Sunday, May 19, 2013


Did you miss us?  We missed all of you!  Life has been super duper crazy.  Mommy's working full time, doing pet sitting, caring for us and well she is tired.  But we have finally found some time to blog and we are going to try and blog regularly again.  We have had quite a few adventures since we last blogged.  We will catch you up on them in time but here are some highlights from our regular routine.

Alot of our time is spent doing "goat work".  Mommy is now the Goat Queen.  She handles all the emails, deposits, updates and pick ups of these cute lil goats.  She has sold 46 of the 58 goats born this year to the Flanary Keepsake Farm. 

Me and mommy are busy learning all aspects of the clinic.

When mommy is working with the animals we have our own private suite here.  We bring our bed, blankies and treats.  Now if we could just get a TV we would be set!!!!  We're in negotiations on that.

All of the work we do at the clinic does make us furry sleepy. 

 When we are not at the clinic we can be found riding the golf cart.......

            .....or sitting on the porch. 

So now that your caught up on our regular routine we shall get back to cleaning the clinic and letting momma walk dogs. We will be back soon!

Wags & Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo and Buttercup