Friday, October 16, 2009

A puppy, Jumping Jo, & Birthday Plans

Today is Mollie Jo's birthday and she is turning 9 years old today. Later we will be having a party at Doggy Nanny's house. Tomorrow we will share pictures from the party.

Introducing Addie or Abbie as momma calls her. She is an 8 week old red nosed pitbull mix pup. She was from the same litter as Onyx, Lucas, and Hope (the pups we had last weekend). The rescue that was going to take her backed out so she is going to be reunited with her siblings at the rescue in IL. She is half way there and will continue on Tuesday to the rescue (we asked that was the soonest a train was going out of here to the rescue).

Sitting pretty.

Her nails were kinda long and scratchy so momma tried to sand them down with the Pedi Paws. It scared her real bad and here she is barking at it. Eventually she learned it was not bad and sorta allowed them to work on her nails.

Playing ... with MY toys!!!

Still playing with MY toys.

All tired and taing a nap.
Momma wanted to show off the new pup to Doggy Nanny. So we all headed next door.
When we walked in Doggy Nanny was putting together a tiny trampoline so we were the first to try it out.
Watch me go!

Bobo was able to stand up ... but couldn't spin.
Brother leave it to the professional trampoline girl.
Oh...The apple pie is ready!

Doggy Nanny...That looks really good.


  1. That is one cutey cute puppers.

    You guys sure do good tricks on that jumpy thingy. We would be scared of that.

    !!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLIE JO !!!!!!!!!

    Bobo and Meja

  2. How khute!

    The puppy and woo two playing on the trampoline!

    I hope Mollie Jo has a furry happy birthday!!!!!!!!!


  3. Happy Birthday Mollie!! Looks like you're having a great time with the company and Doggy Nanny!


    Be careful on that jumpy thing!!

  5. Tommy melted at the picture of puppy. She keeps sayin' we need a fulltime puppy--I say we don't...yet, I like looking at pictures of them. I hope the puppy finds as forever home.


    PS. The jumpy thing looks fun!

  6. Happy Barkday to my twin doggie friend. It is nice of you to share your toys.
    Sally Ann

  7. You can keep that trampoline, thank you very much. It looks scary, but I guess bouncy dogs such as yourselves enjoy it.

    Happy Birthday to Millie Jo. I bet your party will be great.


  8. Happy Birthday Mollie Jo and may you have many many more happy birthdays.

    did you have a birthday cake? that trampoline looks fun and scary but i would still like to try it with you.

    ooooh, love you new birthday background, so pretty like you

  9. Happy 9th Birthday Mollie! You don't look a day over 5!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  10. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

    Abbie is just too cute! Love all the pics!

  11. I can't believe I missed wishing you a happy birthday on your birthday (wait, I can because I am super behind) but happy belated birthday!

    That is a super cute puppy - it is so good your mom was able to help her out!!


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