Friday, February 25, 2011

Product Review Friday: Snoozer Bike Basket

Ahh Don't ya just love Fridays? Well I do! And what better way to celebrate than with a Boneafide Product Review?

The furry nice and dog furiendly Fed Ex Lady came to our house in the wee early hours to give me a special package. You can see me in the bottom right corner going out to meet her.

This be a big ol' box momma.


Its the Snoozer Buddy Bicycle Basket. My old basket on grandmas scooter was a bit snug and not in such good shape sooo....

Here we are! Its supposed to be for a bicycle but works grrrreat on scooters! It features two large pockets on the left side and one on the front. They hold lots of stuff! I love that it comes in 2 color combonations, Pink/Black and Gray/Black so you can pick the color that suits you best. I am a 10 pound and 10 inch (at the shoulder) poodle girl and I fit very nicely inside. I have lots of room. Bobo is a 16 pound and 15 inch (at the shoulder) poodle man and he fits ok. The weight limit is 15 pounds but if he holds one foot up I think he will be ok. BOL

On the right side there is a special pocket for water bottles. Gotta have water on your walkies!

Another grrrreat feature is the built in leash. It will clip to your harness for safety. Please remember when ever your in a basket such as this one to use the leash and connect it to a harness only. NEVER attach it to your neck collar. You risk great injury if you do. Whether you are connected to the leash or not please don't allow your humans to leave you in this basket unattended. You never know when a rouge squirrel will dart out in front of you and tempt you with his furriness. Jumping out could cause great harm to you.

With all the grrreat features and with a price tag of 44.95 from Jeffers Pet you can't go wrong with the Snoozer Bike Basket. I give it an official grade A+!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo
*Live from the Snoozer Bike Basket on Grandma's Scooter*

Pee Ess: This should not be used in place of a walk. Walks are important for a well balanced happy pet. This is intended as a fun ride only.


  1. Darn... now I wish I had a bike or scooter so that I could get one of these grrrreat thingys. You did a super duper job of putting the warnings in too!!!

    PeeS... guess what...Pepsi just emailed me and... the LIVE band will PLAY fur your Fashion SHOW during the Banquet!!!! How Cool is THAT????

  2. Wow, we have a snoozer car seat and this looks great! Wish we had a bike, too. We certainly agree with your warnings and that applies to the car seats as well!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: love the wind blowing your ears back!

  3. I jus' knew dat, being da diva poodle dat you would pick da black and PINK basket. Black and pink are my Mama's favorite colors.

  4. ohhh looks like a perfect basket for mollie... love the pink!!

  5. What a cool bike basket, mom wants to get one for me this year, I think we may look into this one.

    Glad your home was okay in the big bad storms!


  6. Pet bike basket keep your pet's weight centered over your bike to minimize any awkwardness. You should also practice riding with the carrier installed before you place your best friend in there. Practice with some weight in the carrier approximately equivalent to your dog's weight to get used to the feel. Your dog's movement in the carrier should have a minimal impact on your riding.


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