her. So we did get to go the HS and get our pictures took! I have to say we both looked AMAZING! We gave a big donation and thanked them for hosting a wonderful photo shoot.

Bobo the Bumble Bee

Mollie Jo the clown
Together in our halloween shirts and tags

When we got home Doggy Nanny said Bojangles was no trouble at all. Just a little big for her....She is used to us hand held poodles after all. So we loaded up the car and headed home. After a busy morning we decided to take a nap with grandma before the puppies arrived.

Momma was curious about Bojangles past so she emailed the rescue in MS and asked about his story and he was a stray that was taken to Animal Control where the rescue found him. He had heartworms and had to endure alot of painful treatments. The rescue wanted him to have a new start in a breed specific rescue where they know the breed and find families that understand them. That is why he was headed up to IL from MS.

So Saturday evening around 8pm the puppy van finally rolled into Paducah and momma and grandma got to meet the little ones. There were 3 pitbull puppies, 3 shepard puppies, and 1 teeny tiny lone min pin puppy. They left us at day care and Bojangles at home. On the way home one of the pups made an ... how to put it nicely... an "accident" in the carrier. So when they got home they had to wash puppies and clean cages. But once everyone was clean and smelling good they started oohing and ahhing and snapping pictures. They stayed up till midnight playing with the puppies.
The Pit Bull mix litter. Momma says she thinks they are Pit bull / Boxer mix pups.

Onyx (male) (momma's favorite)

Lucas (male)

Hope (female) (Grandma's favorite)

Lucas trying to escape by licking the door open. Silly puppy!

This is the teeny tiny lone min pin puppy. He didn't have a name...Momma named him Sammy.

This is a female shepard mix pup. Momma named her Sheba.

This is a male shepard pup. Momma named him Dusty.

This is a female shepard pup. Grandma named her Snickers.

This is us trying to show momma and grandma that we are unhappy that they are not oohing over us.

The next morning momma and grandma had to be up at 5am to clean puppies and cages once again. We were taken to daycare at 6 am and momma, grandma, Bojangles, and the pups were off to Marion, IL. From there Bojangles was let off at Texico, IL to the rescue and the pups were taken to Kanakee, IL. The rescue reports everyone is healthy and happy.


Once everything was said and done the rescuer emailed everyone with the back stories of each pup. All are super sad stories so I warn you now....You may need a tissue.

The the original pit bull puppies came out of a cruelty case. The birth mom was owned by a bad person who kept her outside on a chain 24/7 and didn't spay her. When they found out she was pregnant they starved her so her and her puppies would die. A neighbor was sickend by this and reported them. The shepard puppies (that would have been euthanized the morning they were rescued) were strays found out on the streets of GA. No birth mother or owner were ever found. The tiny lone min pin pup (also was to be euthanized the morning of his rescue) was found roaming the streets when all of the rain hit and flooded GA a few weeks ago.

Great News!!! The tiny lone pup was adopted by the volunteer driver who drove the last leg to the rescue. She put in an application Monday morning. Word on the rescue email is that she is thinking of nameing him Oliver. We think that fits him well! Good Luck Oliver!!!

Sunday afternoon and Monday....Momma and grandma were so tired....they napped alot....and so they wouldn't be lonely we napped with them. Now everything is back to normal. We are back to blogging and are catching up on our blogger friends.


  1. Wow! That's A LOT of puppies! You two are very tolerant. I don't think I could be that tolerant of so many little pups!

    *kissey face*

  2. Your mom is furry furry special fur her work!

    Please give her some extra poodle powered hugz&khysses!

    Tank woo fur sharing their stories too!


  3. Thank you for sharing. You both and your Mom and Grandma are very special!!!!! That was a lot of pups to handle. We like your jackets and Halloween costumes too.
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. Wow - that's some weekend you had!

  5. Your house must have been pure chaos! I can't imagine so many puppies in one place.

    You're lucky you were able to sleep in the hotel. I spent the night in one with Lady and Sophia once and the barked at EVERY noise. Nobody slept. I knew then that I could never live in an apartment building.

  6. Our mommy started leaking over those puppies before she even read their stories. THEN...

    the real leaking began. But she hugged us close for a long time so it was ok.

    Yer mommy is an angel we think.

    Bobo and Meja

  7. We are so glad you all could help Bojangles and the puppies. I hope they find their furever homes soon.


  8. Oh my goodness! So much excitement. First of all, I am so glad that you went to the hotel because those circle storms can be super bad.

    Then all those pups needing transport. Your mom is doing a very good thing even if it means you sometimes maybe feel a little lonely. I think she made it up to you. Look at your lovely Halloween outfits!


  9. I love your costumes. I have two costumes, but I don't know which one to wear. I love shopping at Petsmart with Mommy.
    Sally Ann

  10. What a PAWESOME story!!! Your mom is a furry kind ladybean with a HUGE heart!!! Mom really liked the pup you guys called Snickers! Our little sisfur bean really wants a puppy. And being kitties, we're not too sure we like this idea...

  11. Wow, such excitement over there!!!

    Your Mom and Grandma are truly angels for helping in the transport of those adorable puppies and Bojangles, kudos to them! I'm glad that the lone pup already found a home and am hoping that the rest of them find homes real soon.

    And you guys deserve special recognition for sharing your home with them, bless your little hearts!

    By the way, your picture came out awesome!!

    Kisses, Nadine

  12. We are sorry to hear about the bad weather you guys had. We hope it is better now. You both look very cute in your Howl-o-ween stuff. And all those doggies from the transport are so cute! They will find forever homes soon, we are sure.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  13. You guys are special to help out Bojangles and all the puppies. We hope they all find great forever homes real soon.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - We love the halloween photos. You two look great.

  14. Your mom is so awesome for saving those 4 puppies and helping all the rest find good homes!

    And we love your halloween costumes and outfits - you both look so great!

  15. What an awesome update!!! Thanks for housing overnight all these babies and helping them on their way to a new life!!! Love all the pics and the costumes were awesome!!!

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  17. omg thoughs three puppies look EXACTLY like the three we had one black and white one darker brown and one that a light brown with a blueish silver nose with eyes that switch colors. And all three of ours are pitbull boxer mix as well. Although my cousin has the brown one, the black one died of unknown causes and the girl with the brown and blueish silver snout is mine and my pride and joy.


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