Monday, October 19, 2009

Moo and Baa have left the building & some uninvited guests!

Well here are Moo and Baa in their magic box. We had to bid them Bon Voyage this afternoon! They are off to see our good friend Chloe Honeygo Beasley in PA.

I escorted them personally to the post office. The staff even let me sit on the counter to ensure proper procedure was taken. They even got a green badge of delivery for their magic box!

Bobo did want to go so he went to Doggy Nanny's house. I will let now allow Bobo to blog now.
Thank you Mollie. I am sure glad I didn't go the post office with Mollie and Momma...Cause...Doggy Nanny spotted a wood pecker (I named him Woody) fly into the window of the screened in back porch (Woody don't feel bad I have done it too) just before I arrived.

They took some pictures of he is upside down. His under feathers are so pretty!

Then Doggy Nanny turned him over. Is he wearing a red collar? Oh no...its just his feathers.

In this picture you can see his face...He looks a little groggy. After a while he did get up and fly to a near by tree. He seemed to be ok. Good luck Woody...Hope to see you soarin' by my house again!

Just as Mollie and Momma came up to retrieve me Smoky spotted something by the side of the house. Doggy Nanny went to investigate the situation (Smokey ran inside...Scardy Cat!) and it was a black snake. It kept sticking its tounge out at us...Don't know why.

So it has been one eventful day for us two country poodles!

Pee Ess: Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday wishes! This has been one of the best birthday weekends I have ever had! Now we will return back to Halloween mode!
Pee Ess...Take 2: Addie Bo Baddie (My nickname for the little pipsqueak) will be on the first train up north in the morning. We will drive her part way and another volunteer will drive her the rest of the way. So tomorrows post will be filled with evil.....I mean cute puppy pictures that momma took while Addie Bo Baddie was here.


  1. Y'all lead some very exciting lives. Why are you sending your special toys away? Will they come back to you?
    Sally Ann

  2. Hi my friends
    First of all here is a little late Happy Birthday wish for you.
    Secondly, you have so much excitement happening at your house- woody the woodpecker and a snakey? Wowee.. You have a real jungle!

  3. What khool furiends woo have outside!

    I'm happy to see Moo&Baa are khoming to Pawsylvania! I think they will only be two khounties away from me!


  4. WOW...Moo and Baaa are so very popular!! We know they will have a good time with Chloe! I am surprised they agreed to leave with so much excitement going on at your place!!


  5. I am so excited for Moo and Baa. A snake!! Mommy is a little freaked out, but the woodpecker is really pretty. Happy Birthday Mollie.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. That snake is HUGE! Sure glad we don't have those around my house.

    I was worried that Woody wouldn't be OK, but I guess he recovered. Good thing he had you there to turn him over and make sure nobody bothered him while he shook it off.


  7. We like your Halloween look.

    It's nice that Moo and Baa are on their way. Maybe sometime we can invite them to visit us.

    Our Mom is afraid of birds - sure glad that bird flew into your house instead of ours.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  8. your days must be so interesting with that woody and that snake....urgh i don't like snakes

    nice halloween banner and layout

  9. You guys lead such exciting lives, we never have anything as exciting as a snake and a woodpecker, but maybe that's a good thing, because I know my Mom would be standing on a chair screaming if she saw a snake, but then again, that would provide some pretty good entertainment for me and Lilibell, BOL, BOL!!

    Hope Moo and Baa have a safe trip. We unfortunately can't host them, as Lilibell's favorite toy is Blue sheep....exactly like Baa, and Baa would never make it out of our house alive, BOL!!

    Waggles, Chewy

  10. Wow what a full day. Good to hear no one got hurt.

  11. Wow that sounds like it was a very busy day - I am glad the woodpecker was ok. That is a pretty creepy snake though!

  12. A snake? We had one in our basement once and Momma freaked out! I've never seen her freak like she did that day. I hope Baa and Moo have a safe trip and are able to enjoy the ride.

  13. We know Moo and Baa will have a fantastic time. We will have to check in on them to see how they are doing.

    A snake??? Yikes, TD would just love to toss it around and up in the air.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  14. We look forward to having Moo Moo and Ba Ba visit with us. Can't wait for their arrival! Hooray!


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