Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trip to Petsmart for Food and TREATS

 Finally its Mollie and Bobo blogging time!  On your mark...get set....GO!

 Oh boy we is going to Petmsart!

 We are only getting food? But momma!

Ok we can get some treats...I is ok with that!

First foodables...Hmm...seems the Blue Buffalo Small Breed selection grew.

 Healthy weight...no we is good on weight.  Lamb and rice...hmmm....

We settled on the fish and rice flavor.  I thinks I read somewheres that fish makes your furs prettyfuls!  Then we hit the treat aisle hard and got some dye-free treats from Bil-Jac.  Little Jacs for training time and Yapple-Nanas for being good.  Of course we had to get some Milkbone minis.

 I think this outta keep us full and happy for weeks to come!

 Since we spend so much time at Doggy Nanny's we picked up some Bil-Jac original Recipe and PB-Nana's (the favorite among the treats we bought that day).

Last but not least we snagged a box of milk bone minis for Doggy nannys house!

 Any more errands?

 No....OK I am ready to go home and nap!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo 

Pee Ess: Momma wanted to buy new treats without dyes because I was getting lots of tear staining and "other" staining.  Since switching I am stain free and lovin' life!


  1. Good choices. I think they would only last me for 2 weeks tops.

  2. Trips to the pet store are always a good time. Did you check out the new fall fashions?


  3. That's an interesting bit you posted at the end. I am going to have to look into that!

    Glad you had a great trip to the store - lotsa lotsa treats!!

  4. Food and treats..what could be better? Well maybe a few new toys would of been nice! Just sayin'

  5. Mollie and Bobo I am moving in with you. Food, snacks and toys I've packed and I am on my way. Have a great days folks.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. MMMMMH sounds good!
    We didn't know that food colorings were that bad! Our friend the Cavachon has stains too! We're gonna tell him straight away!
    Lots of love,
    Indigo the Great Dane

  7. We love going shopping with you
    Benny & Lily

  8. Nommylicious and well deserved!
    Pibboe sugars


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