Monday, May 14, 2012

PAW-ty Weekend

Grandma, Bobo, Uncle Puppy and I came up to Doggy Nanny's House to plan a BIG ol' surprise pawty.  We celebrated Momma's Graduation, Aunt Lynette's birthday, Doggy Nanny's birthday and Mother's day!


We had ba-woons of every shape...



...and theme!

Cakes were decorated....


...and plentiful!

Uncle wants to know if its cake time yet!

Uncle presents come first.  However save me a piece with the little flower Aunt Lynette!

So were you all surprised?  We worked awfully hard on this!

Gifts were everywhere for birthdays, mothers day and...


Bobo and I each got momma a $10 gift card to her favorite game Farmville!

Grandma got her this cool purse.  Momma bouts fell outta her chair when she saw it. 

We even found graduation plates.  Way cool milk bones!

Then it pizza and cheese-bread time.  Both were nummers!

Ok Uncle Puppy its CAKE TIME!!!!

We broke out our doggie sporks and had cake.  Oh it was so good!

As were were finishing cake...

...I had an idea!

Ta Da!  Butter cup the graduate. 

After cake Doggy Nanny said its not a paw-ty till....

Some one dances....So I danced.  It was a real crowd pleaser!!!!

Then we all crashed.


Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo, Uncle Puppy & Buttercup


  1. What a great party and good food!! mom LOVES and WANTS that purse!! BOL


  2. All that pawrtying and Buttercup is that graduate, aaaaaaaahhhhahhh
    Benny & Lily


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