Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robins, Lasers, and Puppies! OH MY

As momma drove up to the house yesterday she found this lil birdie in the yard. Here is a movie of the baby robin.

She also got some still shots.

He is on the move!

He thinks he is hiding....BOL

That evening we went to Doggy Nanny's house cause Doggy Nanny had a new toy for Uncle Puppy....


Now I have a lil problem....ok a 6 pound problem!

He always seems to be on my tail.

I can barely outrun him.

Now momma has made me wear a teather outside...so I can't run off....The little puppy monster thinks it is just perfect!

(Momma says I have a problem of wandering off in the street and I don't need to teach the puppy this bad habits....I am only on the teather when she is outside with me so I don't get tangled up.)

See his mouth slighly open....He is holding my teather in his mouth....GRRRRRRRR!

OH THE INHUMANE TREATEMENT! He can now hug and hang all over me...and I cannot run....it is so sad...Will anyone come help me?

Wags and Licks,

Bothered Bobo


  1. Love the little robin! You two are SO cute!

  2. Bobo he just loves you and wants to be with you because you are so cute. He will get bigger and learn to spend time on his own - don't worry!

    And what a cute baby robin that is - so sweet that your mom got pictures!

  3. I luvs the little birdie, it is smaller and cuter than my new purple friend. I hates to be on the "chain of shame" too. That's what my mommy calls it. I have to wear it when I don't come when I am called. :(

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Aww, poor Bobo, I am sorry about your unwanted and adorable shadow. I am afraid if I saved you, you would find the exact same problem here, only much much worse. Just be glad he's small, and eventually maybe he'll grow up. :-)

  5. Bobo - it is useless to fight it - just give in and let him have fun. I had to do that with silly Ciara pup here. It is easier to let her crawl all over me than have her hanging on my tail:)

    Hope Mom doesn't get any idea about getting one of those funny laser light thingies.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. What a fun post! The litle Robin was so cute! And that Little Uncle Puppy (Gizmo..MOL) is just such a cute little thing! We think the chewing of the tether is a little much! MOL

  7. awwww, you ARE so cute and i want to grow up to be like you....

    poodle kisses
    pee ess: Coco's little sista

  8. That birdie is beautiful!
    Sure Uncle Puppy had fun with that laser light!
    Bobo... he wants to be like you! That is why he is always following you!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. oh geez look at that little fluff ball on you! We have been gone so long, we are glad to be back!!

  10. He is just TOO KHUTE!

    Sorry - just had to paw it!

    Thanks fur sharing the robinette - Mom enjoyed watching lessons some years bakhk - the young ones imitated their parents shuffling through the yard - it was too khute!


  11. Oh I love that lil' fledgling...aren't they adorable?
    Two times the fun with two doodles, right!
    Ty for visiting me & G-dog!

  12. We had a baby robin in our yard too and he was making such a racket and I wanted to investigate but was not allowed. Momma was so relieved when the robin momma came and reminded the baby that he did know how to fly.



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