Monday, September 10, 2012

Poodle Pool Time

 With the end of the summer comes the close of the public pool!  With the close of the pool comes the doggy day at the pool!!!!

 Bobo declined to go so me and Uncle loaded up in the Mollie Murano Mobile and headed to the pool!

Alright Uncle sit down I needs me beauty rest!

 Momma was keeping a watch on the weather with the iBone and saw that the weather looked close but thought we might make it.

Are we there yet?

 As we pulled into the parking lot Buttercup grabbed the green papers...

We grabbed the leashes and headed inside.

 Uncle you go first.

Oh poodle curls!  I didn't know swimming involved water!

Please sir don't hit me with that camera!

IM ALL WET!!!!!!!


Then Uncle found a litttle pibble furiend.

He thought that if she could handle the water so could he.

Umm...Little furiend where you gos?



While I tossed a towel to Uncle Puppy Momma snapped a few pics of some of the other doggies.

This girl looks awfully happy!

Thanks Mollie.  I was so scared!

I ain't doin that again

Two paws is all ya get!

ok...4 paws

Yes I see the ball

umm...NO I not going to fetch it!

 Hey have you seen a little black and white pibble girl?

I liked watching the young one play but I was not in the mood to set paw into the pool.

You ready to go Uncle I think that storm is gettin' close.

Excuse me golden lady...Have you seen a black and white pibble girl?

Well he didn't find his little girl friend but I was right and moments later the skies opened up and let loose a big rain and thunder boomers!  

 We made it home and it gots really scary!  We was running crazy and got to Motel 6 and waited out the horrible storms.  By morning all was good.  

Wags and Licks,
Mollie, Uncle Puppy and Buttercup


  1. Don't feel bad, Mollie. Weenies don't like water either!

  2. A day at the pool sound like fun. even though I am not the best swimmer. Were there any fish in there. I would like that.

  3. Oh wow, your day looks like so much fun! I am glad you made it in before the storms!

  4. What a fun place the pool is. Glad you made it before the storm started. Angry looking sky. Have a lovely day.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun...well minus the water!! I had to BOL at the iBone!! Mom has an iBone as well and I hate it! It get way to much attention for my liking!


  6. Momma is laughing when you yelled you were drowning, BOL. Don't worry, wet feets are icky!
    Benny& Lily


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